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Felina Martin

Position: Pamoja na
Phone: 7068548050
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Fabric, Fashion, Jewelry, Painter, Party Booking, Performances, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Tailor Costumes / Clothing, Textiles, Writer

Felina Martin has reinvented herself to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer. Her work has been shown in galleries, and publications and worn on the fashion runway. Inspired by her love of color, community, and culture, she designs clothing from her artist’s impression of diversity, equity, and inclusion reflected in her paintings. The combination of art, fashion, and a cause has given birth to the wearable art brand, Pamoja Na.


Using her original art as the basis, she transposes the work onto fabric, leading to another dimension of art: fashion design. With the use of the latest technology, the artwork is transferred to fabric which Felina then uses to design and sew original garments. The wearable art is also imprinted on pre-designed clothing through a partnering manufacturer.

ArtWear – taking original art and using technology to imprint fabric that is transformed into designer fashions.

Read more in my statement: artist_statements_bios


Karessa Kaye Ferguson

Position: The Crochet Fairy
Phone: 7623334018
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Fabric, Fashion, Jewelry, Teach Classes, Textiles

I am a fiber artist. I enjoy working with yarn and creating unique textiles with it. I make crochet items from simple designs to more elaborate creations. For example, amigurumi plushies to 3d wall hangings.

Michelle Scarborough Johnson

I create yard art and garden sculptures from a mixture...


Michelle Scarborough Johnson

Phone: 7068250271
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Classes, Commission, Fabric, Fashion, Mixed Media, Painter, Sculptor, Teach Classes, Textiles, Visual Artist

I create yard art and garden sculptures from a mixture of cement , vermiculite, peat moss and paper. I incorporate discarded bottles, metal hardware, and used plastic in my creations. I teach others to make pots for container gardening using the same mixture called hypertufa . I also make hats from recycled materials and donate to those in need.

Avery Prather


My name is Avery! I live in North Augusta and...


Avery Prather

Position: PratherPaints
Phone: 8036240142
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Live Painting, Muralist, Painter, Visual Artist

My name is Avery! I live in North Augusta and have been painting professionally for 3 years. I specialize in oil paintings and occasional mural commissions. I’ve really enjoyed the community I’ve found within Augusta and look forward to more events to know this city better. I specialize in oil portraits and scenery.


Destinee Love

Position: Paintings by Destinee Love
Phone: 4437946393
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Art Therapy, Classes, Commission, Live Painting, Painter, Visual Artist

Artist, mother, and light. Inspired by God, the beauty of life, and the spiritual growth of all people. Paint as my medium for healing and expression, i aspire to connect to my viewers with peace and love. I love to paint with bright colors. Some pieces I’ll spend months focusing on details, some I’ll do in 2 hours just to get the idea out. Art is my therapy and I hope to help other see how beneficial expressing yourself artistically can be.


Evy Danckers

Categories: Author, Classes, Writer

Evy Danckers is an author of children & YA books. She published 5 novels in Belgium & The Netherlands and has 2 more coming out in 2024. She hopes to publish her English debut in 2024.

Deepti Malik

I am a self-taught artist who has always been drawn...


Deepti Malik

Phone: 2163757714
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Classes, Commission, Painter, Portraiture, Visual Artist

I am a self-taught artist who has always been drawn towards art. After my professional stint in the corporate & academic world, I decided to pursue my passion for art. I thrive on learning and experimenting. I am pursuing different avenues to enhance my skills. I have been in the creative industry for last seven years and here is a glimpse into some of the things I have done. I have my online class “Watercolor cards made simple” available on I am an illustrator/product designer for paper craft companies STAMPlorations (with 41 stamp sets manufactured and sold under my stamp line “Dee’s Artsy Impressions”) & Crafty Meraki (with 13 stamp sets illustrated by me) I have my work published in “Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking” & “Craft Stamper (which is UK based)” magazines. Also I have been invited several times to be a Guest Artist for paper crafting companies like Spellbinders Paper Arts, Casual Friday’s Stamps, Top Dog Dies to feature their products. I have also reviewed and showcased products from Art Supply companies like Funcils & Chalkola. I had the privilege of being a featured artist for I have my work on Display at The City Gallery for the Annual Winter Art Showcase 2023. “Creativity is Contagious, pass it on …..” on this thought I am ready to move to the next level and share my knowledge of art with others through my classes at Artists’ Nook


