Meet Local Artist : Sindhu Pillai

Photo of Sindhu Pillai in front of her painting
Sindhu Pillai in front of her work at the City Gallery

Sindhu was born in India. She moved to the United States and raised her family here. They moved to Augusta, GA about 8 years  ago. Sindhu draws inspiration from the natural scenes the Augusta River Region has. Places like the views from the Savannah Rapids Pavillion of the Augusta Canal. She finds views such as these healing, and strives to capture the pure serenity these spaces hold and the joy experiencing them brings.


Although she gained her education in the scientific fields, Sindhu discovered her love and passion for painting only a few years ago. It was only recently, in 2020, that she began showing her works to the public.


As a self taught artist, she likes to experiment with genres. Inspired by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Thomas Cole and Richard Diebenkorn,  her own works are often a combination of realism and abstraction of the locations she visits. Using the visible lines of the landscapes she paints to create delicate color blocks on the canvas, while simultaneously depicting a realistic representation of the subject.


Beginning a painting, for Sindhu, starts with experiencing the space. Each visit yields varying results. Slight changes in weather, season, fellow visitors, things she hadn’t noticed before and her own temperament can be seen reflected in each new work. Conveying these slight changes is incredibly important to her work.


Sindhu’s works can be seen in galleries and events throughout Augusta. Places such as the City Gallery, Wet Paint Party and at the Augusta & Co. You can also find her works on her website or on Instagram

As far as where you can find the artist herself; Sindhu enjoys walking by the river at the Savannah Rapids Pavilion. She considers this her happy place and often paints it. Her own favorite work, to date, is “This Is Love” which is an acrylic painting of the sunset over the canal. Shown below.


Another of her favorite works is that of the “Keep Downtown Augusta Funky” mural on 8th and Broad St. By local artists Leonard “Porkchop” Zimmerman, Jason Craig and April Henry King. This colorful, graphic mural showcases elements of downtown Augusta, GA in hidden imagery in the font. ach letter is taken from a local, downtown business name—either current or past—including “F” from Fox Shoe Repair; “U” from Luigi’s; “N” from Nacho Mama’s; “K” from Kress; “Y” from Crosby’s.

It’s local artists such as these that Sindhu loves to meet. Being a member of the Greater Augusta Arts Council has helped to introduce her to some of the amazing talents that we see here in the Augusta River Region. 


When asked in what ways the Arts Council had benefited her as an artist, Sindhu replied: “Art Council gave me a platform to show my art to the public and it was just the inspiration I needed to continue my work. I got the opportunity to meet many artists in the region and get to know their work.”

Photo of "This Is Love" painting of the sunset over the Savannah Rapids Pavilion.
"This Is Love" by Sindhu Pillai