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Lucinda Clark

Rare HueMan Artistry

I am a bridge builder. I stive to connect art...


Lucinda Clark

Position: Rare HueMan Artistry
Phone: 5414505999
Categories: Classes, Performances, Poet, Videography/Film, Writer

I am a bridge builder. I stive to connect art forms through artistic endeavor.

View my online portfolio here.


Tiphiknee De Herrera

Position: Rare HueMan Artistry
Phone: 5414505999
Categories: Classes, Commission, Graphic Design, Live Painting, Painter, Portraiture, Visual Artist

Tiphiknee is a contemporary oil and acrylic painter, as well as a graphite and digital artist. Originally from Oregon, she currently resides in Georgia, where she specializes in customized portraiture and digital designs. Her personal, original art style has been described as eclectic, erotic, and also dark — her true love lies in the sensual and the bizarre aspects of her creations. She has one year of classical fine art training from The Southern Oregon Art Academy, and has been creating visual art for over a decade.


Carrie Everitt

Position: ZStudio Art by Carrie
Phone: 9202547593
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Calligraphy, Commission, Graphic Design, Live Painting, Muralist, Painter, Portraiture

I have considered myself an artist since I was young. Graduating with a bachelor of fine arts degree and masters and education, I have been teaching art in different capacities since 2000. Although formally trained in art school, as I began teaching techniques to others, I started to experiment with various styles, ultimately gravitating toward the colorful palette that I used today. Painting is all about finding a way to capture the light. I strive to capture light in its utmost beauty. I enjoy intensifying color was stain, true to the light fall upon objects. Whether be a landscape or portrait, I tend to paint from black-and-white photographs, so I can express the object or space in my own way. I enjoy the way colors tend to dance upon the canvas. My paintings tell story, three emotion, brushstrokes, and color. I hope people find familiarity in the landscapes or objects. I paint, yet see them through a whole new set of eyes. Most of what I create is done on a commission basis, painting request from clients the way I see it.


As an art educator, who has taught a span of techniques and styles, when clients come to me I usually tell them I can paint in any style with any color palette, although I love to utilize my colorful color palette when possible. I have a designers eye so many times I look at a clients space and incorporate the colors they are already utilizing in their home to tie the commissioned piece into their decor. I encourage people to commission a subject matter that means something to them to customize their space or home into an enjoyable space. I have painted everything from flowers and landscapes to pets and cars for clients. My Masters golf artwork was in the Augusta regional airport gallery last spring and I ended up selling over 25 golf themed commissioned paintings in 2023. Besides my main discipline of oil painting, I also work often in other drawing media such as graphite, charcoal, oil pastel, and chalk pastel. Glass mosaic work is also one other media I enjoy working in and have done mosaic installations.

Jade Fousek

Jade Fousek Art

I am a painter local to the CSRA primarily working...


Jade Fousek

Position: Jade Fousek Art
Phone: 8034269060
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Live Painting, Painter, Visual Artist

I am a painter local to the CSRA primarily working in acrylic and oil paint mediums, focusing on subject matter that is usually fantasy and/or literature inspired. I enjoy painting characters, creatures and animals. I’ve been painting since childhood and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Anderson University in 2017. An Art History minor in particular propelled me to continue painting in my home studio and take on an Artist Entertainer role even as I’ve been parenting young children. I have recently been a part of the AbstrAction Art Show 2023 and the Wet Paint Party 2024. I’m looking forward to more local events showcasing my work.


Tonya Agerton

Position: Montiques
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Author, Classes, Public Speaking, Writer

Hi, I’m Tonya “Marie” Agerton, a multi-genre writer from Augusta, GA. At the moment, my creative endeavors involve writing children’s books and fun 1980s cozy mysteries. I also contribute to Highlights Magazine where you might have recognized some of my works.

Patricia Tait

P.Tait Art

New artist creating in stained-glass, macramé, painting, drawing and planted...


Patricia Tait

Position: P.Tait Art
Phone: 6304878582
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Book Illustration, Ceramics, Classes, Commission, Graphic Design, Painter, Sculptor, Textiles, Visual Artist

New artist creating in stained-glass, macramé, painting, drawing and planted terrariums. Still learning and playing with new mediums, finding my style.

John Meeks

Drifted by John

I’m a woodworker using mostly found objects that I obtain...