TJ McSherry

Email: [email protected]
Categories: Actor, Commission, Performances, Photographer, Theatre, Videography & Cinematography, Videography/Film, Visual Artist

TJ is a part-time photographer who displays his talent for landscape, travel, event, and artistic portrait styles. He is also very involved in the local theatre and film communities, both behind the scenes and as a performer. He has worked on several award-winning short films and one of his photos was recently selected for display at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art.

Jeffrey Boyles

I am a local artist and veteran who enjoys working...


Jeffrey Boyles

Email: [email protected]
Categories: Sculptor, Woodworking

I am a local artist and veteran who enjoys working with wood and natural materials. I enjoy sculpting raw or finished wood into figures or architectural pieces of art.

Kelley Igo

I’m Kelley Igo, an Art Educator currently in my 24th...


Kelley Igo

Categories: Classes, Mixed Media

I’m Kelley Igo, an Art Educator currently in my 24th year of teaching at an Elementary School in the heart of Georgia. The COVID-19 pandemic, like so many others, brought a season of change and uncertainty into my life. As schools closed their doors, I transformed my garage into a mini art studio. I signed up for online art lessons with Amanda Evanston and got excited about creating my own art again instead of lesson plans and project samples for my students. This newfound passion for my art became a constant, even as the school doors reopened and teaching resumed. Retirement, which is approaching the horizon, is not just the next chapter; it’s the beginning of a new journey. I’m looking forward to dedicating myself full-time to being an artist. My art has found a voice in the local community. I’ve ventured into craft shows and entered several local art exhibitions, and the experience has been nothing short of rewarding. There’s a sense of elation like no other when you receive an email notifying you that your work has been accepted into a show. One of my most distinctive artistic endeavors has been the creation of “tiny rooms.” These pieces hold within them unexpected little 3-dimensional elements, all woven into a narrative where a mysterious cat lurks around. This whimsical touch adds an element of surprise and enchantment to my work.

Artist CV: cv_igo


Jessica Graham

Position: Jessica Graham Artist
Categories: Commission, Live Painting, Painter, Visual Artist

“To capture the essence of a subject, but leaving out the obvious. I continually strive for softer edges, luminous layers, and less details instead of more. Abstract realism gives wings to the viewer’s imagination, and I love the challenge of deconstructing the image to its most simplistic form.” -Jessica

Jacqueleen Magon

Upon my retirement I picked up a brush and watercolor...


Jacqueleen Magon

Phone: 7347309199
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Painter, Visual Artist

Upon my retirement I picked up a brush and watercolor for fun and stress relief. Self taught I paint what catches my eye around me. I enjoy the constant learning and delight in the effects of water and color. I am a self taught watercolorist.


Aaliyah Harris

Position: Ascend X Love
Phone: 7063615895
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Graphic Design, Live Painting, Mixed Media, Muralist, Photographer, Visual Artist

Art and Life go hand in hand, so I choose to live creatively. I see myself as a beginner. I am self taught and learning each day. I currently paint on weekends, but I am working towards to becoming a full-time artist.

My portfolio:


Addie Strozier

Position: Addie Strozier Photography
Phone: 7067265739
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Photographer

There is nothing in the world that brings more joy than being surrounded by nature. The beauty and serenity speak to my heart and soul in ways I cannot verbally explain. Therefore, I use my camera to speak for me. When I go out for a shoot, I focus first on places that make me “stop the car”. Places with overall beauty. Once I take in the whole scene, I then refocus on what really draws my eye. Whether it be an animal grazing in an open field, a single tree that stands out because of its branch configuration, or a cluster of leaves on a rock redirecting the flow of a waterfall… The intimate detail that creates the overall beauty. There is so much more to an image than just what you first see. Take a deeper look. Let the piece speak to you. This will begin your relationship with it that will be worth “a thousand words”.


