Meet Ana Thompson

Ana always thought that art ran in her family. Growing up in Mexico City where her grandmother was a painter, and her father owned a printing business she had all the support at a young age to develop her skills. She was influenced by the bright colors and intricacies that characterize Mexican folk-art. The sky and all its wonderful colors inspire her to this day.

Art got away from her though, for a while. After moving to the United States in 1987, she became a dental hygienist and has been on the faculty and administration at Augusta University since 2002. But the flame in her was still burning. She decided to enrolle in arts courses, but only as a hobby, to explore different techniques and to develop a deeper knowledge about the masters. Professors at Augusta University’s Department of Art catalogued her as realist, although she has a profound interest in stepping away from realism to explore abstraction. 


Ana often paints nature scenes. A beautiful sunset has been known to make her rush into her studio to begin working. Taking in all of the vibrant colors around her and implementing some abstraction into her works, a clear progression in skill and understanding of her subjects is obvious.

Photo of Ana Thompson sitting in her studio, surrounded by her paintings on easels. Shes wearing a light blue button down shirt with black paints. Her arms are crossed at the wrist. She has short dark hair with bangs. She is smiling.

When asked about her process and what inspires her the most, Ana says: “I am taking my time to slowly and carefully observe nature’s beauty, which I try to display in my paintings. My work reflects prevailing use of color as a way of expressing my emotions. In my opinion, painting is a way of releasing energy that can be entrenched in the surface of the canvas.”

Oil painting of a sunrise over an ocean inlet. The sky is warm with clouds shaded with pinks and yellows. The ocean is reflecting the clouds with a light array of waves as the tide roles in.

You can find Ana’s work at various venues and galleries around Augusta and Columbia County, or on her website. Here you can also find announcements of upcoming exhibitions and participations in group art showings in venues such as The City Gallery, Augusta & Co. Gallery, 4P Studios Gallery, 600 Broad Gallery and more.


In the past she has exhibited at the Healing Arts Program at Augusta Health Hospital, the Greater Augusta Arts Council Wet Paint exhibition, a Juried Art Show of the Art Department at Augusta University, the Kroc Center, the Columbia County Library and the Arts and Heritage Center in North Augusta. Her work has also been featured in the Sand Hills magazine. Four of her paintings from the series on “Teeth” are permanently exhibited at Augusta University Dental College of Georgia in Augusta, GA. Though most of her work is in private collections in various states in the US and in Mexico.

Being a featured artist in the WetPaint Party and Art Sale in 2022 made her come to the realization that she could show work to others and not just keep it to herself. Selling a painting is such a rewarding experience for many artists. Seeing others admire her work keeps Ana motivated to create more.



Ana also enjoys the arts in and around Augusta. She passes the wonderful murals on the Augusta Water Works on her way to Augusta University and enjoys seeing all of the unique murals there. Being a member of the Greater Augusta Arts Council has given her opportunities to not only show her work but also to admire the work of others. Being a member has also allowed me to meet other artists. I am truly impressed by the large number of talented members of this group.


If you are intestested in booking Ana Thompson for a commission, email her here.

An Oil Painting of a sunset over a grassy plane. The sky is blue and pink, dusted with wispy clouds. The grass is lush and green. There are trees in the distance.
An abstracted, cubist style painting of the Mexico City skyline. Overlayed with a man playing guitar.