John Meeks

Position: Drifted by John
Phone: 8645260506
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Mixed Media, Sculptor, Woodworking

I’m a woodworker using mostly found objects that I obtain while paddling various rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. I mostly make lamps, chandeliers and various furniture pieces but can make pieces based on what my customers are wanting.



Phone: 6153363251
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Book Illustration, Commission, Graphic Design, Live Painting, Mixed Media, Painter, Visual Artist

Hello! I am a comic artist that has been forcibly turned into an illustrator by the inviability of generating self-sustaining profit via comics, in any short turn-around. Sometimes I clumsily paint my illustrations to qualify them as paintings for events or art shows. If given the freedom of medium, I prefer to traditionally sketch, digitally or traditionally ink, & digitally color illustrations. I approach art from a very commercial & disposable standpoint, so I will price ‘originals’ or physical copies to move, but place more value on my work hours & efforts where I am being commissioned to make artwork.


Emily Rahn

Phone: 7064966869
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Graphic Design, Muralist, Painter, Visual Artist

I’m Emily Rahn, a homegrown graphic designer based in Augusta, Georgia. My artistic journey began with crayons, evolving into a career after pursuing design education at Augusta University. ​ With a diverse portfolio, I excel in translating concepts into compelling visual narratives. I enjoy painting especially in mural spaces. Having a ‘big canvas’ that is seen by many different faces is exhilarating. I also enjoy photography. The obsession of Polaroids cameras truly got interest into photography. My designs are more than aesthetics; they are thoughtful compositions crafted to resonate with the intended audience. I specialize in brand strategy, visual branding, photography, and illustration. Beyond design, I find joy in rewatching my favorite shows (The Office & Grey’s Anatomy), exploring new places, and embracing my new passion for pickleball. My work is a testament to turning childhood dreams into a vibrant, meaningful career.




Tripp Gustin

Email: [email protected]
Categories: Book Illustration, Commission, Graphic Design, Live Painting, Mixed Media, Muralist, Painter, Photographer, Portraiture, Videography & Cinematography, Videography/Film, Visual Artist

I am a designer, cartoonist, illustrator, and animator with a love for storytelling that is weird, colorful, and from the heart. Although I work in a wide variety of visual media — including comics, digital illustration, screen printing, animation, photocollage, game dev, and painting — all of my work tends to be vibrant, emotive, and experimental. My biggest personal passion project is Trueniverse Comics, a collection of interconnected webcomics that experiment with multimedia storytelling and genre. I earned a BA in Advertising and Graphic Design from the University of Alabama in 2012, worked as a graphic designer for 10 years, then earned a BFA in Animation from Augusta University in 2023. Much of my work is available digitally, and I am generally always looking for illustration commissions or freelance graphic design opportunities.


I am an art and design generalist with a specialty for comic art, illustration, and digital design. I love creating colorful characters that are expressive and vibrant, and making artwork that tells a story through symbolism and emotion.

Kort McPeek

Canvases by Kort

Kort McPeek: twin mom, wife, student, teacher, and (sometimes) artist....


Kort McPeek

Position: Canvases by Kort
Phone: 7065647733
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Painter, Visual Artist

Kort McPeek: twin mom, wife, student, teacher, and (sometimes) artist. While she’s dabbled in art since always, she has recently taken her creative talents more seriously. Inspired by the amazing artist community in Augusta, she hopes one day to be featured on the walls of Nacho Mama’s.


Kort primarily uses acrylic paints on canvas, but she includes watercolors, oils, pastels, and other mediums as needed.

Stephanie Hardigree

Subject Dolly

My art journey started in 2016 when I captured a...


Stephanie Hardigree

Position: Subject Dolly
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Fashion, Mixed Media, Photographer, Tailor Costumes / Clothing

My art journey started in 2016 when I captured a photo of one of my numerous vintage dolls. Rather than having her just sitting lifeless on a shelf, I decided to bring her to life through photography, stop-motion animation, and storytelling. Over time, I have honed my skills as a visual artist and storyteller, utilizing Instagram as my primary platform. My work has been featured in Westobou Gallery, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, and High Fructose Magazine. I take pleasure in transporting my viewers to a strange world of beauty and eeriness that leaves a lasting impression. Additionally, I enjoy working with paper, creating masks that complement my surrealistic self-portraits and wearable art that is sure to delight in an eerie way.

