Stuckeys Mural Call | Jefferson County, Wrens GA | Due Feb 20, 2024

Stuckeys Mural Call | Jefferson County, Wrens GA | Due Feb 20, 2024

About the Project:

Stuckey’s Corporation, in partnership with the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, is soliciting proposals from qualified artists or team of artists to provide design and implementation services for a mural project. The project space will be on two sets of sectioned walls, measuring 32’ w x 17’ h (mural #1, pecan
theme) and 18’ 10” x 92’ 15” (mural #2, road trip theme), respectively
. Both murals will be located along the exterior walls of the Stuckey’s candy plant, located at 705 S. Main Street in Wrens, Georgia.

Stuckey’s was founded by W.S. Stuckey, Sr. in Eastman, Georgia in 1937 as a pecan stand. At its peak, there were more than 350 Stuckey’s stores across the nation and known by generations of travelers as a roadside oasis. The company is making a comeback focused on making pecan snacks and candies at their plant in Wrens, Georgia (formerly “Atwell Pecan Company”). The mural project will celebrate the spirit of the American road trip and the pecan (America’s only native snack nut). The goal of the project is to foster community pride and promote tourism.

A different artist may be selected for each mural. Artists may also apply as a team. However, teams should appoint one person as the main contact for the project. Applicants may apply for one of both murals. A separate conceptual statement is required for each theme.




  • Stipend: $15,000 for the road trip themed mural (three panels) and $10,000 for the pecan mural (two panels)
  • The stipend is all-inclusive, covering all possible expenses including travel &accommodations.
  • Materials, including high-quality paints, brushes and scafolding/lift, are to be provided by the artist(s).
  • High quality exterior varnish will be required to secure the longevity of the murals.
  • Stuckey’s will prep and power wash the surfaces to be painted.
  • Proof of liability insurance will be required from the selected artist.




  • A celebration of the pecan as America’s native nut, with a focus on Georgia as the #1 producing state for pecans.
  • A celebration of the road trip with a focus on Georgia’s roadside attractions.


How to Apply – Send ALL of the Following:

  • Artist(s) resume(s) as part of a one-page summary of background, including experience with murals (exterior and/or interior) and general statement of work. For group submissions, up to one page per artist is allowed.
  • Artwork Samples of Previous Work: Submit 3-7 jpeg images of existing artwork that demonstrates an ability to complete a project of this style and scope. Applicants may provide more than one photo of an individual artwork (showing different angles or details). If applying as an artist team, 3-7 images per artist is allowed.
  • Conceptual Statement: No design for the murals is required. However, application should include a brief description of how the artist or artist team will be incorporating the theme or themes, any historical references, and how the artist or artist team would like the public to interpret the design. (500 words max)
  • A brief description of the technical approach to the project including methods of surface preparation, primer applications, varnish, or other materials to secure the longevity of the mural.
  • If applying for more than one theme, a different conceptual statement must be provided for each theme.



Submission Process:

Application Deadline: February 20, 2024, 5:00 ET

Notification to Artists: March 15, 2024

Email applications to [email protected] (put the phrase Mural Project in the email subject line)

Installation Timeline: May 1-30, 2024


For more info contact:

Photos of Mural Site: