Madison in the Young Artist Market at Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival

Written by: Heather Dunaway
October 2023

Madison is a typical 8th grader, only she’s not so typical. She is a talented illustrator and animator who attends advanced classes. In her free time, she enjoys watching animated films (such as Studio Ghibli films), nature documentaries and playing video games such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as well as creating original characters and content on her iPad. These “free time hobbies” only further inspire her work as an artist as she loves nature, highly detailed work and movement.


Over the past 10 years (remember she’s in 8th grade, so basically her whole life) she has drawn a few hours each day. She learns a lot of tricks and methods from her parents, who are also artists. This past summer she joined up with the Morris Museum of Art’s Teen Mural Camp. She and 24 other students, along with instructor Jason Craig, completed an interactive alien spaceship mural from concept to finish.


To keep the spark of creation alive, she hopes to branch out more in her mediums with traditional paint and pencil. Madison enjoys using watercolor the most because of its versatility.

There are many different watercolor painting techniques, and each creates a unique effect. I like to use those varying techniques in my art because, for me, it makes painting more interesting. -Madison


Like many aspiring artists, part of that drive to create comes from interacting with other artists and arts lovers. Which is why the Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival has offered local, school aged artists the opportunity to showcase and sell their work in the Young Artist Market, which Madison participated in, in 2023.

Girl on a ladder painting a mural
Photo of Madison from the Morris Museum's Teen Mural Summer Camp with Jason Craig 2023

Madison was overjoyed to have seen so many enjoy her art.


I haven’t shown my art to many people outside of my family or in-person so I was a little nervous about what people would think, but I received so many compliments, encouraging words, and lots of sales, which was very exciting!

Young African American Girl selling her art at her booth at Arts in the Heart of Augusta's Young Artist Market
Madison at her booth in the Arts in the Heart of Augsuta Festival's Young Artist Market

The Young Artist Market teaches its participants about work ethic in the art world. They learn about marketing their own works; what sells and what doesn’t sell. They learn about communication and build confidence in themselves as creators. All of this gives them a better understanding and appreciation for what workings artists do. Several of whom happen to be right across the street from the Young Artist Market in the Fine Arts and Crafts area.

My favorite part of the festival is the variety of art I get to experience there. It’s great to see so many different mediums from glass to epoxy to oil paint to textile art. It’s amazing!

You can view Madison’s art journey on Instagram, where she will soon launch her own comic strip. She also has a Patreon account where you can support her work by subscribing to receive exclusive art by Madison. To check out her work, just go to her website.