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Here you will find artist members of the Greater Augusta Arts Council of all disciplines, backgrounds from emerging to established. For more information on each artist, click on their names or follow the links to their websites or social media.




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Kimberly Oakley

Position: Studio 3P, LLC
Phone: 803-939-5225
Categories: Commission, Photographer, Portraiture, Teach Classes, Visual Artist
I am a visual artist, focusing on fine art portrait photography. Hallmarks of my work are richness and whimsy. My photographs are often mistaken at first for paintings, due to their tones and aura. I incorporate sometimes humble, sometimes fantastical themes, wardrobe, and props.
Primarily a portrait (and self-portrait) artist, in my works I seek to capture a moment in time, revealing an intimate aspect of the subject. I want people to feel something familiar when they see my portraits.
I have a general background in the arts from my emphasis in my high school education. Beginning with a foundation of basic studio lighting, camera settings, and classic posing, I then began on a path toward the more personalized images I find myself creating now.
The colors and lighting of classical painters Vermeer, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt fill my eyes. In my art, I portray themes of quiet strength. The images have a peaceful calmness to them. I love the rich textures of velvet and linen. I seek out clothing, housewares, and tools that are old, worn, and real. Warmth and richness permeate my works; so do shadows created by a strong and directional source of light.
A recent series I created is my Homespun series, showing children and young adults in rustic and wholesome tableaux. Captured in mundane tasks, the subjects are graced with strength and dignity.
Another series I created during the COVID-19 pandemic is In The Time of COVID. Composed of self-portraits and still-life art, each piece focuses on aspects of life during the pandemic such as isolation, altering of routines, search for information, tangible boredom, signals of hope, and desire for normalcy.

Lisa Anne Tindal

Position: Quiet Confidence Art
Phone: 803-646-6497
Categories: Book Illustration, Commission, Painter, Performances, Portraiture, Visual Artist

I’m a self-taught artist inspired by the redemption experienced in my life as well as those I engaged with in my career serving those affected by homelessness, mental illness, and partner abuse. I work primarily in acrylic but love adding other elements of oil pastel and paper.

I’ve come to describe my process as “adding and taking away” color, shape, and texture. Much like life, the work of slowly and with fluidity in the application, the essence of creativity, and each painting develop without striving.


Laurie Algar

Position: Fantasia Mosaics
Categories: Commission, Mixed Media, Visual Artist
Laurie is a local artist who grew up in N.Hollywood CA and currently lives in Colorado. She specializes in mixed media mosaics and hand-crafted art greeting cards.
She is the daughter of Disney Legend recipient James Algar, a Walt Disney Director, Producer, Writer, and Animator. Laurie grew up immersed in bold color, whimsy, animals, fantasy, and magical storytelling which is reflected in her unique art and the name of her business, Fantasia Mosaics, as her father was the Director of the iconic Sorcerer’s Apprentice in the Disney classic, Fantasia. In addition to her art, she also travels locally and throughout the United States presenting an entertaining talk about her father’s career with Walt Disney and works as a professional pet guardian and house sitter.
She is a heartfelt collector of beads, vintage jewelry, semi-precious stones, tiles, found objects, upcycled items, Washi tapes, and cast-offs which are all repurposed into the vivid chaos of her mixed media mosaics and hand-crafted cards. She exhibits locally and throughout the United States and is happy to create commissioned works of art or custom greeting cards.

Keller Jones

Position: Keller Jones Fine Art
Phone: 912-844-2077
Categories: Commission, Painter, Teach Classes, Visual Artist

I paint both expressionist landscapes and abstracts. From Augusta, and lived around the southeast, living and working in Augusta.


