"Golden Blocks: A Community Built on the Shoulders of Giants" by Theron Cartwright Progress Update!

Written by: Heather Dunaway
May 2024

Our most recent Golden Blocks Project mural is underway and we couldn’t be more excited to see it come together. Local artist Theron Cartwright, who just completed a mural for the 5th Street Mural Project, began working on “Golden Blocks: A Community Built on the Shoulders of Giants” back in February of this year, starting with much wall prep and laying down the base sketch. You can read about the beginnings of this mural in our post here. Since then, Theron has been working around the weather, on this large-scale creation that features musicians from around Augusta’s River Region. 

African American man painting a mural. He has short dreaded hair and is wearing sunglasses, a black graphic t-shirt and jeans.
Theron Cartwright working on his Golden Blocks Project Mural

My golden blocks mural has been progressing well and like all of the artwork that I create, it’s been a valuable learning experience. I’ve had some weather delays which I anticipated but I’ve learned that rain is not the only spring weather to look out for because I’ve also had to stop working a few times due to wind. I never expected that. I’m really grateful for how much the community has been supportive. Nearly every day people stop by, drive by while yelling their out of their car windows, and blow their horns to let me know they really appreciate the mural and they look forward to seeing it finished. I’m on the final stages of the project and I’ve been enjoying this experience so much that I know I’m going to miss working on it after I’m done. ” – Theron Cartwright

You can visit the mural and see its progress on sunny days at 1134 Laney Walker Blvd. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Celebration has yet to be scheduled, but will be announced once the mural is nearing final touches. We look forward to seeing this beautiful work for many years to come.