Call for Artists: New Art the Box at Gould’s Corner

Call for Artists: New Art the Box at Gould’s Corner

Call for Artists: New Art the Box at Gould’s Corner

Cash Stipend Awarded
Date Call Released: July 19, 2017
Application Deadline: August 17, 2017
In early 2015, a collaborative project began between the City of Augusta, the Downtown Development Authority and the Greater Augusta Arts Council. This project, entitled ART THE BOX saw 19 local artists, selected by committee through an open call for artwork, create art on 23 local traffic signal control cabinets (TSCCs). In late 2015, the painting of a new TSCC in commemoration of Veterans Day was commissioned and completed at the corner of Reynolds and 5th Streets, near the historical marker for the Blue Star Memorial Highway, which honors those who served in World War II.

To beautify the Summerville area and the historic Gould’s Corner, the City of Augusta will now commission the painting of one additional TSCC that will celebrate the history of Gould’s Corner and the natural flora surrounding it. It will be located on Milledge Road near the corner of Walton Way. The painting commissioned for this TSCC will be in harmony with its surroundings, meant to celebrate the beauty already in existence there, as well as the history of Gould’s Corner and its designer, Artemis Gould. There was also a much beloved Yellow Deciduous Magnolia tree that grew near the corner, which was on its way into a national registry of remarkable trees when it came down in 2012; that too could be referenced in the design. Artists should propose ideas involving the history of Summerville, Gould’s Corner, Artemis Gould, and/or Yellow Deciduous Magnolias, and keep the palette in harmony with the area surrounding the TSCC. A qualified Selection Committee, including local historians, residents, artists and arts professionals will judge entries for this commission.

Here are excerpts to guide the artist in understanding the location:

Via – “In 1861 the village of Summerville was officially incorporated with the village boundaries defined as a circle of one mile radius. Its center at the intersection of Walton Way and Milledge Road – “Gould’s Corner” – was named for the handsome Italianate Villa at 828 Milledge Road, home of prominent merchant Artemas Gould.” Full article from the National Parks Service

Augusta’s Summerville neighborhood gets historic marker at Goulds Corner
via – “The marker placed at Goulds Corner at the Walton Way and Milledge Road intersection tells the history of Summerville and some of its former residents, including George Walton and John Milledge. Before its incorporation into the city of Augusta more than a century ago, Summerville was a separate municipality on the hill that rose above its larger riverfront neighbor. The decision of where to place the marker wasn’t difficult, because the neighborhood association felt it rightfully belongs at the ‘heart of Summerville.’ A post at Goulds
Corner or-i-ginally served as the center for old Summerville, with the neighborhood limits originally drawn in a one-mile radius from the post.” Full Article on

Fallen magnolia at Gould’s Corner had been set out in 1850s
via – ‘Few trees were as deeply rooted in Augusta history as an old magnolia that fell during the weekend at Gould’s Corner. “It was a very rare tree,” said Roy Simkins, an arborist and historian who had been in the process of nominating the tree as a “national champion.” The magnolia was likely the largest example of its species – Magnolia cordata, or “yellow magnolia” – and was planted in the 1850s by the Berckmans family, whose Fruitland Nurseries property later became Augusta National Golf Club. As a species, the yellow magnolia is unusual because it is deciduous, shedding its leaves, while most other species are evergreens. It was often labeled as a variety of the more common species, but eventually earned its own species designation, Simkins said. The tree, off Walton Way at Milledge Road, had been measured at 38 inches in diameter at breast height, 79 feet tall and had an 84-foot spread, he said. The nomination to the conservation group American Forests would have included dimensions. On Friday, however, after a century and a half, the old tree fell.’ Full Article on

Artist Instructions and Application Packet

The application packet contains everything you need to know to apply for the new Art the Box. Download packet at the button below.

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