Across My Desk with Brenda Durant
May 2024

Written by: Brenda Durant
May 2024
5th Street Mural Project Artists At Work

April went by in a whirlwind!  I love all our Public Art Projects. Each time we set up 10 new sculptures for the Sculpture trail I can’t wait to see them all.  When we unveil a new sculpture on the canal trail or at Phinizy Nature Park, it’s exciting to see it in person.  But…last week, watching 36 artists paint murals on the abutment to the 5th Street Bridge was one of the most rewarding weeks I’ve experienced.


It was so unexpected.  The artists were in and out, some worked non-stop for a few days and completed their murals in record time, others had to work around day jobs or family schedules.  Some worked to avoid the midday sun—early for a few hours then late afternoon hoping for cool weather.


Now we have 30+ murals depicting everything from alligators to Festival People to giant fish.  Every single one an original work of art.

Imagine artists chatting with each other, advising, admiring each other’s work and getting to know each other.  It’s unusual for a muralist to be with so many people while painting.  The job is usually a solitary one.  A particularly cool thing we realized is these new murals on the abutments of the 5th Street ramp that leads to the pedestrian Freedom Bridge are kid sized.  Kids usually have to look up or be held up to see a mural.  Our span of 3’ high murals is perfectly suited for a young child to get a close-up view of this installation.  Enjoy.


For many reasons it’s a crazy time at the Arts Council.  We’re moving Arts in the Heart, so that planning is going on every day.  In addition, our fiscal year ends on June 30th, so we have to prepare for a new Board, a new budget, line up our dates, secure venues and complete a nominating process. Year after year, I don’t know how we manage it all.  Breathe.


We have a few ribbon cuttings in the next month.  Please join us at the Iris Sculpture on May 24 at 2PM and Twiggs Circle on May 30 at 10 am.  I’d love to see you there. Amazing.