Arts Council Hosts Legislative Luncheon 2016

Arts Council Hosts Legislative Luncheon 2016

The Greater Augusta Arts Council recently hosted their annual Legislative Luncheon on November 10, 2016 at the Sacred Heart Cultural Center. Over 100 community members were in attendance to hear speakers on the topic of public art in Augusta.

Scott Thorp, Chair, Augusta University Department of Art, began the talks by discussing the ways that Augusta University has started the movement toward public art and shared creative experiences with their events, such as Leonardo Art, Science, Evening Rendezvous (LASER) and events planned in collaboration with community organizations such as the Morris Museum and their discussion with nationally recognized artist Kara Walker.

John Kaatz, Principal, Convention, Sports & Leisure, International, presented the results of surveys completed by Convention, Sports & Leisure International (CSLI) that explored the community?s thoughts on Public Art in Augusta. These survey results will inform the final draft of the Master Public Art Plan being written by CSLI, in collaboration with the Greater Augusta Arts Council and the City of Augusta, which will be released in December.

Dr. Lori Prince, on behalf of Representative Brian Prince, discussed the state of Georgia?s support of the arts through grant funding that has been awarded to local organizations by the Georgia Council for the Arts. These funds help our arts community thrive and Prince shared that the state is happy to continue supporting these organizations.

Before the luncheon came to a close, Congressman Rick Allen made remarks that reaffirmed his support for the arts in Augusta, and offered the assistance of his offices for initiatives to grow the arts community in our city.

Video of these presentations will be available in the next week on The Greater Augusta Arts Council thanks our venerable speakers for offering their insights into Public Art in Augusta and their support of our creative community.


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