Grant Opportunity: South Arts Individual Artist Career Opportunity Grant

Grant Opportunity: South Arts Individual Artist Career Opportunity Grant

From the South Arts newsletter and website:

“An invitation isn’t always enough
Grants to help individual artists take advantage of career-changing opportunities
Invited to share your work in a major event or participate in a career-advancing opportunity? Even with stipends or payment, overall expenses can make it difficult for artists to take advantage of these types of opportunities. The Individual Artist Career Opportunity Grant is a pilot program from South Arts to support a milestone opportunity in an individual artist’s career that is likely to lead to substantial and significant career advancement. Grants of up to $2,000 are available to support opportunities taking place between April 1, 2020 and August 30, 2021.
Artists from individual artists living in our nine-state region are encouraged to apply. Applications are due at least 60 days prior to activities and are accepted on a rolling basis until this program’s funds are depleted.
Visit our website for guidelines and examples of eligible opportunities.
Apply for an Individual Artist Career Opportunity Grant

Examples of opportunities that match the intent of this program include, but are not limited to:

  • Accepting an invitation to exhibit, screen, present or perform work in a significant forum such as a renowned/major festival, invitational exhibit, invitational/juried showcase, etc.
  • Participating in a residency to research/create a body of work and build network connections
  • Traveling which is associated with a significant career-building activity

Examples of opportunities that do NOT match the intent of this program:

  • Opportunities that support and advance the career of groups of artists such as musical bands or theatre companies. This program is limited to individual artists only.
  • Cataloging, publication, documentation or archiving of a body of work
  • Undertaking advanced study or an apprenticeship with an influential artist
  • Activities that support participation in a college or university degree program
  • General showcasing at booking conferences
  • General professional development activities

Other types of eligible opportunities not listed here exist. It is incumbent upon the applicant to make a strong and compelling case for the importance of the opportunity and the likely impact it will have on their career.”