Meet Rhian Swain - Featured Artist
December 2023

Written by: Heather Dunaway
December 2023
Painting of a white woman with red hair wearing a green dress
"Embracing the Imperfections" by Rhian Swain

Rhian Swain, a versatile artist born in Stuttgart, Germany, has cultivated a rich and diverse artistic journey that spans continents. Raised in various corners of the globe, Rhian’s exposure to different cultures has significantly influenced her artistic perspective. 


Her artistic journey began in Izmir, Turkey, where she completed high school. Eventually, she found herself at what was then the Atlanta College of Art, majoring in painting. After graduation, Rhian embarked on a multifaceted career, blending painting, photography, and graphic design.


The freelance ventures that followed saw her immersing herself in the vibrant world of photography and graphic design, particularly for clubs and bands. Today, Rhian resides in Augusta, Georgia, where she has not only nurtured her artistic endeavors but has also become an integral part of the local arts community through her involvement with the Arts Council and her business, RedWolf Advertising.

Through her relationship with the Arts Council, which spans over two decades, Rhian has learned the value of community. The Arts Councils vast network has provided her with invaluable connections, seminars, and opportunities. The WetPaint Party, an annual event hosted by the Arts Council, has been a pivotal platform for her, shaping her artistic trajectory. She credits the Arts Council for facilitating connections that led to exhibits in major cities like New York and Myrtle Beach, as well as the support from initiatives such as the NEA Grant. In reciprocation, Rhian has provided her key talents in marketing, organizing and initiating events and projects. Without which, we would not have the vast and rich arts programing we see her in Augusta’s River Region.

Rhian’s talents are countless but can be scene clearly in her works. Her artwork is a vibrant celebration of color, often interwoven with explorations of female themes, both psychological and mythological. Her series, “Breaking the Barriers: Women Who Have Impacted the Arts,” pays homage to influential women artists. Themes like “The Dark Side of Feminine” and “De-Mything the Goddess” showcase her commitment to delving into the intricate layers of femininity.


Currently, Rhian is immersed in two compelling collections, “Aspects” and “Strangers are Strange,” which delve into the realms of female energy and intriguing encounters.


Over the years, Rhian’s artistic style has evolved, embracing more representational elements while retaining her love for abstract backgrounds and emotive details. This is marked by a deliberate impertinence, a fearless approach that encourages risk-taking and the exploration of new techniques. Her willingness to step outside her comfort zone has resulted in both adoration and reflection, proving that artistic evolution is a dynamic and often unpredictable process.


In addition to her work as an artist, Rhian is part of RedWolf, where her skills as an illustrator and designer come to life. Despite occasional overlaps, she keeps her worlds separate, 

Painted portrait of Yayoi Kusama. She is a older japanese woman with a short, red bob, black and white spotted glasses and a red polka dot dress.

acknowledging that wielding a brush offers a different kind of creative freedom compared to digital tools. Recently, she’s embraced a more business-oriented mindset, treating her art as a business to strategically grow her artistic endeavors.


Portrait of a woman with blond hair. She is wearing a white robe and a beak.
"Strangers Are Strange" by Rhian Swain

You can find Rhain’s work in the City Gallery, where several of her paintings are available for purchase in the 202-24 Winter Art Showcase. Attendees of the upcoming 4P Gallery pop-up at the Metro Coffeehouse on December 19, 2023 will have the chance to witness the unveiling of Rhian’s newest and most exciting paintings. For those seeking a more in-depth experience, Sacred Heart Cultural Center will host her paintings from “Aspects” and “Strangers are Strange” in May, 2024.


To stay connected with Rhian’s artistic journey, follow her on Instagram for captivating works in progress. For a curated selection of her art, including pieces available for purchase and details about upcoming shows, visit her website: Rhian Swain – Artist.


Looking ahead, Rhian’s “Breaking the Barriers” series is poised for a two-month exhibit next fall, with plans to tour for 4 to 5 years. The series, a visual ode to influential women artists, will explore various exhibit opportunities, including universities and galleries in the South. We look forward to seeing her grow as an artist in this new chapter!