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Have you attended an arts event in the Augusta area? You have contributed to our local economy! Click below to take the AEP5 event survey. It's completely anonymous but gives us great information on the economic impact of the arts!



Pax Bobrow

AEP5 Project Manager



Arts & Economic Prosperity 5

This year, the Greater Augusta Arts Council has partnered with Americans for the Arts to study the economic impact that the arts and culture industry are having on Augusta. We are local partners in the national Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 (AEP5) study, in which we go to arts and cultural events in Richmond and Columbia Counties and ask people attending those events to fill out a quick, anonymous, one-page survey.


With these surveys we collect data on how much was spent not just to attend events, but how much people spent locally to eat out, or eat at the event, or buy souvenirs, or pay for childcare, or even just to get to the event, etc. We also ask people their zip code, to see what proportion of our city’s arts and culture economy is drawing from locals vs. folks who travel all the way here just to enjoy what we have to offer.


The essential thing to remember is that every dollar spent at a local business stays in our community and helps it grow. When you attend a show, and eat out, and get a babysitter, and grab a taxi…that money gets paid to all the people who work to make that happen, here, in our community; this is opposed to dollars given to big box stores, or online vendors, dollars that are immediately out of our local economy for good.


With the data from the AEP5 study, we will be able to show just exactly how much art means business.

The mission of the Greater Augusta Arts Council is to enrich the quality of life for citizens and visitors in

Augusta and the Central Savannah River Area by advancing a vibrant cultural arts agenda.

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