Gateway Sculpture Project Finalists Announced, Apprenticeship for local artist available

Gateway Sculpture Project Finalists Announced, Apprenticeship for local artist available

Augusta will soon be getting a new large-scale sculpture at the intersection of Riverwatch Parkway and the I-20 on-ramp, but first, the City wants to hear from the residents of the Augusta River Region. 3 finalists for this new project have been chosen to submit proposals for sculptures, and an open comment period will take feedback from the public at the end of August.

The three finalists are skilled artists, designers, and design firms who have extensive experience creating larger scale artwork. They were selected through a collaborative effort that included the Greater Augusta Art Council, the Public Art Advisory Panel, Georgia Department of Transportation, and Augusta Engineering, Recreation and Parks, and Procurement Departments. The search for artists extended across the Nation through a Request For Qualifications process, which ensures rigorous checks of professionalism, experience and capabilities.


Gateway Sculpture Finalists:

  • Demiurge LLC, based in Denver, Colorado
  • Gregory Johnson Fine Art, based in Cumming, GA
  • Thomas H. Sayre, Clearscapes, based in Raleigh North Carolina

These three finalists are now working to produce scale models of their proposed sculptures, and the models will be on display in the City Gallery at the Municipal Building for public viewing August 27 – September 10. During that time, the public is encouraged to submit their feedback about which of the sculptures they prefer to see constructed. They can share thoughts on notecards present in the gallery itself, or online through the Arts Council’s website.

The finalists will also speak about their proposals at a public information session held at the Municipal Building on August 27, 4-7pm. City Officials and the Public Art Advisory Panel will consider the feedback as decisions are made on the final artist for this project.

Resident Artist Apprenticeships: In an effort to grow the capacities of local artists and educational opportunities, the finalist chosen for the Gateway Sculpture Project will be required to choose a local artist as an apprentice. This artist will work closely with the finalist, learning in-depth about the process of sculpture design, fabrication, and installation. Applications for this apprenticeship program are open now, email Arts Council Project Manager Pax Bobrow at [email protected] or call 706-826-4702 for information.