Across My Desk with Brenda Durant
September 2023 Arts in the Heart

Written by: Brenda Durant
September 2023
people outside at an art market
Arts in the Heart 2022

It’s Festival time! I’d love to say that our crew puts everything on hold and concentrates on the Festival but, that would be a dream. We have a full week of meetings and planning sessions for the Festival in addition to finalizing our worker’s comp audit, defending our budget request for the City of Augusta, meeting about a location for Arts in the Heart in 2024 (we’ll talk about that later) and holding grant meetings. Of Course the Festival is our number 1 priority.


I am hanging in and getting everything done. I am looking forward to the opening concert of Southern Soul and Song along with a dinner at Luigi’s. It’s my comfort restaurant, reminding me of the small Italian places my parents would take us to in New York growing up.

Say Hi at the Festival! I’ll be there with bells sneakers on!