Meet A.C. Daniel
May 2024 Featured Artist

Written by: Heather Dunaway
May 2024

Art has been a constant companion for Augusta River Region based artist A.C. Daniel. It acts as a type of journal, providing a record of his journey through life. “It’s kind of a record of past versions of myself,” reflects A.C. “I look forward to seeing what future iterations create.”


Driven by a desire to create honest and deeply relatable art, A.C. aims to express relatability in unexpected ways. If you have seen his work, you know it doesn’t always aim to be overtly profound; it simply captures emotions and experiences that evade verbal expression. Sometimes, that’s a chicken and a 0possum enjoying a quiet afternoon cup of coffee and a good book together. Honestly, it sounds like a perfectly easy friendship.


The journey into art began early on for A.C., who received praise for his drawings as early as elementary school. Since then, he has been chasing that same feeling of creative fulfillment.


“Spending so much time with it has given me the great pleasure of being able to use a skill playfully,” he notes.

Photo provided by A.C. Daniel

His art has evolved into something more than technical skill – it embodies an “emergent property” that takes a life of its own.


While pen and ink have long been his go-to medium, A.C. is now finding joy in oils. Though, the draw (pun intended) of pen and ink remains strong, perhaps even stronger. “Pen and ink might always be my greatest love,” A.C. confesses. “We’ll see. Maybe it’s a tie.”

Artwork by A.C. Daniel

A.C. thrives in a supportive artistic community where collaboration and encouragement reign supreme. The heartwarming moments of camaraderie, like helping each other hang sketches on the walls or hearing stories of artists supporting each other’s careers, is a great inspiration for him. Augusta is unique in the way the arts community does their best to lift each other up.


In his own words, A.C. thoughtfully states that “it’d be easy for artists to just watch out for themselves and let the competition flounder. That isn’t the way things are done here, and I’m very grateful for it.”


You can find A.C. Daniel’s captivating artwork on Instagram and Facebook. Their pieces can also be spotted in various locations, including a mural at ANBU Art Co. painted alongside their mentor Kevin Simmons. His work is also available for viewing and purchase in the Augusta & Co. Gallery for I <3 Augusta, in the New Moon Cafe Aiken, at Artzilla Live Painting events around Augusta, GA, St. Johns Methodist Church in Aiken, and now in a collaboration mural with Tyler Richardson for the 5th Street Mural Project at 5th and Reynolds Streets.