Call for Artists: The Porter Fleming Foundation Individual Artists’ Grants

Call for Artists: The Porter Fleming Foundation Individual Artists’ Grants

The Porter Fleming Foundation offers a yearly grant to individual artists who live in Georgia or South Carolina.

The Greater Augusta Arts Council is not affiliated with this grant opportunity, but we strongly urge local artists to apply to fund a dream project.

Deadline to apply: Feb 1, 2022

Submit a paper application: The applicant should submit three copies of the application to the Secretary, Trustees of the Academy of Richmond County, Post Office Box 2485, Augusta, Georgia 30903.  While it is not necessary and applicants will not receive preferential treatment, grants may be hand-delivered to Cranston Engineering, 452 Ellis Street, Augusta, Georgia 30901.

From the Foundation website:

“The grant will be made to men and women, irrespective of race, color, or creed, of high intellectual and personal qualifications who have already demonstrated unusual capacity in productive scholarship, research, or creative ability in the arts. It is not the intent of the Foundation to provide assistance for graduate or undergraduate academic courses, but rather to aid persons of talent in carrying out some specific project or some line of work, which may lead toward fulfillment in their chosen field.

“The individual selected must be a resident of Georgia or South Carolina, though he may use the grant for study or work in any place he chooses. He will, however, be expected to submit a brief report to the Trustees at the end of his study or other projects.”

Direct any questions by e-mail to Billy Badger

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