John Stoney Cannon

Position: StoneyVision
Phone: 7066195425
Categories: Book Illustration, Classes, Commission, Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Music, Musician, Painter, Party Booking, Performances, Photographer, Portraiture, Teach Classes, Videography & Cinematography, Visual Artist, Vocalist, Writer

I consider myself to be a multimedia artist blending my love for music and pop culture as well as nostalgic history into mostly acrylic pieces. Currently my preferred materials are acrylic-based paints on canvas, but I have been also known to create in pastel chalk with dabs of acrylic black marker on everything from paper to wood. After putting aside hand created art for over thirty years to concentrate on graphic art, I have found that when returning to more natural creation, my graphic arts methods at times come into play as I often paint in layers much like one would screen or plate print. At the same time I also look back to simple techniques of my childhood for inspiration in odd ways such as through lead transfer early influences such as sixties and seventies pop art. The experiences creating a bridge between my history as not only a visual artist, but as a creator of album cover, book and magazine art not to mention as a music journalist featured in publications around the world but as far as visual art itself, I accept commissions and usually prefer to create new pieces for art shows especially in series form.

Having lived in various locations abroad and in the United States as a US Army dependent before settling down in my hometown of Augusta, Georgia, I currently reside and work out of Aiken, South Carolina. While most of my works are inspired largely by pop culture people, places and things, I tend to mostly attempt to put an odd twist on them whether color-wise, setting or both. My “Writer’s Block” series – an ongoing group of large up-close facial depictions of book, song, film writers on 14”x14” square canvas has been well-received worldwide and recently I have found great pleasure putting local faces in well-known area haunts. The inspirations have led to pieces displayed across the southeast in various group and solo art exhibitions.

Since returning to art during the pandemic my visual art experiences have included:

May 2021 – Co-writing and releasing pop music book, Hooked Onna Feelin’

October 2021 – Co-Curating first art show, Dark Arts Show in Augusta, Georgia

December 2021 – Taking a position as Gallery Assistant at Art n Soul of Aiken

December 2021 – Placing pieces in both Winter Art Sales – City Gallery / Augusta & Co. both in Augusta, Georgia

January 2022 – Participated in my first Wet Paint Party event at Sacred Heart Augusta, Georgia

May 2022 – Presented group show “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” at Art & Soul Aiken

September 2022 – Guest Speaker at Aiken Artists Guild, Aiken, South Carolina

October 2022 – Selected “Best in Show” for painting “Delilah” at the North Augusta Artists Guild “Fall Into Art” Show at Arts & Heritage Center of North Augusta.

January 2023 – Took part in the “Iconic Augusta” art event Sacred Heart Augusta, Georgia

February 2023 – NAAG Artist of the Month exhibit at Arts & Heritage Center North Augusta, South Carolina.

February 2023 – Accepted for the Emerging Artist show at the Lucy C. Laney Museum Augusta, Georgia.

March 2023 – Chosen again to participate in the annual Wet Paint Party Julian Smith Casino Augusta, Georgia

March 2023 – Entered eight pieces into the GRL PWR exhibit City Gallery Augusta, Georgia.

April 2023 – Guest speaker at North Augusta Artists Guild North Augusta, South Carolina

April 2023 – Six pieces in th “All About Augusta” show at 4P Gallery at 600 Broad in Augusta, Georgia.


Symphonie Wiggins

Position: A Creative Symphoni Dance Studio
Phone: 7068321343
Categories: Dance & Movement, Party Booking, Performances, Teach Classes

Symphoni is from Augusta, Georgia where she attended the Academy of Richmond County High School and graduated in 2007. Upon Graduation she attended Hollins University in Roanoke VA on a full dance scholarship and obtained her BA in Dance with a minor in Communications. Symphoni trained in the disciplines of Ballet, Tap, African, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern and Majorette and has over 25 years of dance experience. She has been a scholarship recipient at American Dance Festival at Duke University and the New Orleans Jazz Dance Festival at Tulane University multiple times. Symphoni has performed extensively, locally, regionally and nationally as well as abroad during her dance career. She began teaching at age 14 and never looked back. Symphoni is a gifted performer; however, her real passion is teaching. It is a God given gift which she holds dear to her heart. She loves to teach dance as she feels that this is one way she can inspire young people through her art by sharing with them as a healthy way to express themselves. A Creative Symphoni Dance Studio is in the 9th Season.


