Ideas for Inexpensive Studios for Artists

Written by: Brenda Durant
December 2023

Studio Space for Artists…


Mel Cearley had a problem. She did not have a studio, so she was constantly packing up her works in progress and having to stash them away to keep her house looking neat. She was about to give up on her art when she was hit by inspiration. She realized she could rent a storage unit! She is a collage artist who doesn’t work with oils or hazardous materials, so ventilation wasn’t an issue. The storage space would allow her to keep her work out and ready at all times.


Rhian and I visited the storage unit at Augusta’s Best Storage on Taylor Street in Augusta, next to Savannah River Brewing Company. The units are climate controlled. There’s no electricity within each unit, but large windows offer great light and a battery-operated hanging light helps out on cloudy days. Mel loves her two units and would be thrilled if a few more artists would join her for company.


The rates at Augusta’s Best Storage are very reasonable. The 5’x5’ pictured is $49 a month, the 5’x10’ is $64, while the 10’x10’ is $99.00 a month.

Photo of an art studio with works in progress on a table
Photo of Mel Cearley's Studio at Augusta's Best Storage

There are also other sizes and options. If you are looking for low cost studio space (no oil painters, ceramicists or artists who work with hazardous chemicals, please) take a look a see if this would work for you. Find out more at and ask for Stephanie!

Empty 5'x5' storage unit
Empty 5'x5' Storage Unit at Augusta's Best Storage
Photo of artist studio with completed works and portfolios leaning against the wall
Mel Cearley's Storage Unit Studio at Augusta's Best Storage
row of storage units with orange doors.
Storage Units at Augusta's Best Storage