Samantha Hamrick

Position: SHamrick Art
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Classes, Commission, Live Painting, Painter, Photographer, Portraiture, Teach Classes

I’m a 40 year old woman who has tried to be many things such as a nurse and a therapist. However, the one consistent in my life since childhood is art. At an early age I was introduced to many media, and spent years under the tutelage of an accomplished watercolor artist. Unfortunately, for years I have struggled to consider myself ‘’good enough’ to be called an “artist.” Though I won awards with my art as a teen, I fell prey to the trap that is comparison to others and justified a halt in my professional pursuits. Where I am now in my life, I realize that my desire for belonging is only satiated in the presence of other artists as they are my people. Art is my salvation or as Nietzsche put it, “We have art so that we shall not die of reality.” I find solace in creating but also an insatiable drive to do so. So whether it’s a simple pet portrait on commission or a piece o my own imagination, I am happy. Recently I have found a new joy of sharing my knowledge with others as an instructor of the more advanced classes at Art Nook in Aiken, SC.


Visit my Website!


Colleen Beyer

Email: [email protected]
Categories: Classes, Commission, Mixed Media, Muralist, Painter, Portraiture, Sculptor, Visual Artist

Experienced artist with over 10 years of public art experience, including murals, installation and metal sculpture. An active artist with a passion and expertise in teaching and creating artwork to educate others about environmental awareness.


Laylah Muhammad El

Email: [email protected]
Categories: Book Illustration, Commission, Graphic Design, Live Painting, Mixed Media, Muralist, Painter, Photographer, Portraiture, Videography & Cinematography, Videography/Film, Visual Artist, Writer

Laylah is an artist who grew up in Augusta. Her artwork features vibrant colors and organic shapes that take heavy inspiration from the lush greenery of her upbringing. She regularly attended the Perfect Storm Art Center throughout her high school years and credits her mentor, Xavier Jones, for encouraging her growth. Laylah is an artist who although, she specializes in digital arts and media, has immense love for painting and regularly does so. She finds it important to depict people traditionally not seen in art within her work. You can reach her on social media @WhyLaylah on IG/Twitter.


Judy Avrett

Position: Judy Avrett Fine Art
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Painter, Visual Artist

Freelance studio artist Judy Avrett chooses water-based mediums in her paintings because of their soft fluid qualities. Judy believes her artistic talent is from God. She is inspired by nature, and her paintings are filled with vivid color and texture.“ With all the uncertainty in the world today, I paint to express the beauty with sometimes mess. I hope my paintings bring comfort and joy to others.”

She paints impressionistic landscapes and florals in addition to non-objective paintings using mark-making tools such as stenciling.


Olivia Gaines

Position: Olivia Gaines, USA Today Bestselling Author
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Classes, Teach Classes, Writer

Olivia is a USA Today Best Selling, Emma Award, and multiple award-winning author who loves a good laugh coupled with some steam, mixed in with a man and woman finding their way past the words of “I love you.” An author of contemporary romances, she writes heartwarming stories of blossoming relationships filled with heart and humor. The Technicians, The Blakemore Files, and the Modern Mail Order Brides are one click for thousands of readers.When Olivia is not writing, she enjoys quilting, playing Scrabble online against other word lovers, and spending time with her family. She is an avid world traveler who writes many of the locations into her stories. Most of the time she can be found sitting quietly with pen and paper plotting more adventures in love.Olivia lives in Hephzibah, Georgia with her husband, son, grandson, and snotty evil cat, Katness Evermean.


Kristie Robin Johnson

Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Teach Classes, Writer

Kristie Robin Johnson is an educator, essayist, and poet from Augusta, GA. Her writing has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has received other awards and recognition. Kristie’s work has been published in numerous literary magazines, journals, and anthologies. Her first book, High Cotton, was released in 2020 by Raised Voice Press and was recognized as the finalist in the memoir category for 2021 Georgia Author of the Year.

Her work is best defined as literary creative nonfiction, memoir, and poetry that centers on marginalized experiences and voices. She is available for public speaking engagements and readings.

Lou Ann Zimmerman

Zimmerman Studio

I am a painter working in watercolor, oil, cold wax,...