Amen Hudson

Phone: 7065041706
Categories: Music, Musician, Party Booking, Performances, Vocalist

Major Sound LLC is a group of young talented musicians with old souls from Augusta,Ga. We bring good vibes and great music with our vast library of R&B, Funk, Soul and what we’re known for…our Original music! Seeing Major Sound is not just a show,but also an experience that you must see Live. Hear our Concert Tier Live Arrangements of your favorite songs and more! Book Major Sound for your next event!


Blue Lava

Categories: Music, Musician, Party Booking, Performances, Vocalist

My name is James Dean McBrayer but I perform under the stage name Blue Lava. I perform regularly as a solo artist (singer, guitarist) and I also have a band that performs regularly as the Blue Lava Trio (or Blue Lava Quatro if performing as a 4 piece) . I specialize in 70’s classic rock.

Jaxx Beck

Hi, my name is Jaxx Beck! I have had a...


Jaxx Beck

Categories: Book Illustration, Classes, Commission, Live Painting, Mixed Media, Painter, Party Booking, Portraiture, Visual Artist

Hi, my name is Jaxx Beck!

I have had a passion for art for as long as I can remember. Some of my favorite memories as a kid were getting awards for my Kindergarten masterpieces! My passion turned to professional interest about 7 years ago, and for the past 5 years I’ve had an experienced mentor help me with my skills. Currently, I am in college pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Art.

My inspiration for art has always been emotion. Art has allowed me to truly show my emotions in a way that others can relate and connect with. My aspiration with art has been just that. To help form connections within my own community as well as others’.

The main mediums I work with include acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, and graphite pencil. My style of art is my own take on abstract with a mix of expressionism. I also dabble in absurdism, and am well experienced in realism.

My art has been on display at the local high school I graduated from due to team working on murals. I have also had my work shown at local Augusta gallery shows such as the Annual Winter Gallery Show and GRL Power. My artwork was also accepted for the 2023 WetPaint Party!


Nicole Novak

Categories: Calligraphy, Classes, Commission, Graphic Design, Music, Painter, Performances, Teach Classes, Visual Artist, Vocalist, Writer

Nicole Novak Fluid Art

I am a designer and self-taught artist. I began painting as a creative wanting to explore something new, and it quickly became something I enjoyed, then something therapeutic, and now it is something that is a part of my day-to-day life, having evolved into a passion that has slowly taken over my home (I’m running out of space to put paintings!). I love all things design. Though I am largely self-taught as stated above, many of the principles and skills I use were acquired while earning my BFA in Interior Design (2014). Through this combination of formal education and love of continued learning, I have created custom designed wedding invitations and stationery, as well as several commissioned calligraphy pieces. I also happen to sing, as well as play and teach violin to beginners, which I absolutely love.

Baruti Tucker

Baruti Tucker is a dynamic visual artist that creates stunning...


Baruti Tucker

Phone: (706) 513-2817
Categories: Book Illustration, Classes, Commission, Live Painting, Muralist, Painter, Party Booking, Portraiture, Teach Classes, Visual Artist

Baruti Tucker is a dynamic visual artist that creates stunning art with his fingers alone. He is the co-owner of Humanitree House Juice Joint and Gallery, which also houses his Art and several murals. Baruti’s is a versatile artist and most of his work is centered around the African experience in the Diaspora.


June Klement

Phone: (706) 831-1782
Categories: Commission, Live Painting, Painter, Visual Artist

June Klement was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and currently resides in Augusta, Georgia. Her work focuses on translating the love that she feels while exploring urban and natural environments into painting. Her impressionistic style of lively, vibrant, and bold brushstrokes highlights the ephemeral interactions between color and light. By experimenting with pigment and texture on canvas, Klement hopes to evoke the emotional aura of her surroundings through paint. She enjoys painting in her studio, as well as en plein air because it allows her to communicate the jubilant nuances of scenes that exist beyond her studio’s confines. By painting, Klement has realized that attention is the only true materialization of love. And after working and raising a family, she felt called to wield her paintbrush to translate the beauty, joy, and love that she experiences into brushstrokes.

