Meet the Board of Directors

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Lee Little
Mary Schroer
Past President
Rhian Swain
Executive Vice President
Kigwana Cherry
Vice President of Development
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Marsha Loda
Vice President of Programs
Trey Allen
Tonia Gibbons
Dennis Skelley
Vice President of Public Art
Meet the Board Members

Art Abdon
Ryan Abel
Christy Beckham
Jonathan Davis
Sean Frantom
Josh Gaudin
Laverne Gold
Karen Gordon
Latasha Louis
Jay Markwalter
Lillie Morris
Mukti Patel

David Peltier
Eleanor Prater
Stacy Pulliam
Sanjeev Singhal
Dennis Skelley
Mike Sleeper
Ceretta Smith
Joan E. Smith
Jody Smith
Sincerai Stallings
Wesley Stewart
David Sulak

Meet the Staff

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Brenda Durant 
Executive Director
Saundra Plunkett
Admin Manager
Pax Bobrow
Project Manager
Rhian Swain
Marketing & Promotions Manager
Heather René Dunaway
Marketing & Outreach, Gallery Director
Denise Tucker
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Projects Coordinator
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Olivia Wahl
Arts Calendar Coordinator

Meet the Public Art Advisory Panel

Voting Panel Members

Kenneth Benson (Term: 8/19-12/24)

Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Augusta Sportswear Brands
Term: 2019 (partial)-2021
Resident of Commission District 3

“Growing up in Augusta in the Harrisburg neighborhood and as a local artist/designer, I have a passion to see art in my community. For me to volunteer with the Public Art Advisor Panel, allows me an opportunity to help foster that passion into reality for other artists and see first-hand the process of how a small idea for public art can become a city tourist spot.”

Jennifer Bowen (Term: 1/20-12/22)


VP of Destination Development
Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau
Terms: 2017-2019, 2020-2022
Resident of Commission District 7


“Public art enhances and vitalizes a community. When a city is filled with unique public art it creates a desirable destination and entices visitors to experience it firsthand. I volunteer with the Public Art Advisory Panel to help Augusta become a premier public art destination.”

photo of a black man in front of gray background

Kigwana Cherry (Term: 5/19-12/24)

Musician, CEO Pop Up Augusta!
Project Manager, NIKA Solutions
Term: 2019-2021
Resident of Commission District 7

“I joined the public art panel to support viable art to enhance the edifice of our GREAT city!!!”

Nick Dickinson (Term: 9/20-12/22)


President, CEO, Principal Architect
Dickinson Architects PC
Term: 2020 (partial)-2022
Resident of Commission District 3


“As an architect, I work in the same public realm as the proposed installations that we are charged to review. I find this to be an engaging opportunity to serve within our community that parallels my professional skill set.”

Audrey Sala Adenike Jeter-Allen (Term: 9/20- 12/22)


Visual Artist, Musician, Composer, Dancer, Teacher
Term: 2020 (partial)-2022
Resident of Commission District 5


“I joined the Public Art Advisory Panel to add my voice to the Artistic landscape of Augusta, GA.”

Cameron Bentley (Term: 5/21-12/23)

Director of Distance Education
Augusta Technical College
Resident of Commission District 2 

“Public art bridges gaps in diverse populations and reminds us of the human aspirations we hold in common. I’m constantly awed by the talent within our community and hope to contribute to the amazing work of the GAAC in supporting the artists who give us joy, wonder, and introspection to enrich our experiences and lives in Augusta, my hometown.”  

Sa Jules (Term:1/22-12/24)
Commission District 6


“Gifts are meant to be shared and used for the betterment of the world. Art is my gift and contribution to this world.”

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Artist Resources:
What Is Public Art? 
Guide to Public Art Permitting Process

Ad Hoc and Ex-Officio Members

Maurice McDowell

Director, Recreation & Parks


Bobby Martin

Assistant Director, Recreation & Parks


Timothy Fulton

Assistant Director, Recreation & Parks


Takiyah Douse

Director, Central Services


Shawn Edwards

Director, Augusta GA Land Bank Authority


John Ussery

Assistant Director, Traffic Engineering


Carla Delaney

Interim Director, Planning & Development


Shauntia Lewis

Deputy Director, Housing & Community Dev.


Oscar Flite

Director of Stormwater Services


Leon Maben

Vice-Chair, Historic Preservation Commission


Leadra Collins

Public Information Officer, Augusta Utilities

Kevin Boyd

Developer Services, Planning & Development


Udomekong Udoko

Transit Planner, Planning & Development


Oliver Page

Deputy Director, Augusta Transit


Corey Rogers

Historian, Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History


Jay Markwalter

Executive Director, Georgia Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus


Dennis Skelley

President/CEO of Georgia Rehabilitation Institute, Inc.


Brenda Durant

Executive Director, Greater Augusta Arts Council


Pax Bobrow

Project Manager, Greater Augusta Arts Council