Lou Ann Zimmerman

Position: Zimmerman Studio
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Mixed Media, Painter, Visual Artist

I am a painter working in watercolor, oil, cold wax, acrylic, and mixed media. For more than 40 years I have worked as a professional artist. I am a Life Member of the Georgia Watercolor Society, have served on the Board of the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, and was the owner of the Zimmerman Gallery for 18 years.

I prefer a loose interpretation of subjects that evolve during my process. My subjects dictate the materials I use.

Stephanie Willingham

Hamz-Art LLC

As a BFA graduate from Augusta University, Ham developed a...


Stephanie Willingham

Position: Hamz-Art LLC
Phone: (803) 292-6930
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Ceramics, Commission, Mixed Media, Muralist, Painter, Sculptor, Visual Artist, Woodworking

As a BFA graduate from Augusta University, Ham developed a profound appreciation for abstract expressionism. Her fascination began when she encountered the works of Artist Aort Reed, a senior at the time, whose vibrant and expressive pieces captivated her. Inspired by Reed’s dynamic use of color, Ham aspired to create monumental artworks that would envelop viewers in a cocoon of vibrant hues.The artistic style of Rothko also left a lasting impression on Ham, serving as a significant source of inspiration. Additionally, the ephemeral installations of Anya Gallaccio resonated with her, further influencing her approach as an artist. However, Ham’s deepest wellspring of inspiration has always been the beauty of nature itself. She finds herself continuously humbled by the profound magnificence of the Earth’s natural wonders.With every installation, ceramic creation, sculpture, and painting she brings to life, Ham endeavors to capture the essence of nature’s grandeur. However, she recognizes the inherent challenge of truly encapsulating the closeness and intimacy she feels toward nature. Despite this artistic pursuit, Ham remains in awe of the ever-elusive beauty bestowed upon our world.

I have a secondary BFA in Sculpture and Ceramics. I mixed my love for sculptures by creating mixed media artworks using traditional and non-traditional materials. I love to explore different artistic styles. I love large scaled art, thus allowing me to create large-scale murals.

I am in the process of updating my personal portfolio website to another hosting provider. Please contact me for more images of my work.


Jaylyn Morris

Position: Artbyjaylyn
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Painter, Visual Artist

Hi! My name is Jaylyn Alicea MorrisI have always had an interest and passion for art since I was little. My parents always used to keep a crayon and marker in front of me. I remember my favorite class being art in elementary and middle. I was always trying new things such as pottery, painting, chalk, and pastels. I was always entering into art projects at school and contests for art. My love for art has now been going on for 19 years and I am just now starting to put myself out there. I sold my first painting at the 2023 wet paint party and art sale.My art has mostly been about emotion. I’m the type of person who can’t paint best on command but rather when it’s just me and I can feel my emotions.I try to paint with emotions I feel connected with others. Paintings people will look at and immediately feel and understand.My main mediums are acrylic but I have been venturing out with oil and different textures.


Charles W. Bowen

Position: Bowen Books
Phone: (706) 829-5565
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Spoken Word Artist, Writer

Native Augustan with family roots to mid-1800s. Augusta college and UGA studies produced a business degree and a Journalism minor. Long time researcher, historian, and author speaking and writing on Civil War, WW-2, and Augusta history. Bowen covered the United Nations for a special issue of the college magazine, Augusta Chronicle columnist, 8th Air Force national magazine, novels, and published works featured at The Frankfurt International Book Fair in Germany. He makes his home on several Columbia County wooded acres, his work-study overlooking a pond, all producing extensive delightful wildlife distractions. He is blessed with extended family in the Augusta area including grand and great-grandchildren. Bowen is a speaker and author of multiple publications on the subjects mentioned in the bio above. His current project is a publication of a two-novel historical romance series. The first, Paladin, was released in June 2022, and the sequel, Thorns In The Garden City, was just released on June 6. 2023. Details can be seen at,, and the publisher’s in-house store at store/bookbaby.


Arielle Anfield

Position: Ari Cru Art
Phone: (706) 831-1547
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Muralist, Painter, Visual Artist

I am a self-taught artist, animal lover, and mother of 5. I want my art to create positive energy. Life can be full of negative experiences, I don’t want my art to be one of them. I love vibrant colors, bold outlines, and flowers. I paint ultra girly pictures and my medium of choice is acrylic paint.