Lexi Kay White

Lexi Kay White is a traditional artist specializing wildlife and...


Lexi Kay White

Phone: (808) 868-6870
Categories: Chalk, Classes, Commission, Graphic Design, Live Painting, Muralist, Painter, Portraiture, Teach Classes, Visual Artist

Lexi Kay White is a traditional artist specializing wildlife and figure paintings with a surreal and colorful twist.

“I work with all of the following mediums: oil, acrylics, guoache, watercolor, and linoprints.I specialize in wildlife and figure drawings with a surreal and colorful twist.I also have over 5 years of graphic design experience. I create business logos, wearable art, and other digital design commissions.”

Mark Albertin

Albertin Film Photography Since my teen years, I have been...


Mark Albertin

Categories: Classes, Commission, Photographer, Portraiture, Teach Classes, Videography/Film, Visual Artist

Albertin Film Photography

Since my teen years, I have been shooting photographs. I’ve always loved working with film. There is something to be said for spending time in the darkroom and adjusting light on paper to get the desired result.With decades of experience working with film and the analog process, I began seriously taking fine art photographs in 2016. Working with multiple camera formats ranging from medium format to 4×5, 5×7, and 8×10, I create large negatives which give extreme resolution, tonal range, and clarity.

Art the Artist Abdon

Phone: (404) 764-8409
Categories: Art Therapy, Book Illustration, Chalk, Classes, Commission, Fabric, Fashion, Graphic Design, Live Painting, Mixed Media, Muralist, Painter, Portraiture, Teach Classes, Visual Artist, Writer

Art the Artist Studios. Art is a Muralist, Comicbook Illustrator, Artrepreneur, BizMentor Art Teacher, Graffitist and Writer. He is profficient in ProCreate, Digital Artist and STEAM instructor as well as digital laser cutting.


Jason Chambers

Phone: (803) 443-2236
Categories: Classes, Commission, Mixed Media, Painter, Visual Artist

Jason Chambers Art, LLC

Jason Chambers was born in Augusta, Georgia in 1979. From a very early age Jason showed interest and promise in art. He has explored various forms of art from illustration to portraiture, but his true passion has always been abstraction.In early 2019 Jason transitioned fully into abstract art. His unique blend of shapes and lines create a realistic world of chaos as well as a sophisticated visual language. His art is a way for him to sort through the craziness in this world. Jason’s individual style is influenced by cubism, surrealism, and abstract expressionism.Jason has participated in several group exhibitions in the United States as well as having his first solo exhibition, “Calming the Chaos” in Augusta, GA in July of 2020. He also had another solo exhibition in Augusta, GA in April of 2022. His art is in many private collections in the United States as well as France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, and Japan.Jason Currently lives in Aiken, South Carolina, with his wife, daughter and four rambunctious dogs.Artist StatementI create art not just as a need to express myself, but also as a way for me to deal with life. The great Picasso said, “The world doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” I feel this deeply and believe it comes through in my art. Each piece I create is a way for me to sort through the chaos of life and try to make sense of it by making connections on a subconscious level.My art is best categorized as cubism. Each piece of art that I create appears as random images, shapes, and marks that may not make sense at first. Anyone who reflects on my art makes their own connections just as I do when I create it. This allows each viewer to see something entirely different, making each piece entirely unique to the individual.I begin each new piece of art with no preplanned design or sketch. I let it flow and unfold organically as I try to connect shapes or patterns that interest me. As I make these connections, I begin to get a feel for what the piece is about. I primarily work with pen and ink on paper, using monochrome schemes or a limited color palette. Using only black and white or limited colors allows the viewer to focus more on the shapes and imagery, offering a simplicity to each piece. I want my art to evoke questions. If a person stops to contemplate a piece of art that I have created, then I have succeeded in my work.-Jason L. Chambers


