PIN Internship with the Arts Council – Summer 2024

PIN Internship with the Arts Council – Summer 2024

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Greater Augusta Arts Council

Project Webpage(s):

Project Lead(s):

Pax Bobrow

Project Work Location(s)*:

1301 Greene Street, Augusta, GA 30901

*Interns are required to live in or within commuting distance from this location, unless otherwise noted.

Project Workdays and Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm


Public Art Digital Tour, Media, Interviews

Project Description:

The Greater Augusta Arts Council would love to have a great intern in the Summer of 2024 to help us expand, consolidate, refine, and fact check our digital tour of public art.  The current array of public art available on these online digital tours can be found at  There are public art pieces listed on other platforms we’ve tried as well, and we’d like to have everything well-documented in one place.

Intern Contributions:

The interns would perform the following tasks:

– Consolidate information on existing and upcoming public art in the Augusta area.

– Fact check information on artists, GIS locations, funding entities, etc.

– Contact artists or other associated individuals to acquire audio recordings about the artwork. If needed, create scripts to be read.  We would help with script creation if it becomes necessary.

– Photograph artwork if the existing visual documentation is not good enough. We have a camera.

– Update the online digital tour. We will teach the intern how to do this.

Arts Council would provide:

– A dedicated space in our office.

– An optional laptop that is a bit old, but usable, if they do not have one they can use.

– Intern email.

– Oversight and guidance from Pax Bobrow and other Arts Council staff as needed.

This is a labor of love.  Arts Council staff have worked on this in pieces over the years.  There is, however, now a sizeable collection of public art in Augusta, and people want to find information about a piece all in one place.  This will allow us to raise the professional chops of the arts scene here in Augusta, but giving every artist and artwork a catalogued place in one official digital tour.

Skills to be acquired:

– Creation and maintenance of an online public resource for public art in Augusta

– Polishing a web-based presentation of information

– Networking with the visual arts community

– Photojournalism

– Cataloging of complex information

– Understanding the impact of a professional presentation of a body of work.

Project Learning Goals:

– Transform the currently fractured array of online public art catalogues into one cohesive service to our community, in which all public art can be found, identified, and appreciated.

– Utilize the Emory University Open Tour Builder program the Arts Council uses for digital tours, thus learning the behind the scenes aspects of a digital tour app.

– Get to know and potentially build relationships with the artists whose work will be catalogues, as well as the public art community in general.

Top Required or Desired Intern Skills, Knowledge, and/or Majors:

Skills needed:

– Ability to use, or learn to use, a camera and microphone

– Microsoft office programs (Excel, Outlook, Word)

– Ability to talk with artists and community stakeholders involved in public art

– Close Attention to detail

– Good communications skill

– Willing to ask questions and ask for hel

– Love of the arts!

Intern Deliverables**:

An accurate, comprehensive compilation of public art in Augusta, GA that includes at least one fantastic image for each piece, plus full GIS location, information on the artist, year created, purchase price if applicable, and materials.  Additionally, an audio interview with each artist, or a person associated with the commissioning of the work would be ideal.

**All interns are required to attend two in-person events, the PIN Summer Internship Opening and Closing Ceremonies:

– Opening Ceremony in Macon, GA on Friday, May 10th.

– Closing Ceremony at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA on Friday, August 2nd.


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