Artist CV: stephanie_hardigree_


Cameron Young

Phone: 7068327802
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Book Illustration, Chalk, Classes, Commission, Fashion, Graphic Design, Jewelry, Live Painting, Mixed Media, Muralist, Photographer, Poet, Portraiture, Sculptor, Tailor Costumes / Clothing, Teach Classes, Textiles, Visual Artist, Writer

Howdy! I’m Cameron and I’m an Illustrator raised and based in Augusta, GA. My skills are strongest in graphic design, portraiture, collages, and book illustration. I can also make a great cup of coffee!


My day-to-day consists mainly of graphic design work and copywriting. I have held my current position for three years and as such I have become very intimate with the full Adobe and Microsoft suites, along with being able to adapt my copy writing to best suit each brand’s style and goals.



Jacki Mayo Van Dyke

Phone: 7067604146
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Book Illustration, Classes, Commission, Fabric, Fashion, Graphic Design, Jewelry, Live Painting, Mixed Media, Muralist, Painter, Sculptor, Tailor Costumes / Clothing, Textiles, Woodworking

I enjoy painting themes of space and sea, two vastly unexplored regions of mankind. Creating these scenes, along with multidimensional dream worlds, has become a tool for me to navigate and process my thoughts as I delve into the depths of my own consciousness. It has provided catharsis in the sometimes painful process of illuminating the dark corners of myself while also helping me to live in the present moment. It is my goal to inspire others, and to encourage them to question their realities by exploring beyond their own perceptions of day to day life.


Megan Maloney

Position: Triple M Art & Photography
Phone: 7067604146
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Photographer, Portraiture, Visual Artist

I officially opened my business in 2022. I am very passionate about being able to share my skills and experience so that people, regardless of the background or income, can have moments of their life forever frozen for generations to come to treasure and enjoy. This is something that was very important to my family, and we have a whole closet to prove it. Starting at the age of 8, I took private drawing and painting lessons and I continued taking various art related classes all the way through undergrad where I took multiple photography, drawing, and painting classes.  I also used my skills before and after graduation as a graphic designer. Most recently, before opening my business, I specifically expanded on my photography skills and took continuing education photography classes.


I photography mostly portraits and events, dabbling in animal and nature photography, but I also like to combine my photos with digital art to create new pieces. 

Jean Covington

Hodgepodge by Jean

“I am a self-taught maker since 2019, and I specialize...


Jean Covington

Position: Hodgepodge by Jean
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Mixed Media, Painter, Visual Artist

“I am a self-taught maker since 2019, and I specialize in nothing, but dabble in much; hence the name Hodgepodge by Jean. I use fluid art (paint pouring), sea shells, and crushed glass on canvas, wood, and other home decor substrates. I sell my work in about a dozen arts and crafts shows each year in the SC, NC, and GA areas such as the Bluffton (SC) Arts and Seafood Festival, Christmas Made in the South (Savannah, GA), and Church Street Festival (Waynesville, NC) to name a few.”


“I am constantly evolving in my fine arts and crafts endeavors. I paint on all size canvases as well as on wood and other substrates. I also apply this medium to various home décor items such as Lazy Susans, clocks, and coasters. I sometimes embellish my work with glass and sea shells, or use shells to make stand alone magnolia blossoms. I feature decoupaged oyster shells on napkin rings and cutout board shapes such as pineapples, crabs, and flamingos. I keep learning new techniques and trying out new designs.”


Felina Martin

Position: Pamoja na
Phone: 7068548050
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Fabric, Fashion, Jewelry, Painter, Party Booking, Performances, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Tailor Costumes / Clothing, Textiles, Writer

Felina Martin has reinvented herself to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer. Her work has been shown in galleries, and publications and worn on the fashion runway. Inspired by her love of color, community, and culture, she designs clothing from her artist’s impression of diversity, equity, and inclusion reflected in her paintings. The combination of art, fashion, and a cause has given birth to the wearable art brand, Pamoja Na.


Using her original art as the basis, she transposes the work onto fabric, leading to another dimension of art: fashion design. With the use of the latest technology, the artwork is transferred to fabric which Felina then uses to design and sew original garments. The wearable art is also imprinted on pre-designed clothing through a partnering manufacturer.

ArtWear – taking original art and using technology to imprint fabric that is transformed into designer fashions.

