Photo of woman standing infront of artwork. She has short brown hair and is wearing a flower crown.

Kelley Igo

Categories: Classes, Mixed Media

I’m Kelley Igo, an Art Educator currently in my 24th year of teaching at an Elementary School in the heart of Georgia. The COVID-19 pandemic, like so many others, brought a season of change and uncertainty into my life. As schools closed their doors, I transformed my garage into a mini art studio. I signed up for online art lessons with Amanda Evanston and got excited about creating my own art again instead of lesson plans and project samples for my students. This newfound passion for my art became a constant, even as the school doors reopened and teaching resumed. Retirement, which is approaching the horizon, is not just the next chapter; it’s the beginning of a new journey. I’m looking forward to dedicating myself full-time to being an artist. My art has found a voice in the local community. I’ve ventured into craft shows and entered several local art exhibitions, and the experience has been nothing short of rewarding. There’s a sense of elation like no other when you receive an email notifying you that your work has been accepted into a show. One of my most distinctive artistic endeavors has been the creation of “tiny rooms.” These pieces hold within them unexpected little 3-dimensional elements, all woven into a narrative where a mysterious cat lurks around. This whimsical touch adds an element of surprise and enchantment to my work.

Artist CV: cv_igo