Involved - The Word with
Heather René Dunaway

Written by: Heather Dunaway
July 2024
Volunteers at the Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival 2022

I get weekly calls asking “how can I get involved” in Arts Council events like Arts in the Heart or WetPaint or a Private View. Not just artists wanting to get their work out there, but the community wanting to contribute through volunteering or businesses wanting to sponsor.


Which, to be honest, is so needed.


Y’all can’t imagine the amount of work our teeny tiny office puts into organizing these big events. When I say we greatly appreciate any and all help, its an understatement. We really can’t thank our volunteers enough. To us, supporters are god-tier, whether they are donating funds, time, or their artistic labors. Seriously, if you have ever volunteered, we love you.

With so many arts events happening all the time, it can be overwhelming to find somewhere to start. It really should boil down to what YOU are most interested and passionate about. Love the theatre? Volunteer to clean up the seats after a show. Love public art? Join us on our annual public art clean-up day. Love music? Volunteer as a stagehand at one of the 5 stages at arts in the heart. 


Speaking of Arts in the Heart, that’s a great place to get started in volunteering as an individual, group or business. We have a whole festival’s worth of areas to help out in, including the Fine Arts and Crafts Market, the VIP tent, Beer Tents, Gates, Family Area, Stages, Clean-Team, and more! Arts in the Heart is a BIG event and needs a BIG team to make it happen. We look for 600-800 volunteers to cover the 2.5 day weekend. Plus, we are always looking for sponsors. It takes a lot to make great things happen. When I was in college, I volunteered for it along with Westobou every year. It was a great way for me to get to know the community I was creating in, and it helped me make great connections. 


For volunteer or other involvement opportunities, I would check out our resource page at or, just sign up for monthly newsletters or ask these orgs directly “how can I help?” Nine times out of ten, they will just straight up tell you. 

You could also get involved by supporting the programs and events these arts orgs and businesses put on. Just attending helps so much. Imagine a young performer on stage for the first time seeing you in the audience and being thrilled someone came to see them. The Arts Council has a big ol’ arts calendar and Facebook group where folks share their arts events. They are so easy to find, but if you want the events to come to your inbox, there is always our newsletter.


Just remember, always be respectful of the organization or business you are volunteering or working with. Always show up when you say you will and plan to put in the work. Trust me, it shows, and you will be remembered for it. Maybe even with a little heart felt note (especially if you volunteer with me). One thing about me is I love to write letters of reference for kiddos who volunteer for college resumes.


You gotta support the arts! It’s good for you, it’s good for them, it’s good for us as a whole. Life without art is boring.


That’s the word. Go get involved. Or else.


Arts Lovers at the Promenade & Paint Experience 2023