Meet our new Summer Intern,
Galadra Plummer!

Written by Galadra Plummer
June 2023
Photo of Galadra Plummer at the Georgia Aquarium
Galadra at the Georgia Aquarium

Galadra Plummer is a visual artist raised in Augusta, Georgia. They are a graduate of Davidson Fine Arts and will enter their sophomore year at Kennesaw State University in the fall. Galadra is currently working towards a BFA in ceramics, and a minor in philosophy, and is a part of the Honors College and the elite President Emerging Global Scholars cohort. Their interests in the art field include fashion design, sculpture, photography, digital art, painting, and drawing. Outside of art, they enjoy playing video games, watching shows, cooking, and listening to music. They are a huge animal lover and their favorite critters are cats and raccoons! In their free time, you can find Galadra working out, going to concerts of all sizes across Georgia, spending time with friends and family, and looking to learn something new!  


The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation (PIN) is a newly established organization created to spearhead coordinated, statewide efforts to position Georgia as the leader for innovation, opportunity, and shared economic success. The Smart Community Corps (SCC) is a summer program under the student engagement pillar to promote innovations that drive inclusion and growth to build economic mobility for a more resilient and equitable future. The internship program is designed to foster the next generation of innovators by providing civic-minded college students from across the nation with hands-on experience working on real-life problems supporting innovation work to create livable and equitable communities. 

Galadra learned about this opportunity from an email from their mom, a professor at Augusta University who knows what’s going on everywhere in town. It was a random stroke of luck that Galadra decided to follow through with this opportunity and got accepted by the Greater Augusta Arts Council. As an artist, Galadra is looking for opportunities within the art field and local to Augusta, and this position fit the bill for everything they were looking for. Having previous web design experience and bookkeeping skills along with an interest in the arts community and a knack for problem-solving, this position’s intersection between technology and the arts called out to them among the 35 total projects across the state of Georgia.  

At the start of their internship, Galadra immediately learned of how much of the public art creation, gallery spaces, and events have been sponsored or started by the Greater Augusta Arts Council. Being a part of the Arts Council has opened their eyes to the vast amount of opportunity and resources provided to all creative individuals in the Augusta area. In the few days since joining, Galadra has been more involved in the local arts scene than they have ever been before. Their work within the Council thus far has consisted of data entry, website editing, team meetings, ceremony attendance, photography, mural hanging, and lots of email answering. While the end goal of this project is focused on website building and editing, Galadra is most excited about learning more about the local artists and taking part in the creation of new public art! 

After the internship, Galadra will go back to school in Kennesaw in the fall to continue their ceramics degree. They are hoping that this opportunity will bolster their skill set, expand their horizons as a student and a creator, and help them develop a sense of what goes behind the curtain in the art scene. They are eager to use local resources to learn the business and professional aspects of an artistic career. In the future, they will look towards the Greater Augusta Arts Council for more opportunities to be involved in the community of Augusta. 

Galadra wearing their custom-painted pants, hand-sewn shirt, and original decorated shoes

You can find Galadra’s portfolio here or email them at their personal or intern email for any inquires!