Moving My Desk with Brenda Durant

It’s December ALREADY! Merry, merry! This is the time of year when I begin to look forward to the new year. I start thinking about all the projects we have to look forward to, how we’ve been doing, what we need to do to prepare for the WetPaint Party and Art Sale on March 4, the Annual Awards Meeting on June 15, nominating, budgeting and… our big office move.


This week my musical earworm was the theme song from the Jefferson’s—


“Well, we’re moving on up

To the east side

To a deluxe apartment in the sky…”


The Arts Council is moving upstairs to the 2nd floor to take over the Symphony suites. (They moved into offices next to the Miller Theatre). We are so excited to have room to expand and be able to host small meetings. Currently we have 3 people working the same space, sharing room with the copier, break table, and water cooler. Occasionally a meeting is scheduled at our break table, right next to people trying to work. Good lord.


I am a squirrel. If one copy of a document is good, well 10 copies must be better. I am also a visual filer so I rarely tuck paperwork away in a file cabinet. I bet you can imagine my nesting piles. So, I am busy purging my bookcase, the top of my file cabinet and every flat surface in my office. Onward to a neater New Year.

For the past year we have been working on a new and unique Experiential, Authentic Augusta Tour of downtown Augusta featuring a portion of the Sculpture Trail with tour guide Michael Wolff. This tour includes a visit to Humanitree House to meet the owners: Baruti and Denise Tucker. Denise will share her story along with the benefits of cold-pressed juice. And yes, you get a sample! Baruti will share his story and lead you in leaving your mark on Augusta by painting a portion of a mural that will be hung downtown in the future. We will begin our new tours after the next 10 sculptures are installed in January. Stay tuned for the announcement that our tour is open! The really great news is we are working with Destination Augusta along with 9 other local organizations so you (and visitors) can experience 10 brand new interactive tours in Augusta.


I hope the coming month and the coming holiday season is joyful for you. I do love December and my focus is on gathering with friends and family and letting go of the rushed ‘got to get it all done’ feeling that drives us crazy. Make time for yourself. Do what you love.