Kimberly Oakley

Position: Studio 3P, LLC
Phone: 803-939-5225
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Photographer, Portraiture, Teach Classes, Visual Artist
I am a visual artist, focusing on fine art portrait photography. Hallmarks of my work are richness and whimsy. My photographs are often mistaken at first for paintings, due to their tones and aura. I incorporate sometimes humble, sometimes fantastical themes, wardrobe, and props.
Primarily a portrait (and self-portrait) artist, in my works I seek to capture a moment in time, revealing an intimate aspect of the subject. I want people to feel something familiar when they see my portraits.
I have a general background in the arts from my emphasis in my high school education. Beginning with a foundation of basic studio lighting, camera settings, and classic posing, I then began on a path toward the more personalized images I find myself creating now.
The colors and lighting of classical painters Vermeer, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt fill my eyes. In my art, I portray themes of quiet strength. The images have a peaceful calmness to them. I love the rich textures of velvet and linen. I seek out clothing, housewares, and tools that are old, worn, and real. Warmth and richness permeate my works; so do shadows created by a strong and directional source of light.
A recent series I created is my Homespun series, showing children and young adults in rustic and wholesome tableaux. Captured in mundane tasks, the subjects are graced with strength and dignity.
Another series I created during the COVID-19 pandemic is In The Time of COVID. Composed of self-portraits and still-life art, each piece focuses on aspects of life during the pandemic such as isolation, altering of routines, search for information, tangible boredom, signals of hope, and desire for normalcy.

Lisa Anne Tindal

Position: Quiet Confidence Art
Phone: 803-646-6497
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Book Illustration, Commission, Painter, Performances, Portraiture, Visual Artist

I’m a self-taught artist inspired by the redemption experienced in my life as well as those I engaged with in my career serving those affected by homelessness, mental illness, and partner abuse. I work primarily in acrylic but love adding other elements of oil pastel and paper.

I’ve come to describe my process as “adding and taking away” color, shape, and texture. Much like life, the work of slowly and with fluidity in the application, the essence of creativity, and each painting develop without striving.


Laurie Algar

Position: Fantasia Mosaics
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Mixed Media, Visual Artist
Laurie is a local artist who grew up in N.Hollywood CA and currently lives in Colorado. She specializes in mixed media mosaics and hand-crafted art greeting cards.
She is the daughter of Disney Legend recipient James Algar, a Walt Disney Director, Producer, Writer, and Animator. Laurie grew up immersed in bold color, whimsy, animals, fantasy, and magical storytelling which is reflected in her unique art and the name of her business, Fantasia Mosaics, as her father was the Director of the iconic Sorcerer’s Apprentice in the Disney classic, Fantasia. In addition to her art, she also travels locally and throughout the United States presenting an entertaining talk about her father’s career with Walt Disney and works as a professional pet guardian and house sitter.
She is a heartfelt collector of beads, vintage jewelry, semi-precious stones, tiles, found objects, upcycled items, Washi tapes, and cast-offs which are all repurposed into the vivid chaos of her mixed media mosaics and hand-crafted cards. She exhibits locally and throughout the United States and is happy to create commissioned works of art or custom greeting cards.

Keller Jones

Position: Keller Jones Fine Art
Phone: 912-844-2077
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Painter, Teach Classes, Visual Artist

I paint both expressionist landscapes and abstracts. From Augusta, and lived around the southeast, living and working in Augusta.


John Stoney Cannon

Position: StoneyVision
Phone: 7066195425
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Book Illustration, Classes, Commission, Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Music, Musician, Painter, Party Booking, Performances, Photographer, Portraiture, Teach Classes, Videography & Cinematography, Visual Artist, Vocalist, Writer

I consider myself to be a multimedia artist blending my love for music and pop culture as well as nostalgic history into mostly acrylic pieces. Currently my preferred materials are acrylic-based paints on canvas, but I have been also known to create in pastel chalk with dabs of acrylic black marker on everything from paper to wood. After putting aside hand created art for over thirty years to concentrate on graphic art, I have found that when returning to more natural creation, my graphic arts methods at times come into play as I often paint in layers much like one would screen or plate print. At the same time I also look back to simple techniques of my childhood for inspiration in odd ways such as through lead transfer early influences such as sixties and seventies pop art. The experiences creating a bridge between my history as not only a visual artist, but as a creator of album cover, book and magazine art not to mention as a music journalist featured in publications around the world but as far as visual art itself, I accept commissions and usually prefer to create new pieces for art shows especially in series form.

