Meet Cameron the Calendar Coordinator Intern

Who is our newest Calendar Coordinator and Intern? The masses would like to know. Well, you’ve asked, and we’ve answered. Meet Cameron Thomas, our newest Calendar Coordinator and Intern with the Greater Augusta Arts Council. Like hert-shirt says, Cameron is a 2000’s baby, and recent graduate of High School. Like many her age, she is still trying to figure out her next steps in life as she maneuvers the job market. Her first experiences with work were in the food and beverage industry. Which, if you have ever worked F&B, you know the amount of multi-tasking skills it takes to balance all those plates, so-to-speak. What interested her in working with the Arts Council was her the ability to work in a creative field while fostering experience working in an office setting. Cameron is currently in enrolled in East Georgia State College where she is working on her associates degree in social science. She hopes to one day become a therapist, though she hasn’t ruled out owning her own business.

Cameron Thomas standing in front of the greater Augusta Arts council office doors. She is wearing a black tshirt that says "2000s baby" on it. She is caucasian with blue eyes and long, light brownhair. She is smiling.

Being able to see the business side of running and operating a non-profit has been an eye opener. When asked how becoming an intern with the Arts Council has related to her future plans, Cameron said: “As an intern I get to see the business side to all these events that go on, and it helps to realize just how much work goes into these things. It’s also interesting to see an idea become a full-on festival or event. This job has helped me to dip my toes into future opportunities I might face.” 


Cameron is not only learning the ins-and-outs, dos-and-donts of business management, but she is also learning the importance of the arts within a community. How the arts help us all grow and relate with one another. She feels the arts can start a “discussion which inevitably brings people closer together… I think art creates a connection.” We can’t say we disagree with that point, especially after this year’s record-breaking Arts in the Heart Festival, which our young intern was able to witness firsthand.

Some of Cameron’s favorite public art works in Augusta are the murals throughout downtown. Like the James Brown Mural by Cole Phial or the Happy Robot mural by Leonard Porkchop Zimmerman. “I think they’re so fun and bring so much color and life into the downtown area.”


When Cameron isn’t taking selfies with her friends in front of these murals, she’s taking walks and going on outdoor adventures with her trusted pug, Luna. She enjoys spending time with her family at the lake in Lincolnton. You can find her around the campfire telling stories with Luna in her lap to keep warm or by emailing your arts events to [email protected] to get her to add them to our comprehensive Arts Calendar (which is currently under construction).