Artist Resume: art_resume


Judi T. Dudley

Categories: Painter, Poet, Visual Artist, Writer

Thou Art Ju D

Closing the chapter on a season of family illnesses and loss, Judi T. Dudley is now channeling all of the accompanying emotions, feelings, and thoughts into abstract works of art in order to express the reality of being alive and well!A California native having recently struck out across the country, the self-taught artist has landed for a stint in Augusta, GA, armed with acrylic paints and imagination.Judi’s interests have always been artistic, as she has previously been involved in activities and careers ranging from cosmetology to fashion design, styling, and editorials. This current shift of interests seems to come as the natural progression of someone who believes in the beauty of all things being the most important aspect of what she consumes and creates.Having participated in the Raw Artist National Arts Drive in 2020 and then in Art Basel Miami Beach 2022 ExpoMetro Mobile billboard display, Judi is excited and well engaged in spreading her wings to fly through the new life she is building for herself.To view more artworks by Judi, please visit her website:

Visual Art:Often coupling it with wood, glass or semi-precious beads, I use acrylic paint as a means to glorify the beauty that I see in the world around me. While my main focus is abstract art, I am currently exploring through a new series that is being created to express the deep emotional experience of being human.Literary Art:Through the use of Haiku poetry, an ancient Japanese art form that uses a 5-7-5 syllable per line pattern to create poetry, I have published two books that are currently available on“575 Street: Haikus Are Hard”“When I Call On His Name: Haikus For Worship”

Si-Long Chen

FoxSiLong Studio owner Si-Long Chen, nicknamed Fox, was born and...


Si-Long Chen

Categories: Commission, Graphic Design, Muralist, Painter, Party Booking, Photographer, Portraiture, Videography/Film

FoxSiLong Studio owner Si-Long Chen, nicknamed Fox, was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. As a child, Si-Long had been traveling back and forth between the U.S. and Taiwan; it wasn’t until 2006 that she decided to stay in the U.S. to advance her education permanently.After graduating from high school in 2009, she matriculated at Augusta State University (Now Augusta University) to study Communications and Fine Arts, and she graduated in May of 2013. During her senior year in 2012, she was naturalized as a U.S. citizen. Since she graduated, she has been working in the digital marketing and communications field. When Si-Long is not in the office of her daytime job, she goes around the community to take photos as a freelance artist.In 2018, she returned to work at Augusta University and decided to pursue an MPA there as well in 2019. She graduated in the fall of 2021, all while working a full-time job and taking photos as a side hobby.

My art services include traditional media (oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, sketches, pastel, charcoal) and digital media (graphic design and photography with Adobe Photoshop). My website & portfolio are


Artist Resume : silong_cv_02.2023

Nong Von Buedingen

Known as Nong Von B, I’m a local artist from...


Nong Von Buedingen

Categories: Classes, Commission, Live Painting, Painter

Known as Nong Von B, I’m a local artist from Aiken, SC. I do acrylic painting on canvas, wood and teaching kids painting classes.

Darby Spencer

I am a self-taught, contemporary realist artist with an interest...


Darby Spencer

Categories: Classes, Commission, Mixed Media, Muralist, Painter, Portraiture, Teach Classes, Visual Artist

I am a self-taught, contemporary realist artist with an interest in nature and fantasy as well as celebrating the beauty in now. My focus in my art is to create paintings that capture a feeling that can be understood even despite the passage of time. While a lot of my recent works are portraits of pets and family moments, my passion is fantasy and surrealism and I’d like to continue my artistic journey in the direction of dark yet colorful creations of a non-earth realm.

While I paint on any surface, I mainly work on stretched canvas or panels with oil paints since I value the archival properties. I accept commissions of all kinds but I have a specialty for animal family members.

