Lending Library

The Greater Augusta Arts Council Lending Library



Using funding provided by a generous grant from The Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area, the Greater Augusta Arts Council has created a Technology and Lending Library Program which is available to members (organizations and individuals) of the Greater Augusta Arts Council. Not sure if you’re a current member? Contact the Arts Council at [email protected].



Below find a list of the equipment available for use in the Greater Augusta Arts Council’s Technology Library Program.



  1. Streamline 100 Camera Bag Lowpro (1)
  2. Alesis io2 Express 24bit usb recording interface (1)
  3. Braided HDMI cable 6ft (1)
  4. 3ft High speed USB cable (1)
  5. Amp cable (unknown length) (1)
  6. ABT-6071 Multi Format Video switcher – AB Tools (1)
  7. Dynamic Cardioid Microphone – EV (1)
  8. Panasonic Stereo Shotgun Microphone (1)
  9. Ouray Suspension shock mount for broadcast and voice over microphones (1)
  10. Blue iCE Snowball plug and play USB microphone (1)
  11. 3 Outlet Extension cord (1)
  12. Polsen 16 Channel UHF Receiver (2)
  13. Ouray 2 section Broadcast Arm (1)
  14. dbx Harman Mic free amp/processor (1)
  15. Epson Powerlight Projector (1)
  16. InFocus Projector (1)
  17. Panasonic DVD/Video Video Camera
  18. Ruggard Velcro Camera bag dividers (9)
  19. Panasonic Lumix GH4 DSLR Camera – Wifi capable, Video Capable
  20. Axis Communications 211W Network Camera w/ plastic cap
  21. Panasonic Lumix mystery DVD
  22. Camera Tripod (1)
  23. Accolade Duet Portable Screen (1)
  24. Shooting table equipment
  25. Bag of studio lighting
  26. Projector travel bag
  27. Black lighting tripod travel bag
  28. Cowboy Studio lighting tripod boxes (2)
  29. Cowboy Studio lighting box
  30. Travel bag of studio lighting
  31. Samsung Schneider Kreuznach 14.2 MP Point and Shoot Camera with 4 GB memory card
  32. 10 Metal Display Easels



Individual members and member organizations of all levels will be allowed to check out noted items for a period of five consecutive business days. Copies of state or federally issued photo ID will be required prior to checking out. If you cannot provide a copy, we will make one in house. Please contact our office for more information.



If an item is returned more than two days late to the Arts Council office with no prior notice from the borrower, the borrower will be charged a $5 late fee per day that the item is not returned and borrowing privileges will be revoked. Anything that is not returned in 5 days or more will be considered non-returned, and the appropriate consequences will be applied.

If an item is borrowed and returned in damaged condition, as decided in finality by the Arts Council, the artist will pay the repair fee or the price of a replacement piece of equipment of equal value.



If an artist fails to return a borrowed item, with no notification or explanation, the artist will be charged full value of the item and reported to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation.