Schedules - The Word
with Heather René Dunaway

Written by: Heather René Dunaway
September 2023

I’ve been a little stressed.


Not sure if y’all know this but the Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival is right around the corner. Our office is just a teensy weensy bit hectic right now. I cleaned up my office today, which had become a big pile of fidget toys, snap bracelets and stickers. Erica Pastecki and I have been working hard to make the Family Area a feature for this year’s festival, and by the looks of my office we are doing some really cool and fun things. 


“How do you do it all?” – I actually get asked this a lot. With all the art shows I am in and organize on top of my full time job and now Arts in the Heart, I sometimes amaze myself that I am able to do anything. If I had to contribute it to one thing, it would be my calendar and schedule keeping. 


With my ADHD it’s sometimes hard for me to stay focused and remember future dates. I learned in college how important it was to write things down and I’ve been doing it ever sense. I always say if I don’t write it down it doesn’t exist. It feels like I’m catching a feather mid-air and pressing it in a book when I write down an appointment or due date.

Photo of a messy office with lots of bins filled with kids toys.
This isn't even all of it - Heather's Office before Arts in the Heart

So, the word is schedules. If you’re like me and work on to top of your full-time job of being an artist and art-businessperson, plus have a social life, schedules are key. You gotta write it down. For me, its the process of taking the time to hand write something that really seals it for me. But if you’re more of a phone schedule person, have at it. Lists and schedules, schedules and lists. They keep me on track. Plus, I can make sure I am not over booking myself to the point of burn out. You have to schedule some you time, too.


Well, back to Arts in the Hustle,


I’ll see you at the festival! I’ll be the one in the captain’s hat in the Family Area main tent handing out gift baggies.