Project Manager Pax Bobrow set to play Mrs. Mops in the Augusta Players' A Christmas Carol : The Musical

Photo of two women. Katie Reagan on the left. She is dressed as the Ghost of Christmas Past from the Christmas Carol. SHe has dark hair and is wearing a snowy floral crown and white lacey dress. Pax Bobrow, on the right, is dressed as Mrs. Mops from A Christmas Carol wearing a floppy brown hat and dark dress with a white collar. Both women are smiling.
Katie Reagan as the Ghost of Christmas Future and Pax Bobrow as Mrs. Mops

Come see the Arts Council’s project manager, Pax Bobrow, as Mrs. Mops, the cackling maid of Ebenezer Scrooge in the Augusta Players’ A Christmas Carol: The Musical, this weekend (12/9-11) at the Imperial Theater in downtown Augusta!


This is the fifth time Pax has portrayed the quietly judgmental Mrs. Mops with the Augusta Players, and she has been having a blast! A Christmas Carol: The Musical will soften even the scroogiest of hearts with its beautiful scenery, hummable music, and eternally poignant message. We are all connected and our spirit of kind giving to those in distress saves not only others but ourselves.


If you haven’t gotten tickets to the show yet, today is the day! Until midnight tonight, you will get a 10% discount on tickets when you enter the secret code…HUMBUG!


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