Mikey Lindsey

Mikey Lindsey is a self-taught, evolving artist that works mostly...


Mikey Lindsey

Phone: (706) 414-3872
Categories: Commission, Live Painting, Musician, Painter, Party Booking, Performances, Visual Artist

Mikey Lindsey is a self-taught, evolving artist that works mostly with paint and canvas. His art has been featured in several local group shows in the last two years. His passion has been capturing animals, specifically pets. now he is branching out into other subject material.

He is also an improvisational violinist, who frequently plays with the local dance troupe.


Cassandra Bayer

Phone: (803) 270-3029
Categories: Classes, Commission, Party Booking, Photographer, Portraiture, Teach Classes, Visual Artist

Cassie Bayer Photography

Cassie Bayer Photography specializes in Pet Photography, Professional Headshots and Photo Restoration. She is located in North Augusta, SC and service the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA). Cassie’s “brush” is her camera, and her goal is always to capture memorable images that move people.


Alex Foltz

Phone: (802) 782-3048
Categories: Classes, Commission, Live Painting, Painter, Portraiture, Teach Classes, Visual Artist

Foltz Studio:

I am a contemporary realist artist fascinated with color, natural beauty, and an honest look at the world surrounding me. My focus in my art is to make paintings that, through careful choices in color and brushwork, feel alive in a way that photographs often cannot. While my work regularly focuses on portraiture and landscape, I also enjoy using what I’ve learned in my studies of natural beauty to explore the link between life, death, and nature.

I mainly work on stretched canvas with oil paints for their rich color, blending qualities, and durability. Portraiture is a specialty of mine, and I accept portrait commissions of all kinds.


Laurie Adamson

Phone: (803) 979-5320
Categories: Commission, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painter, Photographer, Textiles, Visual Artist

I am inspired by the beauty on our farm. My creativity comes from my horses, wildflower garden and nature that surrounds our farm. I make jewelry with various types of stones/crystals into necklaces, earrings and necklaces. Abstract acrylic painting on various mediums such as wood and canvas. I also do photography.



Ethan Moore

Categories: Commission, Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Painter, Visual Artist

A multimedia artist that mostly paints and occasionally dabbles in digital mediums originally from Asheville, NC. Ethan makes art relevant to my culture, pop culture and the various things he has learned about Japanese culture.

Mike OMeara

I am a Woodturner based in Augusta, GA who utilizes...


Mike OMeara

Categories: Commission, Mixed Media, Sculptor, Woodworking

I am a Woodturner based in Augusta, GA who utilizes unique woods and other materials on the wood lathe to create artful shapes and forms. Also known as Mojo Creations. I take commissions.

Nikolas Bryan-Dunaway

Nik Dunaway is a product designer for Club Car and...


Nikolas Bryan-Dunaway

Phone: (706) 877-0353
Categories: Commission, Graphic Design, Musician, Visual Artist

Nik Dunaway is a product designer for Club Car and has been a part of many of their projects, aiding in the design and styling of vehicles such as the Onward 6 Passenger, Villager 6 and 8 vehicles and others. When he is not designing golf vehicles or going to school for Industrial design, he is working on character art and music projects, studying things that pique his interest, or spending time with friends. He is a Student Member of the Industrial Design Society of America, has been part of several patents for products, and has participated in a few local visual arts exhibitions such as the “Anime on my Mind” showcase in 2021 at 600 Broad Gallery and the “Treasure Inland” exhibition in 2022 at Augusta & Co. Gallery. Nik’s artworks stem from character designs, where he draws inspiration from Anime, Dungeons & Dragons, history, folklore and mythology. He is has recently begun working in the sculptural field, utilizing a 3D printer to create works.

