Declutter - The Word with
Heather René Dunaway

Written by: Heather Dunaway
July 2023

Have y’all ever moved your studio? It’s kind of a nightmare. You never really know how much junk you have collected until you attempt to pack it all up and move it somewhere. 


Well, that’s exactly what I just did.


Jeremy (my partner) and I snagged a cute little cottage in Summerville and we just moved all the things over. Look at how messy this cute new house is. It looks better before it gets worse, then better again. Right now its in the “gets worse” stage as we still unbox. I’ve already taken a car load of things that don’t serve us anymore to donate, and that’s just the house. I had, and still have, a massive amount of art supplies I’m sorting through and getting rid of.


I managed to fill a big ol’ box (and then some) and invite friends to pick through my gently to never-before-used-because-I-forgot-I-had-them art supplies. Stuff like old canvases, frames, paints, brushes, mason jars, beads, ceramic carving kits, etc.

Photo of the inside of Heather's living room. It's a mess. Boxes and books everywhere. She is moving in.
Don't mind the mess

Somehow, I still have way too much stuff. More than any one person could ever use. But what to do with it all? I feel bad donating supplies when I know so many artists who want to experiment with mediums but don’t have the funds to buy them (me, I’m one of them). A lot of these things I’ve managed to get on sale or thrift. Some of its even from college.


I think it’s super important to do these little cleanings. As an artist, you can get so focused on the creating aspect of things that the space you’re working in becomes less and less workable. It’s all about maintaining your creative flow. Yah can’t do that if you can’t move around, right? I don’t know about you but too much clutter clutters my mind, and I can’t focus. Cleaning can be really decompressing for me too.

Enter 4P Studios with the Art Supply Swap.


What serendipitous things are happening out there that this swap should coincide with my studio’s summer-cleaning. 


This is a great way for artists to unload some of the things that they’ve tried but didn’t work, have grown out of or needed more space for other things. Like me. 


Join the 4P Studios Crew downtown at the 600 Broad Gallery on Sunday, July 30th between 12 pm – 4 pm to swap, barter, or give away your no longer needed used or new art supplies (OR artwork too…)


You can learn more about the swap by visiting the Facebook event page.


Its FREE and open to all types of artists to participate, but you gotta RSVP via email to Regina at:
[email protected].


I’ll be bringing some art, supplies and more to trade or give away. Honestly, I could use some cool art for my office…


That’s the Word. See y’all at the swap!