Love Song Auditions – Aiken Community Theatre

Love Song Auditions – Aiken Community Theatre


ACT will hold auditions for Love Song on February 5th at 3pm and February 7th at 7pm. Please check back here for more information.

Love Song will run Friday, April 14, through Saturday, April 22, 2023

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Audition Information

The play is set in a house and garden in a suburb of a city over several years.

Scripts for Lovesong are available for perusal through the box office. We will be doing cold readings from the script. We are casting two couples to play one. Billy and Maggie, in their late 70s (or able to play it) are in the present. William and Margaret from their mid-20s to 30s, (or able to play it) act out this couple’s history. There will not be any enormous effort to “age” William and Margaret through their scenes, merely suggestions. The action is continuous and seamless.

Billy (older): Well into retirement. Currently living life one day at a time and embracing his imperfections. Dependent and resentful of Maggie’s well-laid plans, he struggles to maintain peace in caring for

Maggie (older): Of mature years and losing the good fight. Deeply nested in her environment and challenged to make her mark last. Maggie knows that details matter but is walking on quicksand.

Margaret (younger): Wants to know where she is headed. She is most comfortable with a path she’s had a part in making. A bit lost when life does not unfold to plan, but practical and resilient. At her best when


William: Bright, driven, and confident to the point of being self-centered, William is not one to look back. His independence frustrates his connections with others, but ultimately, his devotion is as strong as his ego. William is a good king.