Read more in my statement: artist_statements_bios


Karessa Kaye Ferguson

Position: The Crochet Fairy
Phone: 7623334018
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Fabric, Fashion, Jewelry, Teach Classes, Textiles

I am a fiber artist. I enjoy working with yarn and creating unique textiles with it. I make crochet items from simple designs to more elaborate creations. For example, amigurumi plushies to 3d wall hangings.

Michelle Scarborough Johnson

I create yard art and garden sculptures from a mixture...


Michelle Scarborough Johnson

Phone: 7068250271
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Classes, Commission, Fabric, Fashion, Mixed Media, Painter, Sculptor, Teach Classes, Textiles, Visual Artist

I create yard art and garden sculptures from a mixture of cement , vermiculite, peat moss and paper. I incorporate discarded bottles, metal hardware, and used plastic in my creations. I teach others to make pots for container gardening using the same mixture called hypertufa . I also make hats from recycled materials and donate to those in need.

Avery Prather


My name is Avery! I live in North Augusta and...


Avery Prather

Position: PratherPaints
Phone: 8036240142
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Live Painting, Muralist, Painter, Visual Artist

My name is Avery! I live in North Augusta and have been painting professionally for 3 years. I specialize in oil paintings and occasional mural commissions. I’ve really enjoyed the community I’ve found within Augusta and look forward to more events to know this city better. I specialize in oil portraits and scenery.


Destinee Love

Position: Paintings by Destinee Love
Phone: 4437946393
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Art Therapy, Classes, Commission, Live Painting, Painter, Visual Artist

Artist, mother, and light. Inspired by God, the beauty of life, and the spiritual growth of all people. Paint as my medium for healing and expression, i aspire to connect to my viewers with peace and love. I love to paint with bright colors. Some pieces I’ll spend months focusing on details, some I’ll do in 2 hours just to get the idea out. Art is my therapy and I hope to help other see how beneficial expressing yourself artistically can be.


Evy Danckers

Categories: Author, Classes, Writer

Evy Danckers is an author of children & YA books. She published 5 novels in Belgium & The Netherlands and has 2 more coming out in 2024. She hopes to publish her English debut in 2024.

Deepti Malik

I am a self-taught artist who has always been drawn...


Deepti Malik

Phone: 2163757714
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Classes, Commission, Painter, Portraiture, Visual Artist

I am a self-taught artist who has always been drawn towards art. After my professional stint in the corporate & academic world, I decided to pursue my passion for art. I thrive on learning and experimenting. I am pursuing different avenues to enhance my skills. I have been in the creative industry for last seven years and here is a glimpse into some of the things I have done. I have my online class “Watercolor cards made simple” available on I am an illustrator/product designer for paper craft companies STAMPlorations (with 41 stamp sets manufactured and sold under my stamp line “Dee’s Artsy Impressions”) & Crafty Meraki (with 13 stamp sets illustrated by me) I have my work published in “Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking” & “Craft Stamper (which is UK based)” magazines. Also I have been invited several times to be a Guest Artist for paper crafting companies like Spellbinders Paper Arts, Casual Friday’s Stamps, Top Dog Dies to feature their products. I have also reviewed and showcased products from Art Supply companies like Funcils & Chalkola. I had the privilege of being a featured artist for I have my work on Display at The City Gallery for the Annual Winter Art Showcase 2023. “Creativity is Contagious, pass it on …..” on this thought I am ready to move to the next level and share my knowledge of art with others through my classes at Artists’ Nook


TJ McSherry

Email: [email protected]
Categories: Actor, Commission, Performances, Photographer, Theatre, Videography & Cinematography, Videography/Film, Visual Artist

TJ is a part-time photographer who displays his talent for landscape, travel, event, and artistic portrait styles. He is also very involved in the local theatre and film communities, both behind the scenes and as a performer. He has worked on several award-winning short films and one of his photos was recently selected for display at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art.

Jeffrey Boyles

I am a local artist and veteran who enjoys working...


Jeffrey Boyles

Email: [email protected]
Categories: Sculptor, Woodworking

I am a local artist and veteran who enjoys working with wood and natural materials. I enjoy sculpting raw or finished wood into figures or architectural pieces of art.

Kelley Igo

I’m Kelley Igo, an Art Educator currently in my 24th...


