Open Letter Regarding the Signal Corps Band at Fort Gordon

Open Letter Regarding the Signal Corps Band at Fort Gordon

The Greater Augusta Arts Council will submit this open letter to the Fort Gordon leadership as part of the case for the continued existence of the Signal Corps Band in a meeting on March 16, 2018.


In addition to this open letter from our executive director, the Arts Council started a petition to allow the community to show their support for the Band. With strong backing from Augusta residents, we hope the US Army will reconsider their decision to discontinue the Signal Corps Band at Fort Gordon Please sign the petition and add your thoughts, and share with fellow arts supporters today!

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About the Signal Corps Band at Fort Gordon

In Augusta, you’ll see the Signal Corps Band from Fort Gordon performing everywhere from graduation celebrations and the weekly Saturday Market on the River, to comforting the families of veterans at the ceremonies of military funerals.  The Army Band and its musicians are integral members of the Augusta community.

In fiscal year 2017, the Signal Corps Band performed over 218 missions according to their operations reports. These performances range from shows at educational functions to events held for families of soldiers. In fiscal year 2016, the Army Band completed 258 missions all over the Southeast. Despite their large presence in the Augusta community, the Army has slated the band at Fort Gordon for termination in 2019.

The Greater Augusta Arts Council believes an important aspect of the Augusta arts community will be lost if the Army follows through on deactivating the Signal Corps Band at Fort Gordon. The Augusta Chronicle reported on the Army’s decisions on the band’s future in October 2016, writing that the Band would be deactivated in 2019 and has been cut from 36 members to 12 in the meantime.  However, with the upcoming changes to Fort Gordon that will come in late 2018 with the Cyber Command relocation to Augusta, the Band will be as critical to our growing arts community as ever.

Show your support today for the continued presence of the Signal Corps Band at Fort Gordon!