Across My Desk with
Brenda Durant - March 2024

Written by: Brenda Durant
March 2024

I love March, it’s my Birthday month. Growing up on Long Island there was always a chance it might snow on my Birthday. Of course, that never happens in Augusta. It’s Spring! It’s getting warmer, trees start to bloom, and azaleas spring to life with vibrant colors.


I don’t believe we should complain endlessly about the cold (or the heat.) I accept that I chose to dislike the cold. I chose to dislike it very, very much. This year I bought snow boots from Zulilly (before they closed for good) and wore them to work to keep warm in my igloo in Sacred Heart. I may have looked like a lunatic walking into the building sporting a pair of black snow boots but they made me very happy… and kept my toes warm. I will be delighted to shove them into my closet and don my sandals for the next 6 months.


It’s Augusta so, as always, there is so much going on. The Morris Museum Gala, our WetPaint Party and Art Sale, our Gallery reception at Augusta & Co on First Friday, along with loads of other fun openings. I have tickets to Pexcho Dime Museum to see the unveiling of the T-Rex with 2 heads along with various sideshow acts. Ed and I won’t be in the front row but we will be there! We also have tickets to celebrate my birthday at the Miller Theatre on March 22 to see the Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute show. Today I am buying tickets to a Sushi Rolling Class at Sole. It might not be an Arts event, but I did reserve a bay at Top Golf on Saturday to celebrate my Grandson’s 6th Birthday. I’ll swing the club creatively!

Photo of camelias blooming in Augusta, GA

It’s also a busy time for Public Art in Augusta. The 4 finalists for the East Boundary Gateway Sculpture will present their models at the Commission Meeting on March 19 for public viewing and voting. Be sure to drop by the Municipal Building to take a look at the models and cast your vote. While you’re there pop over to visit the City Gallery. The wonderful Sculpture at the Twiggs Circle Roundabout is going up now that freezing weather has abated. Drive by and take a look.


Some exciting news: we met with Julie Langham from Augusta Tech. This spring we will be co-hosting a class on how to build an e-commerce website. We will be advertising this great opporutnity once the dates are chosen. We are thinking April (post Masters, of course.) We are looking forward to this new partnership. If you have an idea for a class that would help artists build their business, let us know.