Meet Alex Foltz
March 2023 Featured Artist

Written by: Heather Dunaway
Portrait of Alex Foltz. He is a man with shaggy brown hair and a beard. He is wearing a red shirt.
Self Portrait of Alex Foltz

The line between Alex Foltz the artist and Alex Foltz the person is certainly a blurred one.


Alex Foltz is an award winning artist and professional portrait painter who specializes in Alla Prima oil paintings. His mission is to transform the unique presence of each subject into a beautiful and timeless piece of art.


A firm believer that art comes from somewhere deeply personal, whether intentional or not, Alex believes that expression is beyond our control. That what a person finds beautiful is drawn from somewhere within. Alex’s art is a direct reflection of his personal interestes: in the complexities of people, in our place in the cosmos, in our societal roles that play within a great and powerful ecosystem. His fascination with nature, both of the natural world and the metaphysical, universal mind as well as the rises and falls of mankind can be seen in his work.


About his artworks, Alex says: “I spent a lot of time in my early twenties trying to explore these ideas with words and falling short. Now I explore them with images instead.”


The old masters of the 19th century is where Alex finds much of his inspiration, in the way that he paints.

“Showing a lot with a little,” in ways similar to John Singer Sargent and Joaquín Sorolla. Though, in recent days he has been looking to the work of living artists: Nick Alm, and Adam Clague. Exploring ideas and concepts using such a grounded way of painting the physical world is a big draw for Alex. He enjoys the duality.


There is some novelty in tricking the mind into thinking it’s seeing something three-dimensional. After trying his hand in sculpture, Alex discovered he got a kick out of painting more realistically with oils. Oils are a difficult medium to work with. They take time to dry, and you have to paint in layers in order to achieve a semblance of realism. Their depth of color and unique blending properties alongside their translucency and resilience are unmatched.

Though his goal is to make every new piece his favorite, Alex has a piece from a few years ago that he has included in many exhibitions, and that typically stays on the walls of his home in between shows titled: “Into The Wind”(pictured to the right). It is a portrait of a a model wearing a romanesque draping garment. She strides through a natural setting, holding sprigs of cotton. Although he has a number of other, more explorational pieces from recent years, this work stands out as one of his personal favorites.


Like many other artists, Alex often finds work in commissions. At times, patrons will reach out for portraits of a deceased loved one, portraits for an anniversary gift, or landscapes of a favorite place. His process typically involves a reference photo. Alex will work to make the presented image the best quality before putting it on a canvas, to ensure all the details are there. This takes some expert photoshop skills and patience.

Portrait of a woman in a white, sheer, flowing dress carrying two sprigs of cotton through a wooded meadow.
"Into the Wind" by Alex Foltz

He has even scheduled photoshoots, so it becomes a customizable experience for each client. His goal in commission work is to not only to commit the subject to canvas or commemorate, but to make a genuinely great piece of art that will be valued for years. You can find out more about commissioning Alex Foltz here.


Or maybe you’re more interested in learning how to paint for yourself. Alex also offers classes in painting. He loves to share his passion with others. He is constantly looking for those “ah ha” moments in his pupils’ eyes when they are starting to grasp the concepts of color theory, shadows and form. Almost every student has them. Alex says that “it’s extremely rewarding to see the moment I can help someone understand a difficult concept or achieve a goal they’re after. I don’t know where I would be without my art, so it’s nice to know I can help someone else find their own form of expression.”

Painting of a mushroom in a humanoid form walking through the woods.
"Burrow" by Alex Foltz

He is currently taking a hiatus from the group classes he used to teach with 4P Studios, but he is still offering private lessons. Anyone who’s interested can email me at [email protected], or [email protected] to book. 


With our Annual WetPaint Party and Art Sale just around the corner, it is important to mention that you can find Alex’s work featured this year. When asked what he was most excited about, he replied: “I love art and the artists behind it. The thing I’m most excited for is the chance to see a ton of beautiful pieces of art, and get to know the other artists and art lovers of the area a little better. I can’t think of a better place to do that than the Wet Paint Party. And who knows, maybe I might find some new thing to bring home and admire every day, and who doesn’t want that?”


WetPaint isn’t the only place you can find Alex’s work. Dreamscapes is a group exhibition at 600 Broad Gallery in Downtown Augusta, GA that Alex himself curated and will be participating in from March 3rd – 31st of 2023. A reception will be held First Friday, March 3rd from 7-9pm.

Alex says: “It was a privilege to be able to gather a bunch of artists I admire together in one space, and explore a little bit of what’s going on below the surface. I’m confident the show will be nothing short of breathtaking, and I absolutely can’t wait to see these pieces all in the same space.”


The show is hosted by 4P Studios, and will be held at 600 Broad St. Augusta, GA 30901. It’s going to be a show to remember and a feast for the eyes to say the least. We’re excited to see what these dreams are made of.


In 2018 Alex was a finalist in the Portrait Society of America’s 2018 Members Only Competition. In 2020 he was Best in Show at AHC open sessions 2020, then in 2022 he was the 1st Place winner in AHC’s “A Midsummer Nights Dream” show. His work has also been published in Sand Hills Magazine. You can find more about Alex Foltz and his artwork on Facebook and Instagram, or through is website.

Flyer for Dreamscapes show