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Wet paint Party and sale




The Greater Augusta Arts Council’s WET PAINT PARTY AND SALE is Augusta’s most colorful art party. Local artists sell their original art in a beautifully staged party that serves as the Arts Council’s annual membership event, and it takes place in February of each year. Tickets for this year's event include a membership to the Arts Council - choose your membership level on the ticketing page.


With this event, the Arts Council seeks not only to help promote artists, but to actually put money in their pockets. Since 2013, over $20,000 went straight into artists’ pockets through the silent art auction. The unique feature of this auction is that each artist will receive his/her entire asking price for the sale of their work, with any additional money garnered going to the Arts Council as a donation.


There is no cover charge for the WET PAINT PARTY AND SALE. The event is free for members of the Greater Augusta Arts Council, and non-members may buy tickets below. Tickets include a membership to the Arts Council.


Everyone is invited and welcome to join Augusta’s vibrant artist community!



The artists listed below have submitted pieces for sale at the Wet Paint Party & Sale. Make sure to check out the program catalog at the event for their contact information!

Snamor  82

Andrea Anderegg

Patrick Anderson

Judy Avrett

Lisa Baggs

Michael Bell

Christina Berkshire

Colleen Beyer

Antonela Boyles

Tracey Busbee

Dawn Cardona

George Cartledge

Si-Long Chen

Tracy Cook

Catherine Cowart

Sandie Crowley

Alicia Cully

AC Daniel



Francesca De Rienzo

Martha Deller

Laura Duke

Brenda Ealy

Sarah Fletcher

Panny Force

Alexis Foust

Urion Franz

Ralph Gaines

Stephanie Gerace

Tina Goldsmith

Nico Gozal

Domingo Gonzalez

Jessica Hardy

Danielle  Harmadi

Rich Howe

Colette Hughes

Margaret Mc Carthy Hunt




Marion Ivey

Juliet King

Charles Kneiblher

Randy Lambeth

Terry Loskoski

Laurie McRae

Janette Metz

Larry Millard

Christina Miller

Lillie Morris

Jaymz Onion

Marian Owens


Marvin Pike

Blaine Prescott

Scott Richard

Bernard Roberts

Patricia Rosa Gobbo



billy s

Shanna Sowell

Wesley Stewart

Melanie Stokes

Lala Mulherin Streett

Susan Sundahl Ryan

Rhian Swain

Haley  Tam

Ana Tamara

Leah Taylor

David Turnbull

Ron Turner

Deana Vail

Pat Warren

Eric Wessling

The mission of the Greater Augusta Arts Council is to enrich the quality of life for citizens and visitors in

Augusta and the Central Savannah River Area by advancing a vibrant cultural arts agenda.

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"This program is supported in part by Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly.  Georgia Council for the Arts also receives support from its partner agency - the National  Endowment for the Arts."