STMA’s 2024 Brotherhood Exhibition: Queer Perspectives | Buckhead, GA

STMA’s 2024 Brotherhood Exhibition: Queer Perspectives | Buckhead, GA

Announcing Steffen Thomas Museum of Art’s 2024 Brotherhood Exhibition: Queer Perspectives

In recognition of the vital importance of increased visibility and diverse representation of LGBTQ+ communities and issues, particularly in our rural areas, STMA is honored to present Queer Perspectives, a juried exhibition in Fall, 2024.

“This world is too small for less than brotherhood, too dangerous for less than truth.” Steffen Thomas inscribed his credo on a granite wall at his studio in Stone Mountain over 60 years ago. To him, the reference to “brotherhood” was synonymous with humankind. A philosophy he constantly referred to in his art and life, Steffen believed it necessary that humanity and equality are at the forefront of a society.

For the past four years, STMA has curated an annual exhibition dedicated to this philosophy. Highlighting artists who have traditionally been underrepresented in the art community, these Brotherhood Exhibitions, as they’ve come to be known, feature both emerging and established artists from Georgia and beyond—even internationally.

In today’s context, “brotherhood” carries a gendered weight. It’s potentially limiting, considering the evolution of gender identity and our language surrounding it. Queer Perspectives is a juried exhibition that considers this dialogue around language, queerness, and visibility.

The Call for Art opens April 13 and closes May 13. Open to all Georgia-based, LGBTQ+ identifying artists of all visual media, both emerging and professional.