Original Christmas Song Competition | Glue Stick Music | 12 Bands of Christmas

Original Christmas Song Competition | Glue Stick Music | 12 Bands of Christmas

 Are you a musician/song writer? Now is your chance to get your holiday music ready for a 12 Bands of Christmas 2023 album! Put together by Glue Stick. Write ONE Christmas/Holiday song to perform.  EVERYONE is welcome to perform.  While this is not an OPEN MIC night, Glue Stick wants to get as many writers in as possible to end the year in a big way.  Please sign up IN ADVANCE.  If you don’t have that Holiday song ready, it’s OK.  Come bring your best song or two.  Again, this is a celebration of songwriters.  (PLEASE SEE THE RULES BELOW)

This night will also be raising money for THE 12 BANDS OF CHRISTMAS (more info below).  12 Bands will be relaunching the Christmas tradition in 2023 of releasing a Christmas Album.  Glue Stick Music is looking for the right songs and artists to include in this project.  Also, in 2023 12 Bands will bring back the concert featuring music and artists from the Christmas release.  The ADMISSION FEE TO NON-PERFORMERS WILL BE $10.

There are also plans in the works to release an annual Southeastern Songwriter Series (SESS) Compilation album to help promote the rich talent we have right here at home.   More info on that at a later date.

The Fox’s Lair’s to host SESS once a month.  They are also donating proceeds from their “White Elephant” event on Dec 15th to 12 Bands!


1) No Covers

2) No amps, loop pedals or effects

3) No extended jams.  Please keep songs under 5 minutes

4) No accompaniment.  There’s just not enough room to have back up players.

5) All you need is your instrument.  We have guitar cables, mics and stands.

6) No LOUD CONVERSATIONS during performances


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ABOUT THE 12 BANDS OF CHRISTMASThe mission of 12 Bands: Bringing the healing power of music and direct support to families in need. What is direct support? There are a lot of expenses involved when a child is diagnosed with cancer and a lot of time that the family is giving to support their child through treatment. Sometimes that means a power bill goes unpaid, rent isn’t sent, or travel becomes unsafe. This is where 12 Bands of Christmas steps in and makes direct payments to utility companies, landlords and mortgage companies, or to car repair shops for new tires or loan payments.That was pretty straightforward.But what is the healing power of music? This is what makes 12 Bands different from other organizations raising money to help families fighting childhood cancer. Music connects people, it makes them feels alive, brings them joy, and evokes emotions and memories in a way that nothing else can. Giving children music in the hospital brings smiles, laughter, and sing-a-longs. Giving patient families music at concerts lifts their spirits offering them a break from the stress they live daily. Giving our community music at Christmas connects us all in our homes, cars, and family gatherings. Giving musicians an opportunity to record and perform their music allows them to share the healing power they have with others.


Know that it is planned to not only bring back a live concert in 2023, but also a 12 Bands of Christmas recording featuring 12 artists with connections to the CSRA. But that’s not all!! Glue Stick Music also wants to give more instruments to kids undergoing treatment, and those that have completed treatment who want to make music a part of their life. They look forward to giving more musicians the chance to play at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia and to give families in need a reprieve from their financial stress so they can better focus on helping their kids through treatment and recovery. 

For more information or to sign-up contact Joe Stevenson at


Visit for more info: www.gluestickmusic.com