Call for Public Art Mural | Golden Blocks 2023

Call for Public Art Mural | Golden Blocks 2023

Call for Public Art Mural

Arts and Entertainment in the
Golden Blocks of Augusta
The Lenox Theater, image circa 1950, superimposed over the empty space where it once stood.


Mural location: S.O.A.R. business incubator, 1134 Laney Walker Blvd, Augusta, GA
Mural theme: The history of arts and entertainment in the Golden Blocks
Cash Stipend Awarded: $10,000
Call Released: October 6, 2023
Application Deadline: November 10, 2023 @ 1pm

The aim of the Golden Blocks Project is to partner local artists with Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History staff to creatively bring the knowledge housed within the Museum into public spaces through public art in the Laney Walker and Bethlehem Revitalization Area, as outlined by the City of Augusta Department of Housing & Community Development. In this third phase of the Golden Blocks Project, one local artist will be commissioned to create a mural on the west wall of the S.O.A.R. business incubator at 1134 Laney Walker Blvd.

This new mural will highlight the rich history of arts and entertainment in the Golden Blocks during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Any design will be created and finalized through collaboration with the staff at the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History to ensure an accurate and apt interpretation of the people and places of arts and entertainment from the Golden Blocks.

Any interested artist is required to visit the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History to understand its mission and resources, and to familiarize themselves with the surrounding area. Additionally this would be the opportunity for any interested artist to speak with museum staff and gain knowledge an inspiration for their proposal.
This project is made possible by a generous grant from the Porter Fleming Foundation, an in-kind donation by HERC Rentals, and through a collaboration between the Greater Augusta Arts Council, the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History, and the City of Augusta Department of Housing & Community Development.


All artists 18 years and older are invited to apply. This is a very open call, seeking artists
interested in the crossroads where art, history, and social change meet. All artists must attend at least one of the scheduled tours at the Museum, located at 1116 Phillips Street, Augusta, GA, in October 2023. If unable to attend, you must contact Corey Rogers at 706-724-3576 or [email protected]. Artists who have not toured the museum are ineligible.


1. Attend a tour of the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History at one of the regular tour times: Tuesday – Saturday 10:30am, 11:30 am, or 2:30 pm (or by appointment)
2. RECOMMENDED: Visit the mural site at 1134 Laney Walker Blvd (S.O.A.R.).
3. Complete the application included at the end of this call.
4. Provide a list of experience, and three (3) references with contact information; i.e., a
resume or CV and reference sheet.
5. Provide examples of commissioned art work completed on schedule will reflect
positively on the applicant’s professional abilities.
6. Write a letter of intent, explaining your process, and why you would like to engage in
this collaborative work.
7. Email or deliver the completed application to Pax Bobrow at the Greater Augusta Arts
Council by November 10, 2023 by 1:00 pm.
 For delivery: 1301 Greene St, Augusta, GA 30901 (2nd floor)
 For email: [email protected]
8. Receive a confirmation email. *PLEASE NOTE* If the artist does NOT receive a
confirmation email, they should not consider their submission complete.
9. Announcements of award winners will be made by December 1, 2023.


 Ability and willingness to meet with Museum staff to research the Golden Blocks era.
 Strong commitment to continued creative conversation meetings to develop projects.
 Demonstrated ability to complete projects within a given timeframe.


 ARTIST STIPEND: Selected artist will receive a $10,000 stipend to cover
conceptualization, development, and actualization of this mural, including but not
limited to brushes, rollers, tarps, liability insurance, transportation, and any and ALL
other equipment or services needed to complete the project.
 PAINT: Selected artist will be provided with up to ten (10) gallons of Sherwin-Williams
outdoor paint of highest quality.
 LIFT: Selected artist will be provided with one (1) boom lift, donated by HERC Rentals for
two (2) weeks, to reach the highest part of the mural wall.
 Guidance and support from Museum, Arts Council, and Housing & Community
Development staff will be part of the process.
 Access to Museum archives, including oral histories, photographs, & other documents.


DOs and DON’Ts
 DO
o Artwork must be original by the artist applicant.
o Artists must be able to create in synergy with partner organizations.
o Artists must be interested in creating thoughtful and nuanced community work.
o Be open to risk-taking in the creation of meaningful, emotional, sensory work
that sheds light on stories that need telling in the public space.
o Plan to have mural completed by March 1, 2024

o Projects must not include any breach of intellectual property, trademarks,
brands, or business names.
o Artists may not submit work that has been sold or reproduced in any way.
o The artwork created may not be used for advertisement or to promote a
business or product.
o Don’t apply if you cannot complete the mural by March 1, 2024.


 Application submission deadline 11/1/2023, 1:00 pm
 Winner notified 12/1/2023
 $3,000 payment to artist upon signing contract
 $3,000 payment to artist after mural painting begins
 Mural completed by 3/1/2024
 $4,000 payment to artist upon completion, no later than 3/15/2024
In the link below is an image of the mural wall.


APPLICATION HERE: Call for Public Art Entertainment in Golden Blocks Mural_rev1