Kelley Igo

Categories: Classes, Mixed Media

I’m Kelley Igo, an Art Educator currently in my 24th year of teaching at an Elementary School in the heart of Georgia. The COVID-19 pandemic, like so many others, brought a season of change and uncertainty into my life. As schools closed their doors, I transformed my garage into a mini art studio. I signed up for online art lessons with Amanda Evanston and got excited about creating my own art again instead of lesson plans and project samples for my students. This newfound passion for my art became a constant, even as the school doors reopened and teaching resumed. Retirement, which is approaching the horizon, is not just the next chapter; it’s the beginning of a new journey. I’m looking forward to dedicating myself full-time to being an artist. My art has found a voice in the local community. I’ve ventured into craft shows and entered several local art exhibitions, and the experience has been nothing short of rewarding. There’s a sense of elation like no other when you receive an email notifying you that your work has been accepted into a show. One of my most distinctive artistic endeavors has been the creation of “tiny rooms.” These pieces hold within them unexpected little 3-dimensional elements, all woven into a narrative where a mysterious cat lurks around. This whimsical touch adds an element of surprise and enchantment to my work.


Jessica Graham

Position: Jessica Graham Artist
Categories: Commission, Live Painting, Painter, Visual Artist

“To capture the essence of a subject, but leaving out the obvious. I continually strive for softer edges, luminous layers, and less details instead of more. Abstract realism gives wings to the viewer’s imagination, and I love the challenge of deconstructing the image to its most simplistic form.” -Jessica

Jacqueleen Magon

Upon my retirement I picked up a brush and watercolor...


Jacqueleen Magon

Phone: 7347309199
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Painter, Visual Artist

Upon my retirement I picked up a brush and watercolor for fun and stress relief. Self taught I paint what catches my eye around me. I enjoy the constant learning and delight in the effects of water and color. I am a self taught watercolorist.


Aaliyah Harris

Position: Ascend X Love
Phone: 7063615895
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Graphic Design, Live Painting, Mixed Media, Muralist, Photographer, Visual Artist

Art and Life go hand in hand, so I choose to live creatively. I see myself as a beginner. I am self taught and learning each day. I currently paint on weekends, but I am working towards to becoming a full-time artist.

My portfolio:


Addie Strozier

Position: Addie Strozier Photography
Phone: 7067265739
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Commission, Photographer

There is nothing in the world that brings more joy than being surrounded by nature. The beauty and serenity speak to my heart and soul in ways I cannot verbally explain. Therefore, I use my camera to speak for me. When I go out for a shoot, I focus first on places that make me “stop the car”. Places with overall beauty. Once I take in the whole scene, I then refocus on what really draws my eye. Whether it be an animal grazing in an open field, a single tree that stands out because of its branch configuration, or a cluster of leaves on a rock redirecting the flow of a waterfall… The intimate detail that creates the overall beauty. There is so much more to an image than just what you first see. Take a deeper look. Let the piece speak to you. This will begin your relationship with it that will be worth “a thousand words”.


Samantha Hamrick

Position: SHamrick Art
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Classes, Commission, Live Painting, Painter, Photographer, Portraiture, Teach Classes

I’m a 40 year old woman who has tried to be many things such as a nurse and a therapist. However, the one consistent in my life since childhood is art. At an early age I was introduced to many media, and spent years under the tutelage of an accomplished watercolor artist. Unfortunately, for years I have struggled to consider myself ‘’good enough’ to be called an “artist.” Though I won awards with my art as a teen, I fell prey to the trap that is comparison to others and justified a halt in my professional pursuits. Where I am now in my life, I realize that my desire for belonging is only satiated in the presence of other artists as they are my people. Art is my salvation or as Nietzsche put it, “We have art so that we shall not die of reality.” I find solace in creating but also an insatiable drive to do so. So whether it’s a simple pet portrait on commission or a piece o my own imagination, I am happy. Recently I have found a new joy of sharing my knowledge with others as an instructor of the more advanced classes at Art Nook in Aiken, SC.


Visit my Website!


Colleen Beyer

Email: [email protected]
Categories: Classes, Commission, Mixed Media, Muralist, Painter, Portraiture, Sculptor, Visual Artist

Experienced artist with over 10 years of public art experience, including murals, installation and metal sculpture. An active artist with a passion and expertise in teaching and creating artwork to educate others about environmental awareness.