Augusta Public Art Tours

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Hop in your car, or put on your walking shoes and take a guided tour of some of Augusta’s wonderful public art. Click on each link below to access the online web-tour map or Otocast mobile app to tour our public art projects in Augusta.


Promenade & Paint | Augusta’s Public Art


The Greater Augusta Arts Council, in partnership with Destination Augusta as part of the Authentic Augusta program, has developed an experience like no other!


Promenade & Paint | Augusta’s Public Art is part-tour-part-art-class. Take a walk through Downtown Augusta with guide Michael Wolff to learn about Augusta’s Public Art through select sculptures, murals and more. Then, a refreshing, indoor mural making experience with local Artist Baruti Tucker at Humanitree House where you will make your mark on a portion of a mural to be installed in the heart of the Garden City!


Learn more about what the Arts in Augusta has to offer and take an active role in beautifying Augusta, GA! Tickets on sale HERE.


Want to book a party of 8 or more? Get your 10% discount by calling our office at 


706-826-4702! (M-F. 9am-5pm)

Creating Public Art in Augusta

In early 2012, the Greater Augusta Arts Council was named as the Public Arts Agency for the City of Augusta. Public Art enhances the everyday experience of citizens and improves the quality of life in our community. Part of our commitment to public art in Augusta is making sure to promote the current public art projects. 

If you’re an artist creating public art, please read our informational “Creating Public Art” guide.


The Greater Augusta Arts Council successfully oversaw the completion of 23 boxes in June 2015 as part of this project, and continues to support the creation of new boxes. Click on this ART THE BOX link for the Guidelines.


Want to get involved? You may be eligible to join our public art panel that advises on all future public art projects.

Caucasian Woman in front of a wing sculpture. She is standing with arms wide open, the wings behind her. The sculpture is an aqua green. The woman has long brown hair, is wearing glasses, a green long sleeved shirt and black pants. She is smiling. It is sunny.
The Augusta Sculpture Trail


The Trail features 10 beautiful sculptures by nationally renowned artists on display in downtown Augusta from January 2023 through January 2025. 


This Sculpture Trail is placed at intervals that make for a fun and easy outdoor walking trail. Selected locations use City of Augusta sidewalks for access, making them fully accessible for everyone to enjoy. Sculptures can be found in the Augusta Common, the upper and lower paths of the Savannah River Walk, and on the 5th St Pedestrian Bridge.


The digital walking tour produced by Otocast can be accessed from any mobile device and will help visitors learn specifics about each work of art while they explore the Augusta Sculpture Trail. It will include a variety of fun mobile activities for all ages, that will be added over the two year installation time.


“It All Flows Into the Savannah” 2021 Storm Drain Murals

This project is supported through a combination of City of Augusta Engineering Storm Water Services Program funds, Georgia Council for the Arts project grant funds, and sponsorship from Sherwin-Williams Paint.

The Greater Augusta Arts Council, on behalf of the City of Augusta, GA worked with local artists to complete 12 locations for the 2021 “It All Flows Into the Savannah” Storm Drain Mural Project.

The project is part of the City’s education and outreach efforts to raise awareness about storm water pollution.

When it rains, storm water runs over pavement, sidewalks, and yards picking up oil, litter, yard waste, chemicals, and other pollutants. The polluted storm water then flows down storm drains and through storm water pipes which empty directly into our local creeks, streams, and rivers without treatment. Storm drains can also become a hot spot for illicit dumping – trash, grease, pet waste, paint, cigarettes, and more. These pollutants make their way to the Savannah River, damaging the health of our waterways and adversely impacting adjacent flora and fauna.

2021 Storm Drain Murals Virtual Tour

Art the Box!

Looking for local arts activities to enjoy while being socially distanced? Take a tour of the Art the Box project using the Art the Box Virtual Tour or by printing out a PDF map. The virtual tour is perfect for use on cellphones! Please note, if you decide to print out the map, be sure to scale it down to letter size or print in sections. During the tour you will see the various designs that local artists have created on traffic boxes throughout the Augusta area. Maybe there is one located close to where you live?

For those who want an extra resource featuring the Art the Box project, you can use our coloring page to color your own version of the “Unzipping Nature” art box! The coloring page is a fun social-distancing activity that is appropriate for all ages. Print off your free copy of the coloring page, grab your crayons or colored pencils and create your masterpiece. When you’re finished post your coloring page to the Greater Augusta Arts Council’s Facebook page and see what others have posted as well!

Augusta’s Golden Blocks

Golden Blocks Project is a project spearheaded by the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History and the Greater Augusta Arts Council. Named the Golden Blocks Project, in reference to the historic nickname of the corridor of business and industry located on or near Campbell and Gwinnett Streets, this endeavor will create new public art that references the historical and cultural significance of these areas. Today, Campbell and Gwinnett Streets are James Brown and Laney-Walker Boulevards.

Golden Blocks Virtual Tour

Golden Blocks Project Information

Augusta’s Public Wall Murals

There’s seemingly no end to swirls, splashes and color stories on the walls of Augusta that paint a vivid picture of the city for visitors and community members. 

Murals are all over downtown Augusta, throughout so many neighborhoods and adorning so many beloved local businesses and venues.

There’s a complete day’s worth of adventuring in this virtual tour if you plan to visit most or all of the murals listed here. It’s especially exciting if you throw in a meal at a local restaurant, an art shopping adventure at one of the many bespoke galleries or take your time and relax in a rocking chair out front at a local bar. 

Click Here to Visit the Virtual Murals Map