Across My Desk
July 2023

Written by: Brenda Durant
July 2023
Brenda and Ed Durant standing in front of a gothic style cathedral
Ed and Brenda Durant

I’m back from a vacation in Portugal!  It was wonderful.  I love to travel. I love to see how small villages on the Douro River work together to create a tourism experience.  Viking is a leader in small cruises for a good reason – they work hard to find and manage a complete experience at every port.  While visiting wineries, bakeries, and even a sardine factory, I had to reflect on Augusta’s 10 new Experiential Tours.  We all worked hard to create experiences that would engage the visitor in more than one way.  We encourage our tour guides to share interesting stories about themselves. Stories that lead to speculations like… was Michael Wolff really in the CIA? Baruti Tucker shares his story and invites participants to step up to a mural-in-progress so they can add some paint. Our experiential tours are so memorable that I thought about standing armpit deep in the swamp during the Phinizy Tour as I tried to wrap a can of Portuguese sardines as quickly and neatly as the demonstrating factory worker. (I failed.) If you have not yet taken an Augusta Experience Tour- you can visit our website and get started.

As soon as my feet once again hit Augusta’s broiling hot pavement, I started thinking about First Friday. We have an opening at the Augusta & Co. Gallery (1010 Broad Street) starting at 4:00 p.m.  4P Studios at 600 Broad Gallery has their opening of “Femme de Pouvoir: Goddess Edition” from 7-9:00 p.m. and we believe CANDL will be open as well.  Fox’s Lair in Olde Town also has an exhibit reception for local women artists on Friday at their Peach Gala at 6:00 p.m. I like to wheel around with a friend or two and stay downtown for dinner. 


We are leading monthly workshops for Artists to learn more about the business end of their art.  I hated to miss June’s presentation by Cole Phail – he promised to share how to get a mural on the wall.  He is meticulous in his paperwork and shared best practices in record keeping, estimates and just getting it done.  I have heard great positive feedback about his presentation. Coming up next on July 20th is “Copyright Q&A” by legal expert Sincerai Stallings, followed by a session for writers by Cheryl Corbin and an evening for Musicians by Will McCranie.   If you have a topic idea for a Creative Conversation—let us know!


For now- that’s my desk.



Ed and Brenda Durant standing in front of a mountain range.
Ed and Brenda Durant
Brenda Durant, who is a Caucasian woman with light brown hair and brown eyes, standing on a boat with an ocean front town in the background.
Brenda Durant
Ed and Brenda Durant, both Caucasian, standing in white protective coats with white hair nets in a sardine canning factory
Ed and Brenda Durant