Meet A'men Hudson
Featured Artist for September 2023

Written By: Heather Dunaway
September 2023
A'men Hudson and his Father. A'men (on the left) is wearing a red hoodie and black glasses, his father (on the right) is wearing a navy, white and red stripped polo shirt with a black hat and glasses.
Photo of A'men A'Major Hudson and his Father Devin

A’men Hudson, also known by his stage name of A’Major, is an Augusta native who loves anything that has to do with the creative lifestyle, especially music. He uses music as an outlet to spread love, happiness and positivity. For him, music is a universal language that can minister to everyone.


That is why I created Major Sound to help me channel that ministry, message and vision that God has given me to many people. Major Sound has created and is currently creating feel good music that people of all diverse backgrounds can love and appreciate. We want to meet people where they are and be relatable. My goal as well as Major Sounds goal is to leave everyone who hears us or sees our shows in a better happier place than when they first started. -A’men Hudson


As a religious man, A’men gives credit to God first, followed by his father who was the first person to introduce him to music. His Dad is a Singer, songwriter and drummer, so it’s not surprising that A’men has followed in his footprints. One of his earliest memories was from the age of three when his Dad gave him a pair of drum sticks as he sat on his lap playing the drums at church during service. From there, A’men was hooked.


Church kick started his fire and passion for music, and he continues to play during service on Sundays. A’mens path eventually led him to start working with James Brown recording Artist Tony Howard. It was during this time that A’men learned the business side of music.

I got to see what putting a show on a large scale consisted of and it gave me bigger vision which is what inspired me to start Major Sound. Ive been working with Tony Howard for a little over a decade now and to this day I still pick up little tid bits from him to help improve myself and Major Sound. I also want to give a huge shout out to my current musical Mentor, another Legend in the music scene Mr. Tony Ferris. I have to credit him for helping me hone my skills as a musician and Artist. – A’men Hudson

When it comes to inspiration though, A’men looks back to his beginings with music and his Dad, who is always there to help him perfect his craft. Outside of this, he finds inspiration from other groups and performers like Mint Condition, The Gap Band, Earth Wind & Fire and Adam Blackstone. He grew up watching these artists perform at such an incredible level that it made him want to follow suit. He saw himself being able to reach people with his music and aspired to become an inspiration down the road for another young person. You can hear these inspirations in A Major Sounds music today.


A’men plays a wide variety of music, including Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Pop, Rock, Country and Hip Hop. Though, he considers Gospel and R&B his most prominent genres. He is mostly on the drums, but also plays Piano and Keyboard.

A Major Sound, photo courtesy of A'men Hudson

You can listen to A’men and Major Sound on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


They even have a new hit single out now called “SO HIGH” that is available everywhere music is sold and streamed along with a music video . On September 15th, A Major Sound will be releasing a new single entitled “Chocolate Diamond” featuring a hot new and on the rise artist: Dani Diamond.


For Arts in the Heart, A’men is really looking forward to seeing all the amazing and diverse musical and visual arts talent that the festival brings in, but also, and most importantly, he is looking forward to the amazing food in the Global Food Village. For him, it’s one of the biggest treats of the festival. He recommends Greece or Jamaica.


Don’t forget to stop by Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival to see A’men and A Major Sound on the Global Stage from 3:20 p.m. – 4:20 p.m. Tickets are good for the whole weekend. To buy your badge early, visit .