Having lived in various locations abroad and in the United States as a US Army dependent before settling down in my hometown of Augusta, Georgia, I currently reside and work out of Aiken, South Carolina. While most of my works are inspired largely by pop culture people, places and things, I tend to mostly attempt to put an odd twist on them whether color-wise, setting or both. My “Writer’s Block” series – an ongoing group of large up-close facial depictions of book, song, film writers on 14”x14” square canvas has been well-received worldwide and recently I have found great pleasure putting local faces in well-known area haunts. The inspirations have led to pieces displayed across the southeast in various group and solo art exhibitions.

Since returning to art during the pandemic my visual art experiences have included:

May 2021 – Co-writing and releasing pop music book, Hooked Onna Feelin’

October 2021 – Co-Curating first art show, Dark Arts Show in Augusta, Georgia

December 2021 – Taking a position as Gallery Assistant at Art n Soul of Aiken

December 2021 – Placing pieces in both Winter Art Sales – City Gallery / Augusta & Co. both in Augusta, Georgia

January 2022 – Participated in my first Wet Paint Party event at Sacred Heart Augusta, Georgia

May 2022 – Presented group show “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” at Art & Soul Aiken

September 2022 – Guest Speaker at Aiken Artists Guild, Aiken, South Carolina

October 2022 – Selected “Best in Show” for painting “Delilah” at the North Augusta Artists Guild “Fall Into Art” Show at Arts & Heritage Center of North Augusta.

January 2023 – Took part in the “Iconic Augusta” art event Sacred Heart Augusta, Georgia

February 2023 – NAAG Artist of the Month exhibit at Arts & Heritage Center North Augusta, South Carolina.

February 2023 – Accepted for the Emerging Artist show at the Lucy C. Laney Museum Augusta, Georgia.

March 2023 – Chosen again to participate in the annual Wet Paint Party Julian Smith Casino Augusta, Georgia

March 2023 – Entered eight pieces into the GRL PWR exhibit City Gallery Augusta, Georgia.

April 2023 – Guest speaker at North Augusta Artists Guild North Augusta, South Carolina

April 2023 – Six pieces in th “All About Augusta” show at 4P Gallery at 600 Broad in Augusta, Georgia.


Symphoni Wiggins

Position: A Creative Symphoni Dance Studio
Phone: 7068321343
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Dance & Movement, Party Booking, Performances, Teach Classes

Symphoni is from Augusta, Georgia where she attended the Academy of Richmond County High School and graduated in 2007. Upon Graduation she attended Hollins University in Roanoke VA on a full dance scholarship and obtained her BA in Dance with a minor in Communications. Symphoni trained in the disciplines of Ballet, Tap, African, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern and Majorette and has over 25 years of dance experience. She has been a scholarship recipient at American Dance Festival at Duke University and the New Orleans Jazz Dance Festival at Tulane University multiple times. Symphoni has performed extensively, locally, regionally and nationally as well as abroad during her dance career. She began teaching at age 14 and never looked back. Symphoni is a gifted performer; however, her real passion is teaching. It is a God given gift which she holds dear to her heart. She loves to teach dance as she feels that this is one way she can inspire young people through her art by sharing with them as a healthy way to express themselves. A Creative Symphoni Dance Studio is in the 9th Season.


Amen Hudson

Phone: 7065041706
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Music, Musician, Party Booking, Performances, Vocalist

Major Sound LLC is a group of young talented musicians with old souls from Augusta,Ga. We bring good vibes and great music with our vast library of R&B, Funk, Soul and what we’re known for…our Original music! Seeing Major Sound is not just a show,but also an experience that you must see Live. Hear our Concert Tier Live Arrangements of your favorite songs and more! Book Major Sound for your next event!