Picture of an African-American woman with short blonde-tipped dreads wearing a long-sleeved light blue top

Stephanie Willingham

Position: Hamz-Art LLC
Categories: Ceramics, Commission, Mixed Media, Muralist, Painter, Sculptor, Visual Artist, Woodworking

As a BFA graduate from Augusta University, Ham developed a profound appreciation for abstract expressionism. Her fascination began when she encountered the works of Artist Aort Reed, a senior at the time, whose vibrant and expressive pieces captivated her. Inspired by Reed’s dynamic use of color, Ham aspired to create monumental artworks that would envelop viewers in a cocoon of vibrant hues.The artistic style of Rothko also left a lasting impression on Ham, serving as a significant source of inspiration. Additionally, the ephemeral installations of Anya Gallaccio resonated with her, further influencing her approach as an artist. However, Ham’s deepest wellspring of inspiration has always been the beauty of nature itself. She finds herself continuously humbled by the profound magnificence of the Earth’s natural wonders.With every installation, ceramic creation, sculpture, and painting she brings to life, Ham endeavors to capture the essence of nature’s grandeur. However, she recognizes the inherent challenge of truly encapsulating the closeness and intimacy she feels toward nature. Despite this artistic pursuit, Ham remains in awe of the ever-elusive beauty bestowed upon our world.

I have a secondary BFA in Sculpture and Ceramics. I mixed my love for sculptures by creating mixed media artworks using traditional and non-traditional materials. I love to explore different artistic styles. I love large scaled art, thus allowing me to create large-scale murals.

I am in the process of updating my personal portfolio website to another hosting provider. Please contact me for more images of my work.