Pop! Goes the Easel at Augusta & Co. Gallery with Stoney

Written by: Heather Dunaway
September 2023

Pop! Goes the Easel is a solo exhibition of works by local creative and musician John “Stoney” Cannon.


Stoney began his career in music in 1979 while in Germany. He has since performed in Europe as well as Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Washington D.C., New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, and in several cities in his home state of Georgia.


He has been credited with the creation of Lokal Loudness, a ‘zine turned online music resource for Augusta’s River Region. A role which included writing articles as a music journalist for The Metro Spirit (Augusta, GA), Verge (Augusta, GA).


He is known for his love of local music, sixties and seventies “bubblegum pop” music, and pop culture. These influences can be found in his music. Stoney has founded or co-founded several Augusta bands including but not limited to Family Jewels, The Brotherhood, Tommy Hangover, Vagabond Missionaries, and G-City Rockers.

When asked about his visual artistry, he says he fell into it.


Don’t call me an artist… ever. I’m still just that thirteen year old kids who thinks the stuff he draws looks cool. –John “Stoney” Cannon


Until very recently, Stoney hadn’t created visual art for more than 30 years. His works today are an extension for his love of music and pop culture. He often uses references of widely known celebrities and music icons, but also locals who he finds inspirational. While some of these locals are renowned, many are friends that he has made along the way. His works have a nostalgic or kitsch feel with an old school comic book flare. They often tell a deeper story than what can be seen at first glance, though many are simply made for fun. You can find more of his work on his social media pages, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook or more about his music on bandcamp.