Meet Art "The Artist" Abdon

Art (short for Arthur) the Artist Abdon was born in Hawaii and grew up in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). A self proclaimed military brat, he moved in around a lot but eventually wound up in the DC area around the second grade. He joined the military himself right after high school and traveled overseas, then retired here in Georgia. Art has been creating his whole life but because of the military, being an artist became a side job. Now that he has retired, he finally gets to enjoy art full time.


The Artist started his business, Art the Artist Studios , and began selling artworks on canvases, through murals, live art events, by mentoring children and adults about art and business, and teaching his students and homeschoolers at the Jessye Norman School of the Arts.

Art the Artist Abdon in front of his Star Wars themed artwork at the May the 4th Be With You art Showcase in 2022
Art the Artist Abdon in front of his work that was featured in the "May the 4th Be With You" Star Wars fan art showcase

Art worked with pencils, and pens for black and white drawings when he was younger. Then, he began using acrylic paints for jean-jacket-art while in high school. He eventually found digital art programs like Adobe illustrator and Photoshop while in the military to create art as well as designs for logos. Working mostly in black-and-white.


For the longest time, Art the Artist Abdon tried to stay away from painting in color, being partially colorblind, he would often find himself becoming frustrated when he would get colors wrong on a project. Then, he learned to adjust and ask for help from family. He even found programs to use on the computer to help distinguish different colors. Now, he enjoys painting on canvas, painting mural walls, and creating digital art in full color with programs like Procreate and Clip Studio Paint. 


Creative minded individuals inspire Art to create, more so than just visual artists. He looks for musicians and music producers, business owners & entrepreneurs, inventors & innovators, and movie makers. Being a huge Star Wars fan himself, George Lucas is on Art’s list, along with his wife, Jerrie who is also an artist, interior designer and decorator.

When it comes to more graphic, pop art, Art is truly inspired by cartoon, comics, and graffiti from back in the eighties, and it shows. His work gives way to a bold and graphic design. When Art took a trip to LA and saw Hector “Hex” Rios’ hip-hop shop for the first time it inspired him to see art and business in a whole new light.


His “Artworkx” can be viewed on Instagram at @ArtTheArtist.Studios and in several mural locations in downtown Augusta, Ga and in Aiken, South Carolina. Including his storm drain mural outside of the Jessye Norman School of Art.


His most recent projects include a collaboration for the Golden Blocks Legends Comic. This is in collaboration with the Lucy Craft Laney Museum, Augusta University Dept. of Teaching and Leading College of Education and the Augusta University Literacy Center. Together they are working on the first of 3 comic books depicting life events of Lucy Craft Laney and many other Augusta Historical figures. This is a special project for Art, as he also gets to collaborate with his daughter and fellow artist A’Shaela Abdon. The first publication is due to launch in December of this year. 

Among his all time favorite artworks that he has created are his Star Wars paintings of “Yoda” & “Boba Fett” which were made into digital art and prints.  These works were exhibited this year in the May the 4th Be With You fan art showcase at 600 Broad in Downtown Augusta. Another being his mural at 1106 Broad Street, in the office space  of RealtyOneGroup Visionaries titled AugustaONE. The owners entrusted Art to paint in their space and to be creative in showing how they feel about the city of Augusta, GA.


As a member of the Greater Augusta Arts Council, Art has been able to find some great opportunities to create. Being in the artist directory, even 4 years ago when the directory was new, Art received a call from Hornsby Elementary, asking to to paint several large murals all around the halls and cafeteria of their school. He was also able to ask the group NuBAG Augusta ( New Urban Blackness Artist Guild) a local group he is also involved with, to do a collaboration together.


So, being member had a domino affect that lead to his first big mural and more collaborative art making right here in Augusta. Which is something Art also enjoys; meeting other artists and other people in the community at all the Arts Council events.


“The Art Council allows me to be a part of something bigger than myself, and to help me grow as an artist. Together we are helping others make a difference with their art…”

-Art the Artist Abdon

Art the Artist Abdon with his mural at AugustaOne office in Downtown Augusta, GA
Art The Artist Abdon in front of his AugustaONE Mural
Art the Artist Abdon's painting of Yoda from Starwars
Art the Artist Abdon's Mural in the AikenONE office in Aiken, SC