OPEN CALL | Augusta’s 5th St Mural Festival | Due Feb 20, 2024

OPEN CALL | Augusta’s 5th St Mural Festival | Due Feb 20, 2024

Augusta’s 5th Street Mural Festival

The Greater Augusta Arts Council, as the public art agency for Augusta, Georgia, is seeking multiple mural proposals for a new mural festival in downtown Augusta.

The murals will measure 3 feet high, and either 10 feet or 20 feet wide, and will sit side by side on the abutments lining both sides of 5th Street between Reynolds Street and the 5th Street Freedom Pedestrian Bridge–the walls facing inward to 5th St.

  • Stipend: $1,000-$2,000 + one $4,000
  • All paints provided. No outside paints allowed.
  • Basic brushes provided.

Painting the murals will take place all at the same time, as part of a festive celebration of mural arts. The public will be invited to watch artists work.

There is no required theme to the murals and a variety of creative designs is desired, but there will be one 40 foot long wall section reserved for a mural that celebrates Women in the Military. Artists are welcome to apply with multiple mural designs. Each design will be scored separately.

Installation: April 20-27, 2024



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