Gallery Tour: SEEDS 2016

Gallery Tour: SEEDS 2016

Please enjoy the first installment of “Gallery Tours,” periodic visual tours of exhibitions showing in the Augusta area. Rather than cataloguing the art featured in the gallery spaces, these photo tours are intended to give you a sense of presence among the artwork, as if you were there yourself.

SEEDS 2016 Visual Tour

For its second annual SEEDS Exhibition, the Westobou Gallery,, welcomed 14 local and regional artists to their downtown Augusta gallery. These 14 emerging artists offered up work for under $300, that represented the evolution of their personal styles and art careers.

Featured Artists included:
Andrea Renata Anderegg, Ellie Benson, Anna Bliss, Ethan Brock, Sydney Taylor Ewerth, Tom Hubbard, Gabi Hutchison, Jay Jacobs, Anna Patrick,Staci Marie Swider, Jacob Vaz, Kelsea S. Windham, Leonard Porkchop Zimmerman

The gallery tour photos are produced by the Greater Augusta Arts Council, but rights to the artwork and images herein are held by the artists and featured galleries.