Voices of Augusta II at Augusta & Co. Gallery

Voices of Augusta II at Augusta & Co. Gallery

Voices of Augusta II is a group exhibition of works by local artists curated by artist Francie Klopotic. This showcase is a continuation of Klopotic’s Voices of Augusta solo exhibition in 2023. In line with the theme, these new images are on display at the Augusta & Co. Gallery from June 27 – Sept 26, 2024. Featured are portraits of local icons using paint, digital media, collage and more.


The portraits on display range from well-known figures such as actor Laurence Fishburne, musician Anna Gardner Goodwin, wrestler Hulk Hogan and visual artist billy s. With her dedicated work in last year’s exhibition, Francie Klopotic has inspired a new set of artists to create portraits in their own distinct style to exhibit.


Featuring artwork by local artists including Haleigh Key, Christina Rice, Mallory Coffey, Stoney, Rhian Swain, Adeana Berry, Cameron Young, Theron Cartwright, and curator Francie Klopotic.


Voices of Augusta II will be up at Augusta & Co. from June 27 – Sept 26, 2024 with an Artist’s Reception on Friday, August 2nd from 4:00 pm – 6:00pm.

You can learn more about curator Francie Klopotic and her works in the Greater Augusta Arts Council’s article here.