Installation of "Eco Friendly" by David Sheldon at Phinizy Nature Center

The Phinizy Center for Water Sciences is pleased to announce the first art sculpture for the Nature Park will be installed on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. Ashville, North Carolina sculptor, David Sheldon is the creator of “Eco-Friendly”. Eco-Friendly expresses the themes of Water, Water-conservation, Ecosystem Balance, and Phinizy’s signature logo, the Dragonfly.


The sculpture was funded by Georgia Rehabilitation Institute. President/CEO, Dennis Skelley, shared the grant was awarded to Phinizy for the purpose of sharing beautiful art for all to see and enjoy. The “Eco-Friendly” sculpture will be located in the front of the Phinizy visitor’s parking lot easily accessible for anyone to view.

The Greater Augusta Arts Council was contracted in late 2021 to conduct a Phinizy sculpture call to artists. The national call received 26 applications from 16 artists. Pax Bobrow, Project Manager with the Greater Augusta Arts Council then presented applications for final selection to the Phinizy Art Sculpture committee.


David Sheldon stated, “Since ‘the purpose of the sculpture is to create an overall welcome to Phinizy Center’… I settled on the idea of “Eco-Friendly”, creating a design that expresses the swamp eco-system and the water’s life-giving and life-sustaining properties. ’Friendly’ also expresses the Center’s welcoming programs.”  The sculpture will stand approximately 10’ high (including painted steel base) by 4’wide by 4’ wide, and be anchored into a concrete slab.


David Sheldon and others will be available for comment and interview Wednesday, May 18, 2022 from 1:00pm – 2:00pm.

Image of David Sheldon's "Eco Friendly" Sculpture