DETRITUS at CANDL Fine Art Gallery with Jay Jacobs

DETRITUS at CANDL Fine Art Gallery with Jay Jacobs

September 18, 2023 – for immediate release

JAY JACOBS – New and Unexhibited Works

DETRITUS, October 6 – November 17, 2023.

Opening reception Friday, October 6 2023, 6 – 8 pm.

Artist Talk at 7pm.

Known for his strong, lyrical and precise hand, Jacobs’ often creates quiet, sometimes mundane moments that mask a chaotic, bewildering world. His emotive
drawings of children depict innocence in its purest form, and Jacobs himself can
be found in these explorations of beauty amidst the chaos of our modern world.
Jacobs’ unique artistic expression is abstract, yet familiar. Each piece resonates
with an underlying sense of urgency and intent, a testament to the artist’s commitment to his craft. The materials are not merely assembled; they are charged
with a compelling sense of purpose, mirroring the urgency that Jacobs injects
into his work. Paint is applied with a fervor that electrifies the wood, resulting in
compositions that pulsate with life.

The work, like the artist, is handsome, charismatic and complicated. The artist
talk promises to be direct and will assuredly reflect the artist’s diverse interests
and passions.

– Drake White

Artist Statement:
“This body of work is a confluence of quite a few different creative catalysts.
Parts of it are inspired by a lesson that I taught at the Jesse Norman School of
the Arts about an artist named El Anatsui and his assembledges. Parts of it are
pure catharsis with limited regard for final product (and sometimes downright
crude) Some of it is just the result of revisiting the act of moving paint around for
no other reason than the joy derived from the exercise itself. Sometimes the
pieces get hard to see while sitting so close to them so I’m very grateful to be
able to lay it all out, stand back, and look at it with some distance and some

Show History: ( last 10 years)
Artfields, Lake City SC, 2013; Seeds group show, Westobou Gallery Augusta GA,
2015; Seeds group show, Westobou Gallery Augusta GA, 2016; No Place To
Rest, Butcher Gallery Savannah GA, 2017; The Art of Engagement group show,
Touchstone Gallery Washington DC, 2017; Symbols & Allegories, Westobou
Gallery Augusta GA, 2017; In/De Flated, Wolf and Finch Gallery Augusta GA
2017; Seeds group show, Westobou Gallery Augusta Ga. 2018; The Remnants of
Our Disappearing, the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art Augusta Ga. 2019; Confluence, Ethridge Center for the Arts Aiken SC 2020; Seeds group show, Westobou gallery Augusta Ga.; Dark Dreams group show, The Suffering Artist gallery
Hoganville Ga. 2021; Seeds group show, Westobou gallery Augusta Ga 2021;
Conditional Surroundings, Slocumb gallery East Tennessee University 2023

Notable Works:
“Jetsam” installation (temporary) Morris Museum of Art education gallery;
“Change” installation (permanent) the Community foundation; “Balance” mural at
Whole Foods; “Funerary”mural at 11th and Broad; “Origami” installation (permanent) the Heritage Academy; “Transformation” mural Jessye Norman School of
the Arts; ” Finding Happy” mural at 8th and Broad; “Art in Augusta” 15 ft. polyptych in the collection of The community foundation; “Building” 20 ft installation at
Berkshire Hathaway, Augusta Ga; “Home” tryptic at the Hub Augusta Ga


CANDL Fine Art operates under a specific, unique mission: to elevate the awareness of art and importantly, the artists, living and working in the greater Central
Savannah River Area. Working with downtown entrepreneur Amy Donaldson,
gallery founder Drake White has created a space to showcase national and international caliber work by local artists whose work is rarely displayed in their

“Our intent is to foster community and contribute to its continuity by showing significant exhibitions supported by active and learned discussion about all things
art, but specifically the visual arts. Access to art is more vital than ever for those
who have made a commitment to this lifestyle. Their contribution should be honored and more importantly supported. We hope to bring value to the artist and
the places where they live and work,” White said.

According to White each exhibition will be enhanced by artist talks and other
events designed to engage, entertain and educate those seeking an active role in
elevating their understanding and experience about art and the people who make

Other artists committed to upcoming exhibitions at CANDL include Franklin Delgado, Thomas Crowther and Philip Morsberger.

For further information about this exhibit or for those who want to contribute to
this effort, contact Drake at [email protected], or call 762.622.8802.
CANDL Fine Art – 1128 Broad St. Augusta, GA 30901