Across My (Mess Of A) Desk with
Brenda Durant

Brenda, Ed and Katie Durant with fellow Volunteers at Arts in the Heart 1998
L to R : Ed Durant, Ginger Chew, Cindy Obrien, Sheila , Katy Durant, and Brenda Durant at AITH 1998

This month my desk is a disaster area. When I interviewed for this job, 25 years ago, I was asked about my biggest fault. I confessed to a messy desk. I love that some people clean off their desk every night before they go home. I admire a paperless office. Back in the early 90’s I worked for my father. His desk makes mine look neat. He would fill the copier with used paper (child of the depression) to save money. The copier repair man finally told him not to do that anymore. I was relieved because one day I flipped over a report on my desk during a meeting and discovered he had used our payroll as the recycled paper. My client could see my pay records.


Oh Daddy!

I cannot share my desk stories without mentioning Arts in the Heart. Today I received the packet containing all the global food booth menus. After reading all the delicious options, this “Always Hungry” girl was ready for lunch at 10 AM. Then, Ubora Coffee sent in their sponsorship agreement with a photo of their coffee truck and a glimpse of what they will be serving- Coffee, Tea and Pastries all day. On top of that, Bees Knees is providing menus for the 130 Fine artists and crafters coming to the Festival and Humanitree House is sharing their cold-pressed juice menu. It’s only 2pm and I feel “literally” stuffed. I can’t wait for the Festival and all the great eats.

Today I walked from Sacred Heart to Nacho Mama’s. It’s great to see all the fun shops especially the restaurants in the short walk. I’ve dined at many of them, but, I look forward to trying the new places before the Southern Soul and Song Shows starting this month. On the way back to the office, I stopped at Augusta & Co to take a look at our 40th Anniversary Festival Display. I loved it. Heather Dunaway our Marketing Director curated the space with photos of past Festivals, our T-shirt quilt created by Patti Ann Smith, and festival regalia both past and current. Drop by and take a look. Remember, you can buy your discount badges while there.


This time of year with new beginnings, arts seasons starting and events blooming is so exciting. I get so much arts-centric mail at home. I love looking at what shows are coming, what galleries are showing, what special events are popping up all over town. Augusta is so creative. And…so generous. Thanks to the Festival sponsors and all the companies and individuals who support our local arts organizations. You truly make my heart sing.





Brenda Durant's festival hat in the Augusta & Co display of Arts in the Heart memorabilia
The Arts in the Heart Through the Ages Display featuring Brenda Durant's Festival hat from 1998.