As a Heavy Metal musician, he has released multiple albums. His former band, Pursuit of Angels, released their debut self-titled album in 2009 with tracks such as “The Prestige”. He has also released one other progressive death metal album the under the title “Vocator.” He is an avid musician, with many years of experience playing guitar, bass, and keys. You can visit his music webpage here:

IDSA define Industrial design as:Industrial Design (ID) is the professional practice of designing products, devices, objects, and services used by millions of people around the world every day.Industrial designers typically focus on the physical appearance, functionality, and manufacturability of a product, though they are often involved in far more during a development cycle. All of this ultimately extends to the overall lasting value and experience a product or service provides for end-users.Every object that you interact with on a daily basis in your home, office, school, or public setting is the result of a design process. During this process, myriad decisions are made by an industrial designer (and their team) that are aimed at improving your life through well-executed design.

Ana Thompson

Ana Thompson’s diverse work, mostly in oil, acrylic, and pastels...


Ana Thompson

Categories: Commission, Mixed Media, Painter, Visual Artist

Ana Thompson’s diverse work, mostly in oil, acrylic, and pastels includes landscapes, portraits, still life and abstracts. She keeps exploring new techniques. Being a life-long-learner is very important to her. Ana’s main style is realistic mostly in oil, but recently she has explored acrylics and pastels. During her art studies at Augusta University, Ana also enjoyed ceramics so much that she stopped painting for a few years. However, during the pandemic, she spent many hours at home painting and her love for oils was reborn.

Her work has been exhibited at the Healing Arts Program at Augusta Health Hospital, the Augusta Arts Council Wet Paint exhibition, and at the Juried Art Show of the Art Department at Augusta University. It has also been featured in the Sand Hills magazine published. Four of her paintings from the series on “Teeth” are permanently exhibited at The Dental College of Georgia in Augusta, GA. She is a member of the Artists Guild of Columbia County and the Greater Augusta Arts Council.Ana accepts commissions and may be contacted at

Crystal Fiquette

A traditional artist that works with a mix of acrylic,...


Crystal Fiquette

Categories: Painter, Photographer, Portraiture, Visual Artist

A traditional artist that works with a mix of acrylic, watercolor, and color pencil.

The Soulless Ginger Studio

Erica Pastecki

Artist Bio:Erica Pastecki has been making art all her life....


Erica Pastecki

Categories: Book Illustration, Ceramics, Classes, Commission, Graphic Design, Jewelry, Live Painting, Mixed Media, Muralist, Painter, Party Booking, Performances, Photographer, Portraiture, Sculptor, Teach Classes, Videography & Cinematography, Visual Artist, Woodworking

Artist Bio:Erica Pastecki has been making art all her life. There was never a moment that she recalls a time where she didn’t make art of some sort. Coming from a military family, she spent some of her younger years living overseas in Korea. Memories of this experience still inspire her in many ways. Though living briefly overseas, a majority of her time she has lived right here in Augusta Georgia, particularly South Augusta. Stating, “I am a product of this area, and I continue to expect good things from it.”Studying at Butler High School and Augusta University (BFA), Pastecki is mainly interested in figuring out ways to continue to grow the local area’s love and appreciation for the arts and encourage all to open up their art side and along with this to continue to help bring art experiences to those who might not have easy access to it.With an almost 20 year background in sales, marketing, events, graphic design, book illustration, teaching, working with many different organizations such as The Augusta Chronicle, Fort Gordon, Verge Magazine, The Boys and Girls Club, and previously overseeing the education department and outreach at The Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, she tries to remain active in as many groups as possible and now has joined forces with 4P Studios to assist with marketing and expanding their arts education programing, as their Director of Education!( )When not teaching or helping to organize local events she also continues to develop her own body of work. ( Housed In private collections throughout the United States )Her main series at the moment is know as “The Apron Series” in which she explores her own love-hate relationships with gender roles, technology, and the passing of time. “I’m very tomboyish, and I think a lot about ‘what does it mean’ to be a woman. I also ponder a lot on what does it mean to be alive… and if and how one can truly live,” elaborating that “people seem to tend to hold themselves back from their true desires,” she said. The series is a little cheeky and fun and usually has snarky titles like “Just Because I Want a New Apron Doesn’t Mean that I Can Cook.”Pastecki also loves all things POP ART! Anything that meets her fancy — cartoons, song lyrics, store products, random commercial / advertisement memories… — are also likely to pop up in any of her other series of works. In such fast moving times Pastecki strives slow down and admire and help shape the world in which she lives in.Daily Motto: “Life is good, Live it Up.”“Happy Art Making!”Home Life: Pastecki currently divides her time between Augusta Ga and Florida (her home away from home and artist retreat). She is married to photojournalist Ben Boocker, Bestie to The Walkers, and is the happy mother to one pup, Loki, and one kitty, Salem Brundle Moon.Artist Contact: You Can see more of Pastecki’s art online at: contact her with general questions and/or commission work at: pastecki@hotmail.comor on her social media artist page Erica Pastecki (Feel free to send some “likes!” )

Lea Rigdon

Lea Rigdon (b. 1970, Augusta, United States) is a self-taught...


Lea Rigdon

Categories: Commission, Mixed Media, Painter

Lea Rigdon (b. 1970, Augusta, United States) is a self-taught artist working predominately with watercolors who lives and works in Augusta, GA. Some of her first memories are of her own mother creating art. Lea began creating at a young age, often being inspired by the illustrations and colorful landscapes in Disney films she and her family would enjoy together. In turn, Lea has passed this legacy of artistic passion down to her own children. Her works act as a personal reminder of who she is, where she came from, and the people she loves the most.Lea was the Greater Augusta Arts Council’s featured artist for the month of June 2022. Her works have been featured in The Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, 600 Broad, 4P Studios, Augusta & Co. Gallery, The City Gallery, and in exhibitions such as The Greater Augusta Arts Council’s annual Wet Paint Party, and The Annual October Spooktacular.StatementI view the process of painting as an enchanted retreat that creates space for meditation and self-discovery. I love to combine watercolor with pencil and/or pen. This method satisfies my need for precision and detail but balances my desire to be free, loose, and spontaneous. The best part of creating is the ability to share this side of myself with others. Through my works I hope to create a magical space for the viewer to pause, breathe and smile.I have been greatly influenced by the luminous and often haunting works of Kay Nielsen and Itzchak Tarkay’s dreamy images of elegant Parisian women. Both artists use the whimsical flow of watercolor, fine lines, bold silhouettes, and vivid color to create a kind of visual poetry.My work can be described as a modernized folk art that utilizes repeated patterns alongside watercolor to create shifts in light and subtle movements that imply a difference in textures. I like to incorporate paints with an element of shimmer that give a dream-like glow as light touches the work. I am inspired by nature, both flora and fauna, and the mysterious wonder that lines therein.

Leslie Hamrick

BIO:Earning a BFA from the University of Kansas and a...


Leslie Hamrick

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BIO:Earning a BFA from the University of Kansas and a Master of Arts in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Leslie practiced art therapy with a variety of populations before settling with her family in Augusta, GA. She is an instructor at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art and Board Member of the Greater Augusta Arts Council. She has recently stepped away from her volunteer time leading an art group for differently abled adults to focus on her own artistic life by using pieces from her past to inform her current work. ARTIST’S STATEMENT:I have been drawn to making art since I was a child, but my world exploded when introduced to Betty Edward’s Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Getting lost in the fluidity of contour lines is my favorite space on a canvas and I love the process of adding collage layers of old artwork, tissue, and a variety of hand-printed papers, which opens a space of endless exploration. My focus leans towards portraits and figures with emphasis on exaggerated forms. Like the Fauvists’, I embrace the use of strong lines, bright palettes, and abstraction inspired by the works of Matisse, Picasso, Gaugin, and Botero. I find the physical act of making art to be therapeutic in itself and enjoy the process as much as the end product.