The members of the Arts Council help support our events and programs that, in turn, support artists, performers, and arts organizations?in Augusta. We are very thankful for their support and enthusiasm for the arts in our city!


Georgia Cancer Center
GOLD, $5,000

Center for Primary Care
SILVER, $2,500

The Eye Guys
SILVER, $2,500

Explore the South
BRONZE, $1,000

Georgia Power
BRONZE, $1,000

Head Capital Ventures
BRONZE, $1,000

Kelley Promotional Products
BRONZE, $1,000

Walton Foundation
BRONZE, $1,000

Arts Non Profit Member Organizations

Artist Guild of Columbia County
Augusta Choral Society
Augusta Chorale
Augusta Concert Band
Augusta Junior Woman’s Club
Augusta Photography Festival
Augusta Players
Creative Impressions
Dance Augusta
Davidson Fine Arts Alumni Association
Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School
Garden City Chorus
Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art
Greater Augusta Youth Theatre, Inc.
HACK Augusta
Harry Jacobs Chamber Music Society, Inc.
Imperial Theatre
Jessye Norman School of the Arts
Phinizy Center for Water Sciences
Pieceful Hearts Quilt Guild
Storyland Theatre, Inc.
Suzuki Strings of Augusta, Inc.
Symphony Orchestra Augusta
The Company of Job
The Riverwalk Series
Tuesday’s Music Live
Wages of Cine
Waynesboro-Burke Concert Series
Westobou Festival

Meet our members!

*denotes that the individual identifies as an artist

Benefactors- $500

The Drs. Michael Graybeal
Mr. Trey Maxwell*
Ms. Ginger Patel
Mr. Lynnwood Holmes

Patrons- $250
Mr. Allen Bonds
Louis Erich Braun
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hardigree*
Ms. Joyce Law and Mr. Douglas Law
Mr. Jim Nixon and Mrs. Jen Nixon
Mr. & Mrs. George Sancken, III and Mrs. Joyce Sancken
Mr. & Mrs. Tim and Mary Schroer
Mr. Bert Storey
Mr. Harris Weinstein
Ms. Janice Williams

Supporters- $150
Ms. Kari Baker
Ms. Deb Barshafsky and Ms. Marian Shai
Mr. John P. Batson
Ms. Summer Bell*
Mr. George Benitez
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bennett
Ms. Cameron Bentley*
Dr. Candice Berkshire and Mr. Patrick Berkshire
Mr. Ronald A. Berkshire and Mrs. Katherine Berkshire
Ms. Destiny Biggs
Mr. Jon Black and Ms. Jessica Black
Mrs. Ooollee Bricker and Mr. John Bricker
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Burch, Jr.
Mrs. Norma Calabrese*
Mr. Jimel Carpenter and Mrs. Elaine Carpenter
Mr. Hafeez Chaudhry
Dr. Jeanette Cummings
Ms. Alexia Davis
Ms. Evett Davis
Mr. Nick Dickinson, II
Ms. Margaret D. Dunstan
Mr. Ed Durant
Ms. Brenda Ealey*
Ms. Alicia Elam
Mr. & Mrs. George Eskola
Mr. Howard Falls
Ms. Elizabeth Finch
Mr. Travis Foust and Mrs. Alexis Foust*
The Rev. and Mrs. Northal Gaddy*
Mrs. Jerry S. Gentry
Ms. LaVerne Gold
Mr. Carl Grace, II and Mrs. Tracey Grace
Ms. Rory Gruler*
Tierney Hall*
Hugh Handley
Ms. Jessica Hardy*
Ms. Faye Hargrove
Mr. & Mrs. James Heffner
Ms. Jennifer Henderson
Mr. Mike Higby*
Mr. & Mrs. Clester Hornsby
Mr. Christopher Huber
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hudson
Ms. Deborah Huffman
Mr. James Ikerd*
Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Jesse
The Hon. Sheryl Jolly and Mr. Edward Turner, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Jones*
Ms. Mary G. Jones
Mrs. Kellie Laird and Mr. Phillip Laird, Jr.
Ms. Barbara Laura
Mr. Matthew Laviano
Dr. William Lawless
Ms. Lee Little
Mr. Jim Nord and Dr. Wayne Lord
Ms. Angela Maskey
Ms. Mary Helen McElreath
Mr. Larry Millard and Ms. Cheryl Goldsleger
Mr. Preston Moss
Mrs. Neita Mulherin
Mr. Jeff Partl
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pearman*
Mr. Marvin Pike, Jr.
Ms. Saundra J. Plunkett
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Prince
Mr. TR Reddy and Mrs. Niranjini Reddy
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Rosenquist*
Ms. Tammie Schalue
Mr. Stephen Shockley and Ms. Debra Shockley
Dr. Dennis B. Skelley*
Ms. Erin Slade*
Ms. Lauren Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Smith
Mr. Robert Stager
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Tom
Mr. Sonny Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Verbeck*
Ms. Kaye Ward*
Ms. Regina White
Ms. Debra White
Ms. Felicia White
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Wilkerson
Regena Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Winter
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Woodhurst, III and Ms. Catherine Woodhurst*

Basic Membership- $35- $65
Ms. Emily Alsdorf*
Mrs. Andrea Anderegg*
Mr. Miles Anderson, Sr. and The Rev. Kilpatrick , Sr.*
Ms. Judith Avrett*
Mrs. Carol Ayer*
Ms. Lisa Baggs*
Dr. H. Paul Bao and Mrs. Lansu Bao
Mrs. Jenny Barber
Ms. Susan Barney
Mr. Greg Bass*
Mr. Michael Bell*
Mr. Gene Bennett, Jr.
Ms. Katie Bennett
Ms. Adeana Berry
Mr. Phillip Berry and Ms. Rosie Berry
Ms. Colleen Beyer*
Carmen Bindues
Ms. Pax Bobrow* and Dr. Andrew Goss
Randy Bold
Rebecca Brady and Chris Brady
Mr. Jason Brown
Ms. Teresa Brown
Ms. Tracey Busbee*
Delores Campbell
Mrs. Dawn Cardona*
Mr. Clint Carroll*
Mr. George Cartledge, Jr. and Mrs. Kathleen Cartledge*
Ms. Susan Chance
Ms. Si-Long Chen*
Tara Christian*
Ms. Betty Climer
Mr. Stuart W. Cohen
Ms. Becca Collins
Ms. Tracy Cook*
Ms. Catherine Cowart*
Ms. Sandie Crowley*
Ms. Alicia Cully*
Ms. Tyler Curry
Mrs. Antonela Danciu-Boyles* and Mr. Jeffrey Boyles
Mr. A.C. Daniel*
Stacy Davis
Madison Defalco*
Ms. Martha Deller*
Mr. Gary M. Dennis and Ms. Erin Jacobs*
Mrs. Francesca DeRienzo* and Mr. Marino DeRienzo
Dr. Jeffrey Dillard and Mr. Andres Macias
Mrs. Laura Duke Caye*
Saralyn Engram
Ms. Renea Eshleman*
Ms. Judy Evans
Mrs. Laura Evans and Mr. Daniel Evans
Elizabeth Ferrara
Mrs. Sarah Fletcher*
Ms. Sherry Foster and Mr. Gary LeTellier
Mr. Urion Franz*
Mr. Phillip Gay*
Mrs. Stephanie Gerace*
Mrs. Patricia Gobbo* and Mr. Mikael Derderian
Ms. Tina Goldsmith*
Mr. Domingo Gonzalez*
Mr. Nico Gozal* and Mr. Randy Georgemiller
Ms. Olaundra Grace* and Mr. Nathan Rothwell
Mrs. Amy Graham*
Mrs. Danielle Harmadi*
Ms. Lynn Harvey
Mr. Joshua C. Henderson
Dr. Barbara Henley and Mr. B. Maurice Henley
Mr. Francis M. Hinson, III
Mr. & Mrs. Brink Hinson
Mr. Rich Howe*
Mrs. Colette Hughes*
Ms. Tricia Hughes
Ms. Margaret Hunt*
Mr. Marion Ivey*
Mrs. Gwen Jenkins
Mr. Timothy L. Johnson*
Suzanne Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Johnson
Ms. Amanda Johnson and Ms. Colleen Johnson
Mr. Christopher Jones*
Ms. Mary G. Jones
Ms. Dana Keen
Mrs. Juliet King* and Mr. Sam King
Mr. Charles Kneiblher, III*
Ms. Lisa Krisher
Mr. Nicholas LaBauve
Mr. Randy Lambeth*
Ms. Susan Lanier and Mr. Chuck Lanier
Mr. Terry Loskoski*
Mr. Earnest Lowery*
Ms. Sheryll Maddox
Kathryn Martin
Missy McAfee-Thornton Connor Owen
John McBrayer
Lucinda McIntosh
Ms. Laurie McRae*
Ms. Janette Metz
Ms. Christina Miller*
Dr. Christina Mode-Hardin
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Morris*
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Morsberger*
Travis Mosser
Mrs. Lala Mulherin Streett* and Mr. Jerry Streett
Mrs. Shirley Olson*
Mr. Jaymz Onion*
Ms. Libby Osbon
Ms. Marian Owens*
Mr. Aaron Pina
Mr. Justin Prescott*
Ms. Taylar Prince*
Dr. & Mrs. David Proefrock
James Reed*
Ms. Christina Rice*
Phoebe Rice
Mr. Scott Richard and Mrs. Melissa Richard*
Mr. Henry B. Roberts*
Ms. Latoya Rogers and Ms. Denikca Davis
Ms. Rebecca Rogers* and Mr. Larry Rogers
Mr. Sergio Ruano*
Ms. Kate Ruffin- LaPonzina
Ms. Gail Russell
Mr. Billy Sanders*
Ms. Sherri Scott
Ms. Lindsey Shockley
Mrs. Rebecca Sibley and Mr. Charles Sibley
Mrs. Linda Sigg and Mr. Raymond Sigg
Mr. Terry Smith*
Jody Smith and Sarah Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Jody Smith
Ms. Shana Sowell* and Mr. Tyson Sowell
Mr. Emanuel Stephens
Mrs. Melanie Stokes
Mr. Randall Sutton
Ms. Haley Tam
Ms. Leah Taylor* and Ms. Jessica Best
Dr. Suzanne Thigpen, M.D.* and Dr. John Brice, M.D.
Mr. Terry Tribble
Mr. David Turnbull*
Mrs. Deana Vail* and Mr. Shawn Vail
Mr. Guillermo Valencia
Ms. Pat Warren*
Mr. Justin Waymer
Mr. Mark Waymer and Ms. Amanda Hewett
Mr. Eric Wessling*
Ms. Gail Wheeler*
Glenn Wiggins
Antonio Williams
Nic Wood
Ms. Karen Young*