Petition to Support Signal Corps Band Reaches 1000 signatures! Support the Band at Fort Gordon today!

Petition to Support Signal Corps Band Reaches 1000 signatures! Support the Band at Fort Gordon today!

[Augusta, GA] – As of noon on March 13, 2018, 1,000 people have signed the Arts Council’s petition to support the Signal Corps Band at Fort Gordon. The petition, which was started by the Arts Council in January, urges the community to share their thoughts on the Fort Gordon band and the importance of their work in the Augusta community.

Set for deactivation in October 2018, the Signal Corps Band at Fort Gordon serves the community in a variety of ways. In addition to their ceremonial duties for important military events on the Fort, the Band performs throughout the community at parades, concerts, funerals of fallen veterans and more – all at no cost to the public. They add their world-class talent to the events of several local organizations such as the Augusta Richmond County Library System, the Augusta Choral Society, Hopeland Gardens in Aiken, SC, and many more.

Without the band at Fort Gordon, the Augusta community would be left without these special events and memories made through musical performance. Though Army leadership will request services by the nearest Army band for ceremonial duties on post, the community connection with Fort Gordon that the band provides will be broken. The Fort Gordon Army band performs at hundreds of events throughout the community every year, and without the presence of the band in Augusta, they will go silent.

The Arts Council believes that the Signal Corps Band at Fort Gordon should remain in our community. To sign the petition in order to show your support for the Signal Corps band, visit A collection of comments made on the petition website is listed on the following pages. Concerned community members are encouraged to contact their lawmakers and representatives to communicate their support for the band. A list of representatives and their contact information is located at


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Download a PDF of the Signatures and Comments as of March 14 at the button below

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Support the Army Band at Fort Gordon

Petition Comments


In addition to the 1049 signatures added to the Petition to support the Army Band at Fort Gordon as of 10am on March 14, over 50 community members left comments in order to communicate their thoughts on the Army’s decision to cut the Band. Please read the enclosed comments below.


To view the petition online, visit


Petition Comments

“Cutting military bands is the wrong way to go” Brian Anderson


“The bands have a long been a distinguished part of our military forces. They are as important as any other unit.” Jesse Chavez


“Reason for Signing: Heritage” Derek Clark


“What a loss we would have. Please sign.” Pat Colbert


“Patriotism comes in many forms. God Bless the music in us all. ” Wendy Cripe


“We support every military link to our community!” Jennifer Ellis


“My husband served in the Navy for 22 years, and we have now been a part of the Augusta/Fort Gordon community for over twenty years. The Signal Corps Band serves not only for the morale of the military community, but also as a reminder to the civilian community of the sacrifices being made around the world for our freedom. The presence of the band links both military and civilian communities as they come together to enjoy the timeless traditions of a military band. with so much divisiveness in our country today, this serves a peaceful, nostalgic reminder of patriotism in our land that can bring us all together as Americans.” Cyndy Epps


“The Army’s plan to deactivate the band is so sad! Bands & other pomp & circumstance options are great for recruitment! Plus, they help communities feel connected to- and supportive of- their bases. Please, keep the band alive!” Eileen Faucette-Robinson


“For so many decades they have brought excitement to an otherwise dull existence.” Rob Faulkner


“The Arts are important! I love to hear the band play.” Jessica Graulty


“It’s important to the community to have these bands available. ” Stuart Gray


“I served in this band from 1983-1988. Let’s keep ’em going.” Christopher Hardy



“Being from a military family, I have always enjoyed and appreciated the Signal Corp Band. I believe it is an important part of our community. ” Jessica Harris


“As an Army retiree, I can attest that pride is a core element to this branch of service. The band members can be proud of their skills, their contributions to the community, of providing R&R, so important to keeping a well-rounded fighting force and learning environment for young soldiers, and because a war environment does not flourish well when the Arts are flourishing.” Garalynn Hauser


“Music brings people together, unites them, motivates them, consoles them. Military bands bring humanity and ceremony to any event they perform at. Military bands foster reverence and support for the armed forces.” Jeff Hickman


“The wonderful U.S. Army Signal Corps Band has provided us in the CSRA with fabulous entertainment! Over the course of about three decades, my family has watched them flawlessly perform at celebrations (think Fourth of July with cannons and fireworks), parades, special events at Ft. Gordon, funerals, etc. They are a treasure in the CSRA and I would hate to see them leave. They are an institution and a jewel in this area.” Shelia Hilson-Rogers


“I remember seeing this great group of musicians perform at countless functions when I was growing up in the Augusta area. Always enjoyed the fantastic display of unity and musical ability.” James Howell


“Armed Services Bands are wonderful!” Colleen Hurley


“I stand with the Army Band at Fort Gordon and all military musicians everywhere.” Leslie Lehmer


“Tradition is important, art is important, support of our Military and surrounding communities is important. As a society we are slowly killing are own culture and Military Bands are a part of that culture. The Army Band field is as old as the infantry itself. The removal continuous removal of Army Bands is the continuous removal of our living heritage.” John Line


“The band is such an integral part of the community and enjoyed by so many.” Ann Lucier


“I’m signing this petition in support of the Signal Corps Band, it would be a shame to discontinue the band that has played for so many.” Robert Lucier


“Listening to a band play during holidays such as memorial day Fourth of July Labor Day as well as other functions that are part of our American history promote and provide more than just entertainment. The music they play provides optimal learning experiences for a variety of people as well as giving parents, grandparents or caregivers teachable moments Regarding music, culture, history and importance of respecting those who serve and protect our country. ” Laura Lynn


“The band is an integral part of community lfe in the CSRA. They need to stay. ” Joyce Lynn


“Our military personnel should have our support at all levels.” Meghan McGarry


“The Signal Corp Band is a part of this community and needs to be here. They have a mission just as the rest of the soldiers at Ft. Gordon do. Cutting the band would not be a good decision with a post growing like Ft. Gordon is. The band is an integral part of the community relations and should stay to continue that mission.” Robert McQuinn, Jr.


“They have been a part of the Augusta area for many years, and are needed more than ever.” Neita Mulherin


“I am proud of our military and their involvement in our community.” Cornelia Netherton


“I love the band and our community needs music.” Krupskaya Orlandella


“I believe in our military and the honor for their service. God Bless.” Joan Paccione


“Reason for Signing: It’s the right thing to do!” Connie Read


“I’m signing because I’m a retired Army bands 1SG with 23 years of service as a military musician. Military music has a long and distinguished history. Closing the band at Ft. Gordon is a continuing attempt to erase an essential part of military tradition. My tour in Vietnam showed me how important the military musician’s mission is when we played Christmas carols on Christmas Day at a fire support base called Hawk Hill, in I corps. As we prepared to leave, the Commander said, with tears in his eyes, that our visit meant so much to him and his men. We shook many hands and hugged many teary eyed men. I know how much our mission meant to these men. To take away such a vital source of morale to our troops is, in my view, a travesty. We provide a unique avenue for uplifting our troops during the worst of times. Not just idle rhetoric. I’ve seen the effect we can have on morale with my own eyes, on many occasions. Bolstering morale is indeed a very important part of taking care of the troops. MY PEOPLE! As a 1SG, taking care of your troops is the most important part of your mission.” Thomas Sanford


“I am a retired US Army soldier/musician. In my combined twenty five years on reserve and active duty I experienced, personally, how important US Army bands are to their local civilian and military communities. Augusta and Fort Gordon should not lose their band.” Deborah Scharf


“I am signing because the community closeness will be lost if the Army band is moved” Vickie Schwab


“The D.O.D. wastes Billions of dollars every year and is considering eliminating the Twelve member Signal Corps band that has already been reduced by 75 per cent to save money. Think about that.” Lonnie Sevier


“I love the band” Theresa Stafford


“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them perform. It’s an experience you do not want to miss! That will happen if you don’t fight to save them. Don’t ignore this, sign the petition now. Do not put it off. Signing now will help more than you know.” Brenda Stephens


“The traditions of Military Bands MUST be preserved!!!!” Robin Stephens


“I am tired of the Army closing down bands which are such an important bridge between the Army and the community.” Alan Toon


“I can’t imagine a command as large as Fort Gordon without a band.” Debra van Tuyll


“Bands are important.” David Watts


“Arts are important to our community and our veterans ” Amanda Waymer



Thank you for your consideration of our cause and for reviewing the comments made on the petition to support the Signal Corps Band at Fort Gordon. Please contact the Greater Augusta Arts Council if you have any questions or concerns. Add